New Dot Net AllOther Interview Questions :: New Dot Net AllOther Interview Questions en-us what is page_directive Defines page specific attribute used by the page parser and compiler and can be included only in the .aspx files. how to use custom field validation deference between display and visibility property of CSS data types used in validation control question related to table havi colspan and row span if i want to validate all the control on web page how i will do Page.Validate() method should be called to validate all the controls on the web page. deference between page init an page load if there are two application 1 and 2 having a variable x in both app how to delete the record using data reader difference between data reader and dataset what is sessions and cookies take one example simple way to understan How to delete the duplicate records in a table using sql server Add Primary Key to the table. What is Ienumerable The IEnumerable interface appears throughout C# programs. It specifies that the underlying type implements the GetEnumerator method. It enables the foreach-loop to be used. Program that uses IEnumerable<T> [C#] using System; using System.C What is the use of delegates delegete is a pointer to the methods. so... when can be use: - to use anonymous methods - to use lambda - to inform methods, that something happen - push key on keyboard - invoke OnKeyDown method Waht is Dot net Arcitecture