Top Automation Testing AllOther Interview Questions :: Top Automation Testing AllOther Interview Questions en-us diff b/w DBMS &amp; RDBMS? DBMS(data base management systems) and RDBMS( relational database management system) the main difference in dbms data is stored in the form of rows and columns and in the case of rdbms data stored in the form of tables and data stored in dbms Write a query to find second highest salary of an employee. I write this query and it run !! SELECT max(salary) FROM Employee WHERE Employee.salary < (SELECT max(salary) FROM Employee) Plz reply if anyone having generic answer. :-) Thanks can you ple give me Quality Center interview questions and answer 1. What is meant by test lab in Quality Centre? Test lab is a part of Quality Centre where we can execute our test on different cycles creating test tree for each one of them. We need to add test to these test trees from the tests, which are p What is Automation Testing Framework define primary key &amp; secondary key? Secondary indices or secondary databases are used to access a primary database by a key other than the primary key. Recall that the Supplier Number field is the primary key of the Supplier database. In this section, the Supplier City field wi in VSS, what is meant by check out and check in? check in is nothing but whenever change is implemented checkin with proper documents rewgarding that change checkout is nothing but whenever change is implemented check out the code and implement that change and keep easily understandble lab what is 2 tier and 3 tier application. In 2 tier architecture we have only two tiers: client and server. Depends on the application consistency we called this 2 tier architecture as thin client-fat server architecture or fat client-thin server architecture. In the first one most o I am looking for selenium RC Training in Hyderabad. can any one tell KALT, KPHB Colony very good faculty with good examples. It is near by G Pulla Reddy Sweet not sure visit there web site What is the purpose of the testing? 1. The purpose of testing can be quality assurance, verification and validation, or reliability estimation. Testing can be used as a generic metric as well. Correctness testing and reliability testing are two major areas of testing. Software test What are the scripting languages used in WinRunner, LoadRunner, QTP, TSL(Test script language) for WinRunner. QTP- VB Script Test Director- TSL script ClearQuest- is a defect tracking tool boss. english like language will be used.(For tracking the defects ClearQuest is very helpful). Load Runner- no idea(VB li What is Database Testing? This will not be exact Testing but can be done as verification. Field size validation with the Front End or with the Design. Field size validation, if application is having data for multiple language. Return type of each function and Out Hello, I am interested to make a career in software testing. I am se Hai Friend I am Rajendra, As you are very beginner for software testing first you should have a strong knowledge in manual software testing concepts and methodolies. Once if you get some command on manual then try what is meant by framework? and when we use framework in our project frame work simply means, it is a method or template, used to convert the manual test procedure into automation program. With manual, takes more time at the time of creation and execution How do you Test Credit Card Validation 1. Is Card Number and pass code entered. 2. Card number contains 16 digits and Pass code is 3 digits. 3. Is it valid card number(eg. Visa card number should start with 4321xxxx, and Master card number should start with 1234xxxx..) 4. Expiry da pls suggest me a good institute for loadrunner in hyderabad also what Mind Q Systems Pvt Ltd., S.R.Nagar 8-3-214/7, Srinivasa Nagar Colony(W),, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500038 040 6666 4293