New Oracle Apps Interview Questions :: New Oracle Apps Interview Questions en-us what is po approval hierarchy? what is invoice variance in ap If you use Accrual Basis Accounting, Payables records variances when you approve and post a purchase order matched invoice distribution. Variances are the differences between the purchase order and invoice in Price, Quantity, and, for foreign currenc HI , PLEASE HELP ME, WHICH IS THE BEST INSTITUTE TO LEARN "ORACL Prepared transaction for 1000$, Received receipt from customer For 10 HI 1. -200$ worth of good you need to do sales return. 2. so One Credit Memo will generate in AR worth of -200$ 3. Go for refund from Credit memo itself(Actions:Application:Select apply to "Refund") and follow the same refund process What are the various statuses of Transactions open closed void pending 1)What cannot be consolidated in GCS? 2) When you setup calendar in If you are implementing Payables and Receviables in R12?............ if you migrate the data use data file in the support project, what are issues u faced? in sql loader,i have 100 records in my flatefile, i want to skip th By using "Filler" Command OR By Usins "When" Condition Client want to create capital goods assets in PO,Witout using Invent We can book the invoice in AP and here in invoice form ther is one option where we can give project number after completing the invoice we can move this invoice to Project accounting module and after that project can be capitalized and transfer to FA While doing implementation,Client wants two use 2 Accounting methods using secondary ledger and subledger accounting method... use secondary ledger as a standard cash and standard accural for for sub ledger accounting...... Is it same primary ledger data and seconday ledger data should be sa Secondary ledger data will be as same as primary ledger. But the presentation differs with respect to the CoA, currency and calender of secondary ledger. What is the difference between Secondar ledger and Reporting Currenc reporting currency ledger represents same primary ledger accounting data in another currency. secondary ledger is unlike MRC secondary ledger is nothing but additional or optional ledger it's represents your primary ledger accounting In FA module..Once we added assets...we dont want depreciation few o you can stop the depreciation calculation for a particular asset by unchecking the depreciate check box in that Asset What and Who is the best Institute or Trainer for Oracle Apps Technic I am Sridevi Koduru, Senior Oracle Apps Trainer With 8 Yrs Exp on Oracle Apps and 13 Yrs IT Exp Providing Online Training on Oracle Apps Technical, Oracle Apps Financial Functional, Oracle Apps SCM, Oracle Apps HRMS, Oracle Financial for Indian Lo