New Testing Interview Questions :: New Testing Interview Questions en-us What is the similarities between Web Testing and Mobile testing? I want to test a mobile software by an automation tool which is a IP how to explain a claims and insurance project? I need some help with my interview answers for TeleTech. Here are the I'm having a problem to get the status(pass or fail) during run While you are working on certain application in mobile, a call comes. List 5 major test cases for Lift Explain critical bugs that you come across while testing in mobile What is defect clustering Defect Clustering states that a small number of modules contain most of the defects detected I got an offer from TCS as a software engineer, But it says I will w Write a set of test cases to test youtube? I have one question as HP QTP is concern, Please send your answers.. Hey Hi, yes we can... but is like suppose you wanna go Delhi from bombay...u have many option to commute still you wanna go by walking! let me know if you have any questions. Ram 9699851282 Suppose I am testing a web base health care insurance software and I What type of questions will be asking for 2 years experience candida Define Stability, Scalability and reliability with example ?