New PM Interview Questions :: New PM Interview Questions en-us 1)can we create a maintenance plan without planning the cost in it? That depends on the maintenance plan. A single cycle plan can be created without a Task list. You can also create plans that generate Notifications... NO COST on either. how much counter we can assign for multiple counter plan 1 What is the use of PM02 control key?? Control key PM02 is used to indicate that the operation has external procurement of spares. A PR is created according to the inputs given for that particular BOM. how to add the counter plan and strategy plan in a single maintenanc multiple counter plan and stratergy plan cannot be added together, If u add counter plan with a stratergy, counter plan will be taken into cosideration ,stratergy will not be considered. How can we assign measuring points to a strategy plan like compresso Go to the change equipment transaction , then extra, then add or replace counters. then select the desired counter by F4 help. you can't directly add counters or measuring pts to a maintenance plan. u can do this for equipment ,FL and PR how to delete the funcation location 1. The delete flag should be set for the functional location. 2. The functional location and it's lower hirachy required to be free from "Superior functional location" in "Structure" Tab. 3. All plans, orders, n I am a beginner in Sap pm.Can anyone suggest me some good website to I want to learn SAP PM. Can anyone tell me the sequence. I mean the I am a beginner in Sap pm.Can anyone suggest me some good website to I have a single cycle maintenance plan that is triggered by a counte Hi, How to reverse the refurbishment order process incase the user I am a beginner in Sap pm.Can anyone suggest me some good website to Hi You can refer to te following link. 1f79e10000009b38f889/frameset.htm and i'll send you the materials if possible , within two days. What is aMilestone Confirmation The milestone confirmation is a special form of confirmation, in which the confirmation of one operation causes other operations or suboperations to be automatically confirmed at the same time. Milestones are operations that have the corresp What is Work Centre Categoey Basically work center category decides the capacity (means ability to do work). The category defines the activity type for costing and scheduling the categories mainly we come accross in the production are labour and machine. Hence to define How to schedule counter base maintenance plant for DG in power plant Hi First of all, you cannot get 800 hrs per month... For counter based... it will schedule in two days... like.. days and hours... but.. if u schedule in wil take the annual reading and schedule the dates.. So.. if the running h