New Testing Interview Questions :: New Testing Interview Questions en-us there are many test cases in our test case repository like function,i smoke testing 1] Test Management Tool ? 2] What is tracebility Matrix? 3] What is I have 3 browsers i want to give facebook url in 2 nd browser using Hi, I would or it's recommends u should close all applications n browsers before running scripts... write a regular expression pattern for xyz?123? hi guys we r working in office...we write some scripts..suddenly we ha how will you estimate of your website? i need manual testing interview questions for 2+ experience plzz hel First you should be clear from Interviewer point of view that,Even if you have 2+ years of experience,He may start ask questions from basic concepts.So this blog include manual testing questions as well.So be prepare these questions,and apply your re Hi frnds, for ex.. we got a job in wipro, they will give me one mail i You can open in "Micro Soft Exchanger Outlook" if you have email id or User id. Some companies giving user id or email id. Did you ever worked with B.A's and when? when do you escalte issue to your manager? Based on what doccuments do you start scripting?/ Testing? FRS, BRS, SRS what will you do when you were given two diffrent projects and asked firstly, we study the project very deeply then prepared for strategy and give proper time allocation in each project as well as smart work is also essential in this. in login module login button chage regularly(means login button chan Hi, If the buttons label changes from login to submit then u can use descriptive programing by creating object without using label property. U can use below code. Set objButton=description.create objButton("micclass").value="webbu if there is two login button in your page, how you know that this lo If there are two login buttons,then go with index value using descriptive programming.first we should make sure that which login button navigate to required page.then give corresponding index value as property in script as follows. Broser(" whenever the requirements are not given by the customer what type of Exploratory testing - first we explore the application to be tested thoroughly then identify all possible scenarios, document test cases and then only start testing.