New VC++ AllOther Interview Questions :: New VC++ AllOther Interview Questions en-us What is the difference between Boxing and Unboxing in C# Boxing is a process in which object instances are created and copy values in to that instance. Unboxing is vice versa of boxing operation where the value is copied from the instance in to appropriate storage location. Below is sample code of hello sir i need movie editing and mixing software .where it is avai #include<stdio.h>int(){int a,*b,**c,***d,****e; a=10;b=&a;c There some syntactical errors are there like: 1. No main() 2. e=&d not e=&c 3. In first printf() d=%u should be there 3. In last printf() '?',',' If we correct these mistakes we get the following: 1.10 someaddress Suppose multiple threads accessing a registry key at a time. In that Semaphores / events can be used. How will slove problem comes wirh Hybrid Inheritance? By means of Virtual mechanism we can avoid the multiple copies of the same methods or data types How many time DLLMain gets called? An optional entry point into a dynamic-link library (DLL). When the system starts or terminates a process or thread, it calls the entry-point function for each loaded DLL using the first thread of the process. The system also calls the entry- what r the vc++ components refer what is DLL? dll is dynamic link library Differences between vc 6.0 and vc 7.0 Visual C++ 6.0 (commonly known as VC6), which included MFC 6.0, was released in 1998[15]. The release was somewhat controversial since it did not include an expected update to MFC. Visual C++ 6.0 is still quite popular and often used to maint A file a.cpp & B.cpp are complied & linked together in VC++ f Compiler error what is the difference between the codes written in the document clas The Document class supports objects used to store or control your program's data and provides the basic functionality for programmer-defined document classes. A document represents the unit of data that the user typically opens with the what are the advantages of VC++ design environment By design environment if you mean by the IDE that MS provides then answer is quite simple. Visual Studio is one of the most sophisticated, powerful yet simple to use IDE for Windows programming. Vikas hi i have 1180 in gre and 109 in toefl i have one more backlog to cl YOur question is not at all related vc++,So plz dont post these types of question here..There are many forums are there to help u. I have to DLL one is COM dll and another is normal DLL. How I can ide make command on both dll regsvr("noramal dll") it will show message of some entry point error regsvr("comdll") it will register succesfully to window How can i communicate with two systems one is located some place ano Hai You can use TCP/IP or UDP protocol and socket programming for the same. Arun