New QA Concepts Interview Questions :: New QA Concepts Interview Questions en-us In "V" model, how OQ is related to DS. a Suppose I am testing a web base health care insurance software and I 1.Firstly analyse the requirements and accordingly make test cases on high priority. 2.UI is most important so u need to analyse for each and every element displaying on the screen for each page.. can try security testing techniques as in the What would be the test approach for testing an e-commerce website wh When there is no Test cases avaibale with or Test plan we will be testing in it real time execution . User can have the hands on website and can see were the bug is coming or where it is not behaving expeected result as it should do and a Hi,i am tester(qa) what technologies i have to learn to enhance my c If every alternative letter starting from B of the English alphabet 1 Can anyone pls tell me how to do action parameterization (input and How to test different Authorization levels for the Admin user and Us How to generate swift message In testing what is the flow of testing AUT, like what test is to perf 1> Static testing (review of project documents) 2>unit testing 3>integration testing 4>System testing 5>User acceptance tesing These are the steps of testing AUT.Below I elaborately explained the steps of system testing. A i completed btech in IT in 2012.i am not good at programming.i want i think no jobs for testing now.. no growth for testing... if ur not good in programming, don't come to software side FOR ANY REQUIREMENT IS THERE... 1 POST FOR TESTING--- MININMU 5000 MEMBERS COMPETITION BUT DEVELOPERS SIDE LESS COM Looking for free study material on Functional Testing? Field level test cases are developed using AF TOD to validate individ How the deployment phase of SDLC differs in product based company an Need answer ASAP What is difference between ach credit and the normal credit? Which institute in hyderabad is good for ETL testing? Please suggest