New Oracle Apps Interview Questions :: New Oracle Apps Interview Questions en-us Is it same primary ledger data and seconday ledger data should be sa Secondary ledger data will be as same as primary ledger. But the presentation differs with respect to the CoA, currency and calender of secondary ledger. What is the difference between Secondar ledger and Reporting Currenc In FA module..Once we added assets...we dont want depreciation few o What and Who is the best Institute or Trainer for Oracle Apps Technic I am Sridevi Koduru, Oracle Apps Techno Functional Faculty with 5+ Years Training Experience on Oracle Apps Technical, Oracle Apps Functional, SQL, PL/SQL and D2K including 3+ Years of Real Time Experience. I have Provided Training for 500+ Profe What is the CTA Account&amp; What is the use of this? CTA is cumulative translation adjustment account which hits the variance while performing translation How to Raise SR to Oracle? Oracle Needs to raise Purchase Order Automatically when the Item Quan How to define vacation rules in Oracle Purchasing upon User Request? What is the Month End closing Process in INV, Purchasing and OrderMan In a package have predefined exception and user defined exception. whi How to report output like below supplier name date amo Hi, Just write a report function which takes the date and finds the month then concatenate it with the text /* (<Month>) month total transactions*/ Regards, Aditya In picking screen, what are the mandatory details to be entered? The mandatory fields in the Pick Release screen are the Order number should be entered, the Warehouse should be entered and in case of any customizations the Based on Rule also may be made mandatory while shipping, under delivery tab if we didnít mention organization Yes the order will get backordered. Reason: The organization/inventory is defined at the time of Pick Release. These details default in the Shipping Transaction screen later. When these details are missing, the system will not know where to p Scenarios for backorder? Scenario 1: When the inventory/organization is not defined during the Pick release process. The order will get backordered Scenario 2: When there is no On hand quantity for a particular item, but there is a PO/SO raised against the same Sce How do you create purchase order without requisition? Please provide