Top Architecture Design Interview Questions :: Top Architecture Design Interview Questions en-us What will be current cost Rs. per Sq.Ft. of RCC slab for home constr 500 hundred rupee what are some disadvantages are for using using cement in building a From an environmental standpoint cement has a negative impact, because manufacturing it emits about a ton of greenhouse gas (CO2) into the atmosphere for every ton of cement manufactured. Then you need to add the use of fuel and emissions in how to decide the number of columns, size and distance between colum WITH IS THE NORMAL DISTANCE BETWEEN 2 COLUMNS OF A HOUSE? what different types of wood is there? Mahogany: Fine grained, reddish brown in color. Very durable and resists swelling shrinking, and warping. Used for quality furniture such as cabinets; boat construction; wood facings and veneers. Walnut: Fine textured, strong, easy to work with What are the properties of anthill/termites soil and its use in cons This type of soil has enough binder in it to form earth blocks,Certainly will be good bag filling material. Also good for plastering. What are the benefits of using natural materials and where does tech From an ecological standpoint, natural materials have the advantage that they generally don't require much energy to manufacture or even transport them. This savings in energy will likely diminish the amount of greenhouse gas (CO2) that Green building has many positive effects on the environment. What ar Any time materials and techniques are used that reduce the embodied energy that goes into a house, there is a like reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and less consumption of un-renewable fuels. what is the difference between the working drawing and the shop draw Working drawings were created BEFORE the construction begins. These drawings are also called "construction drawings", given to contractors. Shop drawings are created/provided DURING construction if there are any conflicts during this how much steel bar is required for 1400qrs feet r.c.c slab Aproximately take the thickness of slab is 4",so the qty of concrete is 466.66cuft you will need appx 1980kgs os steel then the dia of steel normaly 10mm and 8mm but as per span of wall it will be varie nalla PERUMAL.K Why did you choose Architecture as your major? What does the term "green architecture" mean? Green architecture might mean different things to different people. I use the term to include all aspects of architectural design and construction that enhance sustainable, healthy living. This might simply relate to choosing materials that d Iam studying architecture in India. I have an interest in vernacular If you want to specialize in vernacular architecture after graduation there are a few places where you can do a masters course with the vernacular element as part of the course, and Oxford Brookes University in England is one school of archit what is the difference between load bearing structure and framme str in load bearing structure all loads are transferred into masonry walls....& in the framed structures all loads are transferred into column,beam..... tell about different type of wood available in india and there uses? There are thousands type of wood find in India. they are mainly used in industries,setting up of a home,furniture etc. Hope you like my answer. thank you I am in the process of designing a small traditional Japanese house Buildings which are usually post and beam construction with the finest timber joinery and detailing (no nails), often using beautiful stone for foundations. The infill between the post and beam structure (leaving the timber structure exposed)