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what is the ct-1 sale? if ct-1 bond is misplaced what is the procedure for applying for new bond. visa-steel   0  255
How would the business ensure that he could not use the business cheque to pay for printing work he ordered for personal use?    1  478
bookkeeping, and accountancy,purchase procedure , Educational institutions ;, secretarial practices, Administratire and Academic rules and regulations in Government offices, Academic institutional , computer skils. etc    0  634
what is the capital gains genpact   3  2331
Our company refundable ST amount but we dont want to refund amt but i want to adjust that refund amount anywhere    0  120
what is the responsiblities for accounts manager?    0  146
what is the use of 2a,2b & 2c form in cst    2  950
what is the right process for input credit of Service tax. and on which service i can take credit.    0  116
Sir, Now, i am purchasing ply wood, board, and other material for my office furniture. But now the furniture is incomplete so what would be the journal entry for this exp. in book.    0  127
Please explain subcontracting accounting entries in SAP with realtime example and amount. ibm   1  672
what is TDS    2  549
Central purchase is eligible for issuance of H form. Whetther H form can be issued against local purcahse also? What I came to know is : earlier H form can be issued against central purchase only, but after intoduction of VAT, department issued notification regarding issuance of H form against LOCAL PURCHASE also. Is it true? If true then please tell me about notification/ circular/ relevant section or law. Please look into the matter. Thanx n Regards    0  148
what is balance of trade    1  423
What is preferential order of payment to the following in the event of winding up a company? What is the correct order??? 1.Bank loan(secured) 2.Preference share capital 3.Debentures 4.Equity shares    1  604
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is corporate assesses? 206
what is mean by traditional accounting ? 207
service tax 136
Q A project cost Rs.6,00,000. It yields annually a profit of Rs.80,000. After depreciation of 12.5% p.a.but before tax of 50%.Calculate payback priod. 149
How is the expenditure of developing a modified product treated? 152
What is the Finalization of Accounts? 125
whether octroi service charge levied on entry tax? and is service tax levied on octroi service charge? 45
What we have to post entry for payroll processing ? (Indian payroll) 302
plz can some one tel me "The concept of stock holder's equity and paid in capital". 551
Exapnd--------RAN 152
What are the general Ledgers? 165
You been asked to prepare a training class for completing expense statements. What points will you emphasize to insure accurate expense statements are submitted? 378
meaning of accessory for central excise purpose 814
what is CDD’s configuration 256
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