New Electrical Engineering Interview Questions :: New Electrical Engineering Interview Questions en-us tjmh relay observation t stands for j m h How i can select current transformer and meters for the upgrading the First find the Full load current of 600KW Load & select Incomer of about 20% higher than FLC,consider the CTs rating as per the incomer rating. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENT BETWEEN MCB & MPCB? & HOW IS USE? MCCB means moulded case circuit breaker and used to passing through nominal or huge amount of current and frequently installed in main side of power db. MPCB means motor protection circuit breaker which only used to control any one or more partic what is the difference b/w UHVDC and HVDC(LIGHT)? Why Exciter higher ferquency ? What is the use of starter in tube light it works. in an open circuit. test there is no load curent.. but secondary. i May be megnatizing current of transformer. in short circuit. test of a transformer 5 to 10% ofvrated voltage i a induction motar has 30-35% exciting current at no load but in tra Transformer is static equipement not a rotary equipment hence a little bit current observed which may need due to iron losses . motor is a active and functional parts whatsoever on load or off load thereby taking 40% approximatelt as respect to r what is DG A,B,C,D check? They are periodical checks and the details are given in the maintenance manual using in R,Y& B PHASE LTSIDE(415V)ct ratio 4000/5 WITH ENERGYMET How to calculate the multiplying factor for energy meter with ct rat What is the difference between ground and neutral ? Neutral is a part of circuit or a part of circuit loop and ground is not a part of circuit. Why the power generated in dams is complex power? Why the generators What is complex power?