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WCT ,TDS,Service tax ,costmor accounting    0  4
how to calculate vat?    1  14
what comes under real account?    2  18
how would you describe youself    0  15
what is purchase entry how to book the entry    1  27
what is latest rate of vat cst service tax. what is contractor tds rate.    0  18
What is negative goodwill?    1  23
what is the nagative good will?    1  32
I am an employee in a IT Company. While filling out the form it prompts to fill - Details of Tax deducted at source from Salary (as per form16) and then it again prompts to fill - Details of Advance tax and Self Assessment Tax. if i fill both the columns, i get end result as 2 times of Tax i paid and a refund.    0  19
What is the difference between Road permit and Way bill ?    0  24
How to Automate requirment mapping in QC?    0  15
what is aspects of taxation?    0  21
can company can follow single entry system    2  26
what are the document that get created in procurement to pay process ?    1  26
What is the penalty of non payment or late payment of Service Tax, VAT, TDS?    0  29
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Un-Answered Questions
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Difference between nonoperating expentiture and non cash expenditure 315
What is the meaning of Receipt & Payment, Income & Expenditure, Profit & Loss A/c? Under What cercumstances these are prepared? 432
what would you contribute for bhels growth 131
How are fund-raising and publicity and management and administration costs apportioned over funds? 217
What is miscellaneous expense and when it is used 149
Hi frnds, can any one tell me how much funds has to be there to convince financially sound during the visa interview and what supporting documents has to be produced. What is backlogs means.....hope the best known will answer. 172
what is CDD’s configuration 256
i had taken one year gap in completing my graduation bcom should it be considered as backlogs i dont have any kt or anything else i have passed all exam in one trial 171
While finalizing the current year’s profit, the company realized that there was an error in the valuation of closing stock of the previous year. In the previous year, closing stock was valued more by Rs.50,000. As a result (a) Previous year’s profit is overstated and current year’s profit is also overstated (b) Previous year’s profit is understated and current year’s profit is overstated (c) Previous year’s profit is understated and current year’s profit is also understated (d) Previous year’s profit is overstated and current year’s profit is understated 63
What is the %age of T.A.,D.A.,H.R.A.,BASIC 1480
Give Any three special cases of computation of capital Gain U/s 45(1A) to 45(6)? 366
what type of a/c these accounts are are tey real, nominal or personal (1)realisation a/c (2)new company a/c(3)equity share holders a/c 227
what is profitability ratio and dividend policy ratio 159
what is the main difference between nse & bse operations 178
can i get exact salary of clerk in SBI. and i want to know about promotion details ..... 221
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