New Electrical Engineering Interview Questions :: New Electrical Engineering Interview Questions en-us why we don't use air circuit breaker on H T line in place of vac how encoder works? Can clean earth cable be considered as low current cable working of diesel generator ? How we can measure the thickness of bus bar for a given load ? any fa First, we calculate the load current Second, consider the highest temperature and selection coefficients associated to it. For example: 50C Third, the rate of sea level and the corresponding coefficients, for example. For: 2000 meters Fourt what is the importance of neutral in elctrical system? Neutral is reqd for Star System. It can be earthed or unearthed/floating state.Neutral with earthing is reqd to oppose the arcing ground effect.You may choose neutral floated but that time insulation level of sytem to be increased. Why neutral is used in electrical system? while doing high potential for 11KV 3 core cable how much leakage cu How the unidirectional torque produced in dc motor Dc machimes are designed like that angle betwean the stator flux and rotor flux is 90 degree to produce unidirectional torque What is differance between alternator and generator? The output of alternator is AC only and that of generator could be either AC or DC i want to measure voltage difference between neutral and earth so i You can measure after the metering . Do not use service wire or meter terminal What's the differs between voltage & current & emf. Starting times for soft starter & power factor is thier any standa The insulation resistance of a cable can be measured by Meggar Kindly Tell me name of the book for electrical estimation and costing its J.B gupta