New SAP Security Interview Questions :: New SAP Security Interview Questions en-us What is the benefits of ticketing tool? 1) Users can log there issues in the ticketing tool. 2) Can get the update of the issue status. 3) Have track of the issues. Features varies from tool to tool. Thanks, Venkat which ticketing tool is used in your company?Explain ticketig proces Remedy, service now, BMC tool. It used enduser to log the issues related to user and role authorization How to trace a Report User (Business User) in SAP BI? Using RSECADMIN .. go to analysis tab and then execute as user ,give user name and click logs check box so as to get logs after executing report as user. How to find list of authorization objects which having org fields? Go to SUIM --> by autherisation objects and enter the Org field value as *, then it will display the list of auterisation objects. 11.If the user don't have the access of su53?then how to fine t If user don't have the access of su53 and sto1 then the user administrator can find the missing authorization. He execute the tcode su53 after open the screen he click the F5 button then it asks the another user. Now you enter the user name What is the latest change that was done to the SU53 trace, which is us SU53 Tcode is is used to check the last authorization check. You can see the last authorization using table USR07. Thanks, Venkat In which scenario we use SUPC mass creation of profiles for the roles Is SU25 step(2nd) is mandatory when SAP up-gradation happened? Yes it is mantary. i am 43, can i get a job in SAP security at this age. what is your exerience.. Hi we are working on the one company but location are different one l Hi, It is not possible to maintain different password scenario for different plant locations. Password length is based on profile parameter, not on the basis of authorization object. Thanks, Venkat I have uploaded one role(its is derived role) from quality system to d how to view the su53 screen for other users? we can view other SU53 dump(others authorization missing) in SU53 screen itself in SU53 screen on top left corner we 'll find a field there we can enter the other sap user name and we can see the SU53 for other user CORRECT ME IF I'M What transactions can be assigned for all the users ? SU53 TO VIEW MISSING AUTHORIZATION SU3 MAINTAIN USER OWN DATA SU56 TO VIEW USER BUFFER DATA 1) Explain different type of Users? Explain specifically Service Use Can you please let me know the GRC 10 landscape, is it 2 system lands GRC 10 has it's own system landscape which should include a Development instance, a Qaulity Assurance Instance and a Production Instance.