New ETL Interview Questions :: New ETL Interview Questions en-us Define Dynamic push down optmization? explain about your project architecture in ssis..could u please send t Can we parametrize the values of IN statement. Ex. Inside parameter Frankly i dont know the answer but i told the interviewer that we cannot do this. how to do aggregation (year wise quantity ) using only source quali What exact we can see in table? How we can see table structure? desc tablename; my name is amar i want display 1st line A 2nd line M 3rd line A 4th what is the difference between cubes and package in cognos Hi, Lookup() is what kind of join ? Hi, You can Say LookUp is a Left Outer join.Your Source Table is Left side table and Lookup table is right table. Now you are trying to get total source records and matching records from lookup table(right table). Hope this helpls.... Hi Guys, my requirement is to load 1 yr data from oracle to teradata what make u disappointmnets in u r career tell me few points when u become TL How can we handle Rejection Logic in Source tables while we are match use Minus query. Select * from target minus select * from Source This will give all the rows of sorce data which are rejected,that is not loaded into the target. Can we create Hierarchies in generic datasources? what is the use of structures?how many nodes can u create in a struc