New ERP General Interview Questions :: New ERP General Interview Questions en-us please give the erp test cases how to lock tables? my sap login client 800 password india123 so it was locked system c May i get job in ERP system for tcs,ibm,wipro how to change login screen in xtuple ERP ????? how will i set EDI for Email and sms in xTuple ERP???? Have a look at the xTuple Connect product, It provides native integration between xTuple and any IMAP server, and also provides a platform for EDI, shopping cart, and any other sort of import/export or real-time in Why we use Level Break in JDE report and what is its used apart from The level break is used for grouping records according to the need that has been sequenced in its way and to attain various level break and page break as well ,there are two types of level breaks level break header and footer,header to display he If we have to set a rule that HRA = 50% of basic how can we set the define udc and check value for different wage type SAP-HR --- why do we need symbolic account why can we not do the sam SAP-HR why do v need T-Code 0014 and 0015? Can we not do the same in what is the tcode used for trigering sap script ? se71 with is the full from of computer did the meaning is correct c. calc yes, i too mean same i have completed the msc in a fresher. so plz give me some adv plz give me advice Where to Buy from Tally.ERP in SaudiArabia ? germani Which is a better career move, Oracle Apps or Siebel?Kindly suggest