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when we give to payment for contractor what entry pass with tds?    2  1020
For the production of 10,000 units the following are the budgeting expenses: Per Unit Rs. Direct materials 60 Direct labour 30 Variable overhead 25 Fixed overhead (Rs.1,50,000) 15 Selling expenses (10% fixed) 15 Variable expenses (direct) 5 Administrative expenses (Rs.50,000 fixed) 5 Distribution expenses (20% fixed) 5 Total cost of sales per unit 160 Prepare the flexible budget for the production of 6,000 , 7,000 ,and 8,000 units of production    0  157
Q5 Prepare a Balance sheet from the following particulars: Gross profit =Rs.80,000 Gross profit to cost of goods sold =1/3 Stock velocity =6 times Opening stock =Rs.36,000 Accounts receivable velocity =72 days (year=360 days) Current assets=Rs.1,50,000 Account payable velocity=90 days Bills receivable =Rs.20,000 Bills payable=Rs.5,000 Fixed assets turnover ratio (on cost of goods sod)=8 times    0  196
Q A project cost Rs.6,00,000. It yields annually a profit of Rs.80,000. After depreciation of 12.5% p.a.but before tax of 50%.Calculate payback priod.    0  151
You are given the following information in respect of a company: Fixed cost –Rs.13,000 Variable cost –Rs.14,000 Net profit –Rs.3,000 Net sales-Rs.30,000 Find out: a>BEP b>The profit for sales volume of Rs.50,000 c>The volume of sales to make a profit of Rs.10,000    0  147
Calculate the current assets from the following information A>credit sales Rs.2,00,000 B>G.P.ratio 20% c>stock turnover 5 times. D>Current liabilities Rs.60,000 E>Quick ratio 0.75 Stock at the end Rs.5000 was more than the stock in the beginning.    1  367
How to make balance sheet, please advise me in details... Thankx    1  385
I have raised a Invoice of Rs. 78964 including service tax rs. 964 in month of April and service tax paid to Govt for April month/ We have voide this invoice in May'12 due to services cancelled by the customer, pls let me know can we adjust this paid service tax amount in our May service tax payable....and how to pass voide bill entry.....    1  401
how to reconccile account payable & account receivable.please provide best solution with example    1  577
how to calculate tds on salary.if the 500 employee work in my how calculate tds for each employee.    1  458
why we transfer wages and salary in trading a/c,and why we transfer salary and wages in p/l a/c?    1  638
how to know which item is contingent liability? and why it is not taken in treatment in final a/c....    1  320
For the assessment year 2011-12, ie., FY 2010-11, is there cess on TDS for Professional fees ?    3  464
Accounting basic rules with example relevant to day to day business wipro   2  440
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what is Journal Entries? 105
How can i do the entry of of service tax in tally. 215
Hello sir, i am assistent executive in partnership firm.i learn't tds return, sales tax return, service tax return and all accounting entry,reconciliation with customer & supplier.BRS. please guide me for more knowledgeble sectore in account. hense i reach become a good position in account sectore. 152
Define each Flexfeild qualifiers (natural accounts, balancing acc., secondary tracking, cost center) 190
what is difference between matching principles and accrual basis principles? 233
I wana give interview as a accountant what the question will asked by interviewer ??? Please suggest me so I can clear inteview. abhinandan 159
what do you meant by POP-up 173
what is special purpose ledger in SAP.. is it required to configure in ECC 6.0 since New GL concept is active? 298
Why service tax payable is not considered while calculating Wct Tds. 644
What is the meaning of Debt reconciliation and how to do debt reconciliation? 365
What is the GDP growth? 122
professional tax rate 367
what is the prime cost? and factory cost how to calculate it? 186
Short Answer on _______Appropriation 130
Do v call director in the partnership firm? 136
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