New Accounting Interview Questions :: New Accounting Interview Questions en-us if i have 180000/- salary per annul so how much i have to pay itr. an income tax One Institute, after completion of course not issue any certificate to What is the treatment of partners salary in profit and loss account. it is recorded debit side in the p/l a/c is provident fund is liability or indirect expenses for employer??? liability to employer If I have bought goods from a seller in India and finally exported i my yearly income was 260000/- for last year. & nw i get 295000 so tax payment is rs.9790 what is excise duty and what should be the entry of purchase and sal excise duty chargeabe on the all manufacturing products purchase a/c dr excise duty a/c dr to cash for sales entry cash a/c dr to sales to excise What is form 38 & form c from is the company pay only 2% cst Sir Kindly tell me Where is the best institute fir SAP(FICO-CIN and how to maintain the capital account How create the invoices? What is the difference between tally 6 and tally erp 9? In India for various goods supplied Excise duties applied by supplie what is the difference between expenses(indirect) and indirect expen Direct Expenses: Direct expenses are those expenses that are paid only for the business purpose, which is very essential without which business cannot run. For example, Cost of Production, Direct Labor, etc Indirect Expenses: Indirect Expens what is excise duty tax Excise Duty itself is a indirect Tax