New Physiotherapy Interview Questions :: New Physiotherapy Interview Questions en-us 38 years old male was with an ankle fracture at the calcaneus with s goals for rehabilitation for iincreasing ROM stretching of muscles, static stretching should be preferred as it decreases myotatic reflex, peripheral neuromuscular facilitation techniques should b used. muscle energy techniques especially ago kya physiotherapist bpsc ka exam de sakta hai? HA AGAR SAWAL KISI PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION SE JUDA HUA HAI TO BILKUL DE SAKTA HAI KYOKI ESKE LIYE GRADUATION KI JARURAT HOTI HAI AUR PHYSIOTHERAPIST BPT KI DEGREE KARNE K BAD HI BANTA HAI Do you hav reference list? have recently had disc removed from neck and lost the use of 3 finge he might have asked u to stretch your finger muscles to prevent contracture. no physio's will advice to stretch nerves. nerves are sensitive structures, it should be treated by a physio who is well trained and knowledged in Neural mobilizati cp rehabilitation neurology what is the difference in sroch and paralisys HI, I had apply 3 times for fall 2009 student visa but at that time My problem is my all family members r in USA at present and when i a describe the brief rehabilitation program for GBS ? what are the examples of isometric exercises? isometric quadriceps.(place aroll of towel under the knee joint and press it downwards) how to get full range of movement for PA shoulder with full restricte movement with mobilisation Dear sir, i am going to appear for on railway recruitment board secun How does the respiratory system in man work ? A man can live without food for a few days, but without air he cannot live even for five minutes. The moment he is born he begins to breathe will continue to breath till he is alive. During the process of breathing he draws some are into his bo Write a short note on the human skin . Describe its functions ? Skin plays an important part in a man?s life. It makes his appearance attractive. He gets a distinctive appearance because of his skin. There are race conflicts because of the colour of the skin. There covering if the human b Describe the functions of joints and human skeleton ? The place of attachment between two or more bones is known as a joint. All the joints of the body are capable of movement except for the joints of the bones of cranium, which houses the brain. There are various kinds of mo