Top BPM Interview Questions :: Top BPM Interview Questions en-us What is the difference between iProcess Server Objects and iProcess Client applications make use of the objects in the TIBCO iProcess Server Objects by making method calls that either retrieve or modify data. These method calls cause messages to be sent to a TIBCO iProcess Objects Server. The TIBCO iProcess O What is Business Process Management (BPM)? Business Process Management is simply the management of your business processes. It is a simple yet a powerful concept that helps you increase the efficiency of your business processes. It is a combination of processes and technology. It impr What is short lock and long lock in tibco iProcess? • Short lock. This is the standard lock normally set by the TIBCO iProcess Workspace. A short lock is removed when a user keeps or releases a work item. In the event that short locks are left behind because, for example, the iProcess Workspac Where can you see the description of the error when a Case is termin Check the SWDIR\logs\sw_warn or sw_error log files to see if any error messages were logged. what is the purpose of the dervied role?