New Funny Interview Questions Interview Questions :: New Funny Interview Questions Interview Questions en-us 1 coconut cost rs 20 , 1 mango cost rs 1, 5 guava cost rs 1 ..try to 4 coconut 4*20=80 1 mango 1*1= 1 95 guava 95*0.2=19 100 100 who invented vacuum cleaner? Hubert Cecil Booth in 1901 who played the character langda tyagi in the film omkara? Saif Ali Khan which movie was ferhan akhtar's dirocterial debut? dil chahta hai who was the narrator of the film 'Jodha Akabar'? amitab bachchan Solve this, if u think.....u r brilliant..😇 1. I am a 8 l EDAVANNA DO YOU HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE OR FRESHER ? no i have no experience iam a fresher WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN OUR ORGANIZATION? my aim is to work in an origanisation where my there will exist a scope to prove up my talent. so i think that your organisation is the right one WHAT'S YOUR HOBBIES? my hobbies are playing badminton, lisening to music , reading books WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT GENPACT it's the oldest organisation which has a major part in the global competetionin the who is the founder of pataliputra? MVSIELHKELATLOAL arrange these 16 letters in three words the ans of this is love like hall mats these are the 3 words WHAT IS THE NUMBER OF ATMs OF SYNDICTE BANK how many mapping can be done in One day at client place? as many as you want. Usually a lot. my 1st friend gave me 1000 and 2nd gave me 500 i have loos 1000 rupe Actually your question is not exactly convey the actual meaning... 2 answers may be there 900+400+300 =1600 thaaan. there is no question at all., 2nd answer already he had Rs. 100 in my hand. it may happen.