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for capitalized goods also buyer has to issue the C Form    0  2
debenture comes under which head in tally    1  3
Is electricity charges are direct or indirect expenses    0  3
Hello Sir, My Name is Shoaib, I am Novice in Accounting Field. I want to learn the simple & step by step, procedure to final my company account. Please Help    0  5
Whether Advance against property to be included in Loans & Advances while referring to section 185 & 186 of Companies Act, 2013?    0  7
Meaning of tax invoice    2  13
Daily announced price of Gold. this price is included vat ya without vat. pls give me solution.    0  6
hai sir, ice factory power bill how to enter in tally. means : we are paid monthly bill through bank . how pass journal and which head of account    1  11
How to calculate excise duty on mobile products?    0  10
Is a purchase return revenue?    2  14
What is the journal entry for drawing money from bank for personal use?    4  18
How to pass entry in tally for payment of vat penalties?    1  15
rate of vat on gold purchase local & o.m.s. & rate of % in sale local & o.m.s.    0  9
Correct Journal Entry of PF & ESI    0  10
Why Prepaid rent is treated as Personal Account?    0  11
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Un-Answered Questions
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how to upload ledgers in excel or word document 347
what is Calculation of Gross Profit Or Gross Loss? 450
Hi, I am working at Himachal Pradesh, there we pay entry tax for purchase other state. but now govt decide this tax will be deposited with Sale Tax return, now my question is that where column i show this tax or which challn i deposit this tax 1124
Pl's confirm me this entry how to pass in Tally 9.0 & Tally ERP.9 that if I purchase 20 mobile,30 phone,20 LCD,15 laptop from mangesh @ Rs.7000,Rs.200,Rs.17000 and Rs.14000 respectively on each. But I purchase by cash and 15 days later I sold half of the thing to priya margin of Rs.100 on each by cheque and rest i sold to minal on cash margin of Rs.200 on each. But I received cash 1 month later. so calculate how much profit I got by selling the products. 1512
EXPAND___________IMF 244
Expand-------NAST 239
what is cost audit? 316
Our company refundable ST amount but we dont want to refund amt but i want to adjust that refund amount anywhere 301
What is fractional code and how can i get a fractional code for a particular account? 295
Plz Ask from me New Accounting Questions. 280
If closing stock is given in adjustments, how we show in tally 9.0 ? 405
what is fbt@ ,sd @ 506
I have scooter , and its insurance expired for the past 1 yrs and i need to renew it ? how to , explain? 332
What is Going Concern, What is Dual Entry , What is Business entity and what are the names of Stock exchanges and currency of some countries, stock market related questions, Exchange rates, Banks and other informations 245
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