New Accounting Interview Questions :: New Accounting Interview Questions en-us what do you mean by financial analysis and technical analysis ? What goodwill. What is the role oF Jr Financial Analyst ? And what are the General HOW TO APPLY FOR ARTICLESHIP IN BIG 4 Rs.5000 paid school fees of Director's son. pass the journal ent Director's Withdrawn Account Dr. 5000 To cash Account 5000 if bank deduct the tds, it should show in p&l or balance sheet? YES IT IS TO BE SHOWN IN BALANCESHEET.. how to calculate valuation of closing stock Opening stock +net purchase - cash sales= closing stock treatment of reserve fund in trail balance whether debit or credit. Credit balance becouse it is compny's liabilty to pay back to the shareholdrs due to separate accounting entity concept. Why is Interest A/c debited and Bank a/c credited when interest is c The value of the tax invoice is lesser than the value on the state pe LOSS IS AN ASSET OR LIABILITY ? LOSS IS OUR ASSETS... what is finance Why closing stock are not shown in trial balance? If the purchases are shown in trial balance after deduct closing stock then the closing stock are shown in ttial balance.if not the closing stock are included in the purchase. what is the BRS Analysis and adjustment of differences between the cash balance shown on a bank statement, and the amount shown in the account holder's records. This matching process involves making allowances for checks issued but not yet presented, and fo what is the balance sheet If the words "debits" and "credits" sound like a foreign language to you, you are more perceptive than you realize—"debits" and "credits" are words that have been traced back five hundred years to a document