New Windows Threads Interview Questions :: New Windows Threads Interview Questions en-us Hi, I'm now using windows 7 in my desktop. I have used a lot of CAN U CHECK THE WINDOWS UPDATES LIKE SERVICE PACK AND AND CHECK THE INSTALLED SOFTWARE Compatability AND CHECK ANY VIRUS THREADS IN YOUR SYSTEM explain readers-writers problem? when we browse internet system getting 500 error how will you solve t format the browse internet system. other than new browser instaled What is AD/AM in Windows2003? Active Directory Application Mode What is the impact if DNS Server fails? if dns server fails we would be not able to connect to active directory and not able to respond to webserver what are the reasons of rebooting the system? the reasons for rebooting is 1) due to machine slow 2) for updating the service, some time service won't run through local system , it will be run domian\username 3) for installing all updates & Patches 1.Can anyone tell how to install os manually? and is there any p I would like to tell first of all insert the cd of os in cd/dvd drive which you want to install in your PC. then boot the system by cd/dvd. we should have a partion according to os as if we want to install vista-20GB according to conditions fol Which protocol is working behind DHCP server? and what excatly DORA DORA (Discovery Offer Request Acknowlegment )process is the DHCP process used by the clients for optaining ip automatically. how do u share printer through FTP(fire transfer protocol)? We need to promote a server as File and Print server, make sure the Print Spooler Service is running and set to RUN Automatically. Install the printer on this server and share the printer with some name as per your desire. To make available if thread a,b,c have Max,Min,Normal priorty what is N0. in below set if a min thread has finished execution what happens ? a) it exits b) cannot copy (file name)- access is denied, We need to make sure that the user has admin rights or atlest the rights to alter the file. difference between ntfs4 and ntfs5 ntfs 4 can't quota mgmt,disk comperession,efs ntfs5 did all things. Too many times when I click on a sentence a caption comes on Grr a p no this option will also coming on net when we open any internet wev due to some Purposes, features and functions of windows 98 and xp. i am struggli