New Organic Chemistry Interview Questions :: New Organic Chemistry Interview Questions en-us what is functionality of polymer? how can we get theoretical and prac WHAT IS THE TEMPERATURE Why some type of assays having limit 98% to102%? (if any compound ha What is the difference between the photochemical reaction and photo-d Three products in gaseous form that is obtained in fractional distil i am serching new job please help me DEFINATION OF REVERSHE PHASE it is opposite to normalphase chromotography, reverse phase chromotography mobile phase using polar solvent stashanary phase is hydrophobic c18 coulum used GIVE FTIR SAMPLING ASSESORY NAME. What is different between GC& HPLC SYSTEM gc use glass column and hplc use ss column ,mobile phase in gc is gas and hplc is liquid, gc performance best against hplc why we need to synthesize impurities of midazolam glycol is alcohol yes Assuming that the density of the solution is the same as the density o What is the difference between method validation and method verificati method verification means mini validiation before we check the method for (specificity, LOQ & LOD and auucracy) Method validation means quantified impurities such as (specificity, LOQ & LOD,auucracy, Precision and Robustaness) how to find concentration of the any chemical composite in mole purity * specific gravity * 10 /equalent fr ex ; conc of Hcl:36.45*1.17*10/36.45=11.7 so conc of Hcl=11.7 how to prepare the 0.001M tio2