New Marketing Sales Interview Questions :: New Marketing Sales Interview Questions en-us Are you sure that you can convince (persuade) the vendors to accept ou can you consider yourself as a leader and result maker? are you confident that even if you don't know something you can s Meaning of planogram Discuss the nature and types of secondary data sources. Also discuss Give a relationship between concept, Hypothesis and Theory. What are Discuss the steps involved in Business Research decision-making proce Being a researcher in marketing company, how can you search the oppor Research serves a single purpose-that of providing information to ass Is there any Difference between Leader and Leadership? What is vertical concepts of marketing?? what are the basic question of fmcg company What do you like and dislike about the products or services you’re s What is the different between general trade & morden trade ? General trade is basically purely retailing,whereas Modern trade refers to selling the products to the institutions like big industrial houses. if interviewer asked why we are hire you