New General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions :: New General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions en-us WHAT IS CROWN ? great ice-age is related to 1 oligocene 2 pleistocene 3 holocene 4 eocene the sole power to control the expenditure of the government rests with whate is sinbar? A sine bar consists of a hardened, precision ground body with two precision ground cylinders fixed at the ends. The distance between the centers of the cylinders is precisely controlled, and the top of the bar is parallel to a line through the center Which one of the following represents the fundamental difference bet c is a correct answer which has highest literacy rate srilank viyatnam india china viyatnam Who is empowered by the constitution to summon and to dissolve the lok President Talk about politics? What should be said we it is asked in HR intervi who was the founder of the swaraj party raja ram mohan roy please tell me the name of the book or any other source from where i Dear Sir, We had buyed machine from Delhi we had pad CST but we were goverment asked question paper with answer Why India is becoming poor and poor on the other side Rich is becomi The Richers are blaming to give some amount of money given to the poor peoples but the poors are given high level of work but get low level of money so this happending. I WAS VERY MUCH INTERESTED UN GOVERNMENT JOBS LIKE TNPSC.I NEED SOME WHO IS LION OF PUNJAB? LALA LAJPAT RAI