New Call Centre Interview Questions :: New Call Centre Interview Questions en-us sell this pen to me good evening, i would like to inform you sir that our company launch this new pen with waterproof ink & also with great stylish look only just 100 rs & if you purchase this pen now so we provide 10rs discount for our pen promotion. so don why do you prefer BPO jobs after completion of your Graduations ? bpo is one of the leading industry in all over the world.they give good salary as well as many facilities like cab, meals , pus incentives . Explain the last movie you saw?? i saw last movis kick,,,,, Explain the last movie you saw?? favourite crowded market place How do you rate your communication skills? 10/10 why jobs been done night time What is right age of hacking(from dt.of casting) on concrte surface fullform of bku I just want to know plz tell me us shift its totally night shift or TEll me about which movie have u seen last I have seen date movie bcoz its quiet comedy funny Tell me about your favorite destination why you feel you are a right fit for this position? i am fit for this position because my skills are matched with the requirement of this company TELL ME YOU HAVE SEEN CROWDED MARKET? WHAT'S YOUR SALARY EXPECTION? 10.000