New Unix Commands Interview Questions :: New Unix Commands Interview Questions en-us boot process? 1.Boot prom phase 2.boot programs phase 3.kernel initialization phase 4. init phase 5. svc.startd (additional process in solaris 10) solaris Run level? init S or s init 0 init 1 init 2 init 3 init 4 init 5 init 6 What does mkdir up2date; touch outdated up2date do? mkdir up2date; this command used to make a directory named up2date... How to replace the exact word in vi editor?? suppose a file contains s/string/string/g; ex; :s/unix/linux/g how to check a file system type #fstype /dev/dsk/c#T#d#s# How to add content of one file into another file at the beginning concatenate file1 and file2, in the below command file1 content will be insert in front of that in file2, and then combined content will be redirected to file3 cat file1 file2 > file3 How to get the last ten lines of a file using awk utility? awk '{x[NR]=$0} END{for (i=NR-10;i<=NR;i++) print x[i]}' what these two commands prints &quot;echo test&quot;,&quot;cat test&qu i thought dat syntax was wrong What is the command to check ports active in UNIX? just ping IP:port or telnet which script will invoke first ,when /etc/init.d starts /etc/init.d/network why metadb requires a seperate slice to create Solaris volume manage what is the default permission for /etc/shadow file in UNIX 400 their is a file1,file2 and i want to append file1 data to file2? say your file1 name is demo.txt & ur file2 name is demo2.txt if u wann to append data of demo.txt to demo1.txt then open demo1.txt in vi mode then in exe mode give :r demo.txt then the data will be appended What is the difference between udp and tcp? TCP gives guaranteed Delivery, UDP does not TCP is connection oriented, UDP is not TCP provides Flow Control, UDP does not. Usually UDP is used to send data while streaming etc since it takes less time, but important data is always sent using TCP How to see unused port number in Solaris? /etc/services will have all the port details or netstat | grep nonlisten