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How cess should be calculated. Is it calculated on assessable value of the product or on the sum of assessable value & BED.    2  1521
how to solved the shares qusionas ?    0  351
We purchased packing material against H form condition, without Sales Tax, Now against we want issue C form to party with payment of CST 2%, C form issue only Basic amount, or including CST amount? wipro   1  2390
Why does closing stock does not appear in trial balance? lcci   1  1721
what do u mean by excise duty?    2  1969
Differents between Equity Share and Preference Share Capital?    2  1384
Explain the features of Equity share capital? mnc   1  3446
i had taken one year gap in completing my graduation bcom should it be considered as backlogs i dont have any kt or anything else i have passed all exam in one trial wipro   0  385
How can pass the entry stock goods loss by fire or theft accenture   3  5839
an amount deducted from the catalog price for an item of merchandise is called?    1  4295
what is wct ? who take its benefit? e.g. we are works contractor, we are liable to take its benefit or not..    1  1810
We made full payment to contractor and forget to deduct TDS on that.Now contractor ledger is fully settled and we have to pass the TDS entries on that. Kindly guide rectify the entries on tds    0  485
What else ? This is the question asked to me every where every time while facing interview. I want to know is this a real question for accounting? If yes haw or if no How? I am really confuse.    0  281
how there prepare bank interview    0  298
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Un-Answered Questions
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plz send all previous question papers for SBI clerical post.My email id is 295
what is apply SI post 134
My name is Tasha actually I had put my file for Australia PR on basis of Hairdresser, and I have shown my qualification of 10th passed, but I done my B.Com with Accountancy, and presently I am working as Accountant,Now I want to put up my file for Australia Student is it possible, and my age is 36 yrs, I had already given my IELTS (Academic) and I have scored 6 bands, but its period has been expired,please give me some answer what to do next. 598
I am running a small business under labour charges. I purchase raw material paying tax. I do not have a tin no. In that case kindly advise How to file IT returns of my company and whether I can claim tax refund. 781
basic concepts relating to final acount 343
Hello Sir, Please send the knowing calculation of attrition rate? 566
plz send me the apptitude question papers of wipro 436
What is "Crossing the customs frontiers of india"? Please explain in layman language. 646
Journalize the Following: 1. The following were purchased on account: a. Materials $ 10,000 b. Office supplies $ 2,000 c. Small tools $ 1,000 255
What is Home Loan Modification? 462
Maximum % of Basic Salary 356
Recent banking question for 2015 interview for scale2 exam of sbm 203
Hi, Please guide me in the TDS calculation. I know the slabs.But I dont have much idea about the deduction part.What is the need of Bsic and HRA while calculating TDS.Also I heard that LIC, Rent etc is excempted from TDS.Please guide email id is Thanks in advance.. 295
What problems might be encountered if there were no accounting standards? 1217
What will be the entry when deduct ESI @1.75% from the employees salary?Same as in the time of ESI of employer part @4.75% in tally posting? In PF posting in tally what will be the entry ? 282
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