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what is the eatery for the prepaid expenses Eg: prepaid rent amazon   2  1951
What are the effects when intangibles and tangible assests decrease    0  371
What is mean by Asset area? hp   0  437
how to file service tax online through which website it can be don.procedure...? ubs   1  1083
define double entry bookkeeping    0  439
i had received an arrear 0f Rs.700000/- lacs for the period 1.1.2007 to 31.3.2010 and Rs.78000 for the period 1.4.2010 to 31.7.10 during aug'2010. my normal salary for 2010-11 is 400000/-. on what amount will my rent free house perquisite be calculated? i have also claimed rebate u/s 89 by distributing my arrear salary in previous years.    0  390
6, state with reasons wheather the following items are capital expenditure or revenue expenditure i, A factory building was constructed at a cost rs 1500000 a sum of rs 64000 were incurred for the construction of huts for storing building materials ii, rs 5000 paid for removal of stock to a new site iii, expenses incurred in connection with obtaining a license to start the business were rs 15000    1  939
v, An amount spent for inaguration of new factory building is A, revenue expenditure B, capital expenditure c, prepaid expenditure d, none of the above    1  1777
iv, A non -performing asset is A, Money at call and short notices b, An asset that ceases to generate income c, cash balance in till d, none of the above    0  328
3, SURVEY EXPENSES FOR MARINE INSURANCE CLAIMS MUST BE A, addedto claim B, added to legal charges c, added to administrative expenses d, none of the above    1  1461
i, transfer to capital redemption reserve is not allowed from A, GENERAL RESERVE B, PROFIT PRIOR TO INCORPARATION C, RESERVE FUND D, NONE OF THE ABOVE    1  2001
state wheather the following statements are true or false i, the issue of shares ata discount must be authorized by a special resolution of company. ii, operating or finance lease comes under provision of as- 13 iii, at the end of the accounting period the balance of "goods sent to branch account" is transfered to trading acount iv, for life business premium is to be recognized on receipt basis v, a banking cannot grant any loans on securities of its own shares    2  1264
Excise Duty is a tax and CST is also tax then why CST on excise duty while calculating to arrive total value of supply order?    2  1891
Q1.How depreciation deffer from depletion? the main benefit from calculating and recording depreciation.    0  315
what is the difference b/w carpet area,covered area and build- up area and how it is calculated.......    0  414
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Un-Answered Questions
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when charges PURCHASE @ 1 % TAX RATE ? 263
why should i hire you? what are your outside interest? what was your toughest decision you ever have to make? 314
in tally software payroll vouchers option is there for what purpose it is used ? please tell me friends. 436
What is general entries for Deffered Tax? 986
Give the balance sheet schedules ,what is differe tax, GIVE THE RATES OF DIFFERED TAX FOR THE YEAR 2008-09 409
is anybody attended interview in ernst&young for EMS PROCESS , pls let me know abt the written test and what type of report writing 394
How to pass an general entry for materials which are stored in warehouses?????? 428
how u can control stock issuing raw materials practical way..basically in ,y org we r using bin cards,barcodes etc but somehow need more concentration... help me frds.. 271
Dear Sir/Madam, Executive Trainee...Finance I had been called for NTPC Group discussion and GD please guide me for getting success in GD and interview... 459
If A Company pays amount thru bank for a supplier deducting tds on behalf of B company. Accounting entries to be made in company A and B 1606
where does the closing stock appears in the trial balance? 294
How tax deduction at source is deducted 300
what's the mean by Imprest system? Please give me Replay on this no. 9885789716 300
What is cenvat credit? 498
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