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If the supplier is register in tax department,but he is not charging vat, what is the reason, get me as soon as possible,    0  4
 What is the meaning of ADVANCE TAX, TDS Deducted and PREPAID Taxes ?     0  5
we issued the H form for the 1st quarter 2014-15 but in the 2A we posted the wrong TIN no of party and H form is also contains the wrong TIN No.if anybody know the correct procedure for correction of H Form kindly tell us.     0  6
what about the manapuram fm    0  9
Which Entry Contain all three accounts Principal(Personal,Real, & Nominal)    0  12
can penalty be imposed under sec 96 of vat act west bengalfor goods destroyed or damaged    0  10
If a company Purchased Cotton Waste.. it comes under which expense/ how to treat in account    1  22
what are the limitations of accounting conventions    0  13
if a company purchased measurement tape for office use .. it comes under which expense head     1  18
as  per partnership deed, salary to working partner is rs 8000/ per month (96000 annually), suppose if i have book profit of rs 50000/ only,then what is the procedure to give salary    0  18
about tally erp9    0  14
the client has running his business in a rental building and he built new room in same place with own money. can we use the expenses of new room in profit and loss a/c    1  26
What is ‘Dual Control’ in Master Records?    0  18
Why is an ‘Alternate Payee’ used    0  15
What are negative postings?What are Credit memos ?Payment Requests ?    0  9
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Un-Answered Questions
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is it necessasary to make a partnership deed 306
Name the Accounting Concepts 180
What is the entry for closing stock value reduction? 203
hi i m an mba finance fresher. i need an oppurtunity to grew up my life ambitions. please tell me what are the sources to fulfill it. i got distinction in mba finance in the andhra university campus..please suggest me or show me a way to get an oppurtunity in your companies 99
What is bond ? What is capital market? 162
Rules for filling Income Tax return for a MNC? 276
what is the meaning of written-off as goodwill written-off 511
Since minority interest is balance sheet item, and got brought foward figure, how to disclose brought forward figure in consolidation work sheet instead of we make adjustment on current year to show their share in subsidiary. 172
A computer purchased for the use of Branch & payment would be made by company. What would be the entry in the books of Branch ? 139
What is Accounting on Computers 158
what is mean by tax holiday? 152
can any body tell me the procedure to learn accountancy with easy tips.i.e., layman accounting policy and rules of debit and credit. 174
Please suggest the manual records needed to be maintained at NGO/CBO to record the transactions of accounts & inventory. Please also mention the need & purpose of each records/books 44
if sale aganst c form interstate sale.when i file the return party not give me c form then give by our company wich type panelty give me detail? 170
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