New Oracle Apps Interview Questions :: New Oracle Apps Interview Questions en-us What are register in India localisation? can we define 2 different currency revaluation at a time?? where is chandra institute in hyderabad for oracle apps technical tr What is secuirity's in R12 features. what is difference between realized and unrealised gain or loss? what is revalulation? Revaluation is used to identify unrealizes gain or loss which is accounting due to the exchange rate flactuation. If parent Co. is India & subsdy at USA and need reporting for al what is commitment (Warranty invoice) in AR? warranty invoice is nothing but Guarantee invoice. Guarantee invoice is nothing but just we have to give Assurance from the customer to buy goods and services. Note: Deposit and Guarantee come under commitments. what is accounting entry once we receive GRN and inventory accountin For GRN Inventory receiving a/c Dr. AP Accrual a/c Cr. For Inventory Accounting Inventory valuation a/c Dr. Inventory receiving a/c Cr. what is consolidation process? What is elimination? When loading data from staging table to interface table , how to rel Normally it should not load data for the second time. If the data is not loaded properly, then we need to handle in our custom program for re-processing. Hope it is clear!! what is po approval hierarchy? what is invoice variance in ap If you use Accrual Basis Accounting, Payables records variances when you approve and post a purchase order matched invoice distribution. Variances are the differences between the purchase order and invoice in Price, Quantity, and, for foreign currenc HI , PLEASE HELP ME, WHICH IS THE BEST INSTITUTE TO LEARN "ORACL