New Accounting Interview Questions :: New Accounting Interview Questions en-us CAN FILL HARYANA SALE TAX RETURN ONLINE?IF FILL THEN HOW?WHAT IS THE WHAT IS RATE OF SERVICE TAX 2014-15 IF BILL OF JOB WORK HAVING WITH VAT AMOUNT THEN WHICH AMOUNT IS LIAB TDS should be deducted on the Invoice value including VAT. purchase rice 2 bags rs.7500 and vat charges @5% what is the answe PURCHASE A/C DR XXXX VAT CHARGES A/C DR XXXX TO CASH A/C XXXXX How to pass the entry in tally for demolished of building? Workers name-Madhu Saha.Pay structure,basic-5850,HRA-1350,CCA-900,TRA what is insurance ? how many types of insurance? insurance is security to our type of security to helps when life is get damage or any risk.protcetion. what is investment banking? A specific division of banking related to the creation of capital for other companies. Investment banks underwrite new debt and equity securities for all types of corporations. Investment banks also provide guidance to issuers regarding the i whether octroi service charge levied on entry tax? and is service ta if salary is 50000 how much TDS and PF to be deducted, kindly help m what is the maximum no. of persons/members in a private limited co. for Non banking 10 baking 20 Dear All , My TDS diducted in 2012-13, Rs.2400 2013-14 RS600 & 20 you are complsory file of income tax retun after incometax department are refund your claim in account. TDS %AGE ON CALLIBRATION CHARGES BILL Is there a need of Form JJ if we have Delivery Chellan? Yes jj form can be used as delevery challan non cash or bank income or expense