New OOPS Interview Questions :: New OOPS Interview Questions en-us What is this interview room ? Is it a class or an object. class The type of variable a pointer points to must be the part of pointer a)data types don't get mixed up when arithmetic is performed on them b)pointers can be added to one another to access structure members c)the compiler can perform arithmetic correctly to access array elements d)both a and c OOP'S advantages of inheritance include: 1)provide a conceptual framework 2)avoid rewriting code 3)facilitating class libraries 4)all of these How to create a comment page in C #?? ******** How to create a comment page in C # ************* In this article we will discuss how to create a comment page in C # language or by using visual Its not a difficult task to do just you have some expertise in visual studio what is difference between thread and programme. can you give the dynamic polymorphism types? Dynamic polymorphism can be method overriding in java and pure virtual functions in C++. In this the method name, type signature, and parameter list remains the same but works in a different manner based on different invocations. what is the new version of c++ The latest version of C++ is C++11. To know more check this: what is the new version of oops write a C++ program for booking using constructor and destructor. which is best institute to learn c,c++ in ameerpet hyderabad Objective The objective of this problem is to test the understanding c++ program to swap the objects of two different classes assume the program must insert 4 elements from the key board and then What is the difference between class and object? classes and objects are seprate but related concept.every object belong to a class and every class contains one or more objects. #include <stdio.h> #include <alloc.h> #include <stdli