New JCL Interview Questions :: New JCL Interview Questions en-us Suppose i have a file with 10 recs and i want to skip only the 7 th Hi, you can do something like this using inrec & outfil //STEP010 EXEC PGM=SORT //SYSOUT DD SYSOUT=* //SORTIN DD * XXXX1 ABCEDFHIJCKLM How to find the length of variable length copybook using fileaid ?? In fileaid option 8 or VIEW (View interpreted record layout) In your JCL, run the even numbered steps if date is even and run odd n One can either use UT22000 utility to pass the Date else in program also Date utility can be called and generated. Hello Guys, I have 1+ Year Experience in MAINFRAME TESTING. After 1 what is the sortcard for comparing two files with a field key and get JOINKEYS F1=FILE1,FIELDS=(1,10,A) JOINKEYS F2=FILE2,FIELDS=(1,10,A) JOIN UNPAIRED,F1,F2 REFORMAT FIELDS=(F1:1,10,F2:1,10) INREC IFTHEN=(WHEN(1,10,CH,NE,11,10,CH),OVERLAY=(22:C'N')) OUTFIL FNAMES=MATCHED,INCLUDE=(22,1,CH,EQ,C'B How to submit multiple jobs. These jobs are members in PDS. The seco use INTRDR.. see teh systax on how to use it. Say I have a file with 12 records. Each record has the name of the m Read the file. Save the 1st record into output record after calc its length. Say move in(1:len) to out(1:len), move in(1:len) to out(len:len2) and so on. Write the out record into output file.Correct me if am wrong. How to find out the number of records in a file using JCL //COUNT EXEC PGM=ICETOOL //TOOLMSG DD SYSOUT=* //DFSMSG DD SYSOUT=* //IN DD DSN=INPUT DATASET, // DISP=SHR / I have a job (4 steps) with time parameter coded in job & exec, WE WILL GET ABEND IN STEP4 WITH S322(TIME OUT ERREOR). is there any way to execute more than one proc in the same exec stat 1) SORT FIELDS=(20,4,CH,D,10,3,CH,D) OUTREC FIELDS=(7:20,4,C' F As per the sort card, 1. Sort statements get executed on input file - System sorts all the records on 20,4 in decending order and then 10,3 in decending order. 2. Sorted records write to the o/p based on the out rec formatting. 3. As menti My Question is 1. How to cound no. of records in JCL. Please explai Hi, Please clear me when COND=ONLY and COND=EVEN. Explain me with COND=ONLY if you mentioned this option in a step, that particular step will execute ONLY when there is an ABEND. COND=EVEN this particular step will execute either ABEND or not. if in a job, region is mentioned in both jobcard and in step then wh in this case step override the job.So first considered to step level. The Region of entire job takes 4k only. The region of step1 takes 0k only. The region of step2 takes 16k. What is the job entry system used in your project? based on what cri