New Accounting Interview Questions :: New Accounting Interview Questions en-us Please suggest the manual records needed to be maintained at NGO/CBO in which head ESI A/c will be come? I have received 75000/- as retainership fees from ABC company but they ABC Company A/c Dr : 75000 To Cash/Bank 67500 To TDS A/c 7500 what is the journal entry if bank deducted tds on commision what is difference between company and firm what is the difference between depreciation in account books and dep I have received 75000 as retainer ship fees from ABC company what was While raising the bill you have to Dr to ABC Co. and Cr. to your receipt account while receiving the fee against above bill Receipt account (income) a/c Dr and Credit to ABC co. Income a/c Dr To ABC Co Cr why is the recocillation done? Reconciliation statement is done to find the actual difference between cash book and pass book balances and reconcile the differences by passing exact entries. PURCHASE A GOODS FROM VENKATFOR CASH,IT SHOULD BE CREDITED TO WHOM Venkat 1st round is easy writing about 'A day without my cell phone&#039 ESI payable in the year 2010 was Rs.11000 but not accounted for by m First you pass the Journal entry in the year 2010 as below Esi A/C----Dr 11000 To Accrued Expenses Year end A/C----Cr. 11000 Now this 11000 is Outstanding payment So, entry at the time of Payment is Accrued Expenses Year end A/C ---- CAN FILL HARYANA SALE TAX RETURN ONLINE?IF FILL THEN HOW?WHAT IS THE it will start from next financial year WHAT IS RATE OF SERVICE TAX 2014-15 RATE OF SERVICE TAX IN THE YEAR 2014-15 IS 12.36% IF BILL OF JOB WORK HAVING WITH VAT AMOUNT THEN WHICH AMOUNT IS LIAB TDS should be deducted on the Invoice value including VAT. purchase rice 2 bags rs.7500 and vat charges @5% what is the answe PURCHASE A/C DR XXXX VAT CHARGES A/C DR XXXX TO CASH A/C XXXXX