New Electrical Engineering Interview Questions :: New Electrical Engineering Interview Questions en-us phase association of 3PH L&T static CT meter is wrong. means 1PH 1) How to calculate battery backup for ups as well as solar with comp a transformer can have zero voltage regulation a)o pf b)1 pf c) d As i want some model question paper in basic computer science and his We have energy meter of ct ratio 200/5amp and installed cut having c 0.5 difference between the applicability of nortons and thevenin theorem how many desk top computer can connect to a 25kva 3phase generator? 80 Why transformer making noise during the operation? DUE TO VARIATIONS IN VOLTAGES,VARYING MAGNETIC FIELD IS PRODUCED & THIS VARYING MAGNETIC FIELD CHANGES DIMENSION OF FERROMAGNETIC ELEMENT USED AS A TRANSFORMER ELEMENT & IT APPEARS AS A VIBRASIONS.THIS VIBRATIONS ARE SOURCE OF THE NOI What are safety device in vcb and acb? explain why core loss of a transformer is almost constant under diff what is the Transformer Protection & Type ?? Buchhol's relays,Earth fault relay,Explosion vent relays,Alarm circuit relays,tripping circuit relays Transformer type...?? 1.ACCORDING TO VOLTAGE 1)STEP UP TRANSFORMER 2)STEP DOWN TRANSFORMER 2.ACCORDING TO CORE 1)CORE TYPE 2)SHELL TYPE 3.ACCORDING TO CONNECTION 1)SERIES 2)PARALLEL Brushes are placed at magnetically neutral axis,when brushes reach tha what is differance between kvarh $ kvah How to calculate the efficiency of Turbo Generator(Alternator) in gene