New VSAM Interview Questions :: New VSAM Interview Questions en-us How to open VSAM file from 3.4? i have millions of records and i dont Type 'f1' to the left of the dataset yo open the beam file in view or browse mode. You can type 'f2' to open the dataset in edit mode. what is meant by BUFND & BUFNI..? BUFNI meant no of index buffer and BUFND no of data buffer will use in AMP Parameter AMP=('BUFND=11,BUFNI=11') write a program to read from a VSAM file , there will be a 5 records OPEN INPUT StudentFile READ StudentFile AT END SET EndOfStu looking at the basic definition of VSAM file how to recognize whethe Can you please elaborate the 'Basic Defenition'? As I understand, all KSDS defined with 'Indexed' parameter ESDS defined with 'Non-Indexed', RRDS dfined with 'Numbered' and LDS defined with 'Linear BY SEEING THE FILE ITSELF HOW CAN WE IDENTIFY WHETHER IT IS A VSAM FI just do a 's'(data set information) in front of the file name. Data class will have 'VSAM'. Also in 3.4, the volume column will have 'VSAM'. what is the difference between vsam and dataset how do u create vsam Hi.................... Vsam is a collections of 4 types of files(KSDS,ESDS,RRDS,LDS) which can be accessed Sequentialy,Randomly & Dynamicaly. While Dataset can be a Type of VSAM, QSAM OR NON-VSAM. THANKS. what is the use of aix in vsam why do we go for aix and wht is build aix is the secondary key for searching the records in the cluster.aix must be duplicate r unique.. is there any lock for vsam file so that no one can update the vsam f No. How can you create a VSAM dataset? Can you write a JCL for it? USING AN ISPF YOU CAN CREATE VSAM IN THAT ISPF PROVIDE YOU JCL CODE YOU NOT NEED TO WRITE ANY CODE FOR THAT JUST SUBMIT YOUR JOB WITH HELP OF JCL YOU CAN CREATE VSAM DATASET IT IS SIMILAR TO THE ISPF CREATED CODE. Is CA(Control Area) is part of CI(Control Interval) ca is not a part of ci. the group of ci made of a ca. What is the use Free space in CI ? Free space is used to add records which belong in CI. Records in a CI are shifted automatically with in the CI to accommodate the inserted record. Is CA(Control Area) is part of CI(Control Interval) No,CI is part of CA. Common VSAM Error conditions and codes 1o- End of file 22-Duplicate key 23-Record not found 90-VSAM logic error 92-open problem 93-Space problem What is Base Cluster ? The Base Cluster is combination of Data component & Index component.