New Electrical Engineering Interview Questions :: New Electrical Engineering Interview Questions en-us what is the id1 & id2 setting in differential protection relay of take 100kva DTR( delta/wye ), what ll happen if we connect 11kv to L Direction of flow of active power and reactive power with logic? WHAT IS THE MEANING OG (li = 7 In) a solenoid of inductance 250mH and resistance 10ohm is connected to IN A 3 PHASE,400V,4 WIRE SYSTEM, 2 INCANDESCENT LAMPS , ONE HAVING 2 When neutral disconeted bulb are in series so ckt current is same but voltage drop is diffrent.vlt drop is propesanl to R so 100W lamp R is more with respect to 200W. 100 W lamp fuse first. explain the f=np/120 this to come 120 P=no. Of pole,f=frequncy ,n=speed Ns=p/2*N/60 phase association of 3PH L&T static CT meter is wrong. means 1PH if 415 v is appliex at three phase in your situationi f r phase is right it will get higher vol. and other two get lower vol....right ans should be all the three sholud b same 1) How to calculate battery backup for ups as well as solar with comp a transformer can have zero voltage regulation a)o pf b)1 pf c) d As i want some model question paper in basic computer science and his We have energy meter of ct ratio 200/5amp and installed cut having c 0.5 difference between the applicability of nortons and thevenin theorem how many desk top computer can connect to a 25kva 3phase generator? 80 Why transformer making noise during the operation? DUE TO VARIATIONS IN VOLTAGES,VARYING MAGNETIC FIELD IS PRODUCED & THIS VARYING MAGNETIC FIELD CHANGES DIMENSION OF FERROMAGNETIC ELEMENT USED AS A TRANSFORMER ELEMENT & IT APPEARS AS A VIBRASIONS.THIS VIBRATIONS ARE SOURCE OF THE NOI