New Group II History Interview Questions :: New Group II History Interview Questions en-us starting salary and oualification we want when notification release? the council of the nine gems isasociated with my 1st to degree completed in mumbai unversity.. now we r in nalgond hai sir am preparing for group 2 exam can u plz inform wat material please send me group 2 syllabus & materials .....(malE: rahulgoje sir pls send me polytecnic previous question in english for ece..... 5*6 = 91 7*8 = 169 10*11 = ? 10*10=100 11*11=121 100+121=221 10*11=110 221=110=331 i want previeos question paper pls i want group2 material how should i prepare for group2 to get suces? which material z best for grp2? from wer i can get it ? z coaching z necesary for group2? helo frendz.. dz z doing my msc.. im intrested in groups. what are the names of the writers of Indian constitution of musaida musaida means drafting commitee.they are responsible for preparing the constitution.nearly they refered 60 countries's constitution for preparing indian constitution. the head of this committee is Dr.B.R.Ambedkar other members were: 1.alladi