New Call Centre Interview Questions :: New Call Centre Interview Questions en-us where u will use your specialization(B.Tech) in BPO? What should i tell if the hr ask me why you choose and then b I have debt of 5 lacs in bank, due to financial crisis I lost my job Topic on my parents My parents are one of the most amazing people you can find around the world for all the sacrifices they had made for me.I have a great parents and I still live them.They help me with every step of my life. They love me and they would give their Topic on my country india India is my country, my motherland.I love it and i am proud of it. India is a big country.In population, it is second only to china.India has a rich and glorious past. Students from all over the world used to come here to study.Indian culture topic on gurgaon city Gurgaon is an important city in the state of Haryana. It is also the second biggest city in the state and a major economic and academic hub in the state.It is a satellite city which forms a part of NCR or National Capital Region.The district Tell me something about chennai for 2 mins. sell this pen to me good evening, i would like to inform you sir that our company launch this new pen with waterproof ink & also with great stylish look only just 100 rs & if you purchase this pen now so we provide 10rs discount for our pen promotion. so don why do you prefer BPO jobs after completion of your Graduations ? bpo is one of the leading industry in all over the world.they give good salary as well as many facilities like cab, meals , pus incentives . Explain the last movie you saw?? i saw last movis kick,,,,, Explain the last movie you saw?? favourite crowded market place How do you rate your communication skills? 10/10 why jobs been done night time What is right age of hacking(from dt.of casting) on concrte surface