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Please explain subcontracting accounting entries in SAP with realtime example and amount. ibm   1  645
what is TDS    2  534
Central purchase is eligible for issuance of H form. Whetther H form can be issued against local purcahse also? What I came to know is : earlier H form can be issued against central purchase only, but after intoduction of VAT, department issued notification regarding issuance of H form against LOCAL PURCHASE also. Is it true? If true then please tell me about notification/ circular/ relevant section or law. Please look into the matter. Thanx n Regards    0  145
what is balance of trade    1  416
What is preferential order of payment to the following in the event of winding up a company? What is the correct order??? 1.Bank loan(secured) 2.Preference share capital 3.Debentures 4.Equity shares    1  589
what is meaning of secondary & higher education cess.    0  1506
how to pass journal entries for reverse tax on input tax paid    0  352
What is use of subject history in banking? banking   0  268
There are two Business areas 1100 and 1200. I need to pick 1200 b.areaonly While enter the transaction? could any one please post the answer for this. cts   0  98
difference between account payable and bills payable    1  553
What do u mean by sales tax and who are sales tax practitioner ?    0  190
what is the manual procedure for accounting    0  152
we are in contraction business, we purchase raw material and paid tax on related material, suppose we want to bill to our party in WCT?    0  180
what is the incometax    3  518
whaT is TDS? give the rates. Procedure for preparing the same?    1  450
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Un-Answered Questions
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example wrongly financial statments showing vat refund (under Advances) for the finanical year 08-09 , but present assement year after assement by cto given vat refund more than ledger showing balance then decided to every month set off vat payable to vat refund(advance) but more than recoverd compare with company and cto then what is the entry to be take. 359
If A car in Name of company got damaged. and total amount of its repairing is 15,000/- and insurance company give me 10,000/- of it. Balance amount we paid through bank or cash .Then What is the entry for this in books.Kindly mention Ledgers with their respective Group Head. 473
What is a contra entry 2122
Apportion Nett profit of rs 325600 among the partners A,B,C and D as per sharing ratios of 26%,13%,32% and the balance to D.Pass journal entry 152
In SAP FICO How many ways we are Procuring the assets in the Company? 328
What are the names of the codes which are needed for RTGS ? Payment and wire transfer respectively ? 159
let me know the meaning and Nature of cash 178
explain sales/purchase accounting? 244
Calculate the missing figures for company A. A Sales (TSR) (a) Total Variable Costs (TVC) (b) Total Fixed Costs (TFC) $24,000.00 Profit $0.00 Units Sold 1,000.00 Contribution Margin Per Unit (CMU) (c) Contribution Margin Ratio (CMR) (d) Break-Even Point (BEP) (Units) (e) Break-Even Point (BEP) (Dollars) $60,000.00 116
joint venture? 399
if a buyer paid full cst 14.5% for a redistrable assect then whatis the registration process? 232
I am a civil Engineer consultant. On an item for example Rs.100, I am adding 4%WCT ie., Rs.4 and I am certifying the contractor bill for Rs.100.00 + Rs.4.00 = Total Rs.104.00. But my client is deducting 4% on Rs.104.00 ie., Rs. 4.16. So, finally contractor is losing Rs. 0.16 on Rs. 100 which amounts to lakhs on the project value. Can you please guide me on this? Santosh Kumar 134
please tell me what is journal entry for salary: Gross Salary 10000 and net salary 75000. 627
WhatIs the limit of duty exemption in smal scale industries. 245
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