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why should we treat closing stock credit side in trading account , and why the reason the closing stock should not appear in the trial balance ? capital-iq   3  9086
your company by machinary for Rs 3000000/-, what will be the maximum term lean avaible form bank?    0  231
if we import purchase of $ 20000 /rs. 80. but when we payment the party the price of Rs. 50. then how we make entry of this type of purchase.    2  1386
classify the following into personal,real,nominal a/c-capital interest, purchase,drawing,sales return,outstanding rent,bills payable,club a/c, bill's receivable,bills payable,salary    1  4268
sir, i m working in an ngo as accountant but new. pleas clear my doubt in tally. suppose 'a' salary is 5000. he taken 3000 advance from salary and not returned. i paid a cheque next month rest 2000. 'b' salary is 10000, taken 5000 advance from salary and returned so i paid him 10000 total salary. what all to do in tally. is the following procedure is ok or not? banking   5  2288
Dear Sir, We are running a security agency. Please suggest us Notification No.:15/2012 service Tax dated 17.03.12 which is effected from 01.07.12 Please suggest how to raise bill on our clients.    2  1179
What qualification require for become a tax consultant ? what the future in this..???    0  964
How to split the company in tally?    1  994
How to take the closing balances of all ledgers into next financial year as opening balances in tally?    2  4333
How to group the companies in tally? cts   0  387
what are the entries for staff taken advance in tally? what are the ledgers to be created for this and under which group? and what are the voucher entries when the advance is refunded?    1  5671
what are the voucher entries for depreciation in tally and when? apple   0  755
I m working in NGO. we have taken loan from a person or other project in march and returned in may. So what are the entries in tally should be. what are the ledgers to be created and under which group? what are the journal entries?    1  1696
Suppose salary of march paid in april then what are the entries to be made in Tally in march and april and salary payable ledger to be created under which group? and salaries to staff ledger to be created under which group? What will be the journal voucher entry and payment voucher entry? tcl   1  4132
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Un-Answered Questions
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Who is to paid income tax and what is the procedure of filling income tax return? 398
Distinguish between straight line and diminishing balnce methods in calculating depreciation 240
If I have bought goods from a seller in India and finally exported it to some other country, my understanding says I have to issue form H to seller to get cst exemption. My question is wether Bill of lading is must to be given to seller or not bcos if I give bill of lading to the seller from whom i haave bought material confidential information will go to seller as bill of lading will have buyers details...pls guide how to overcome this issue. 411
How to pass an general entry for materials which are stored in warehouses?????? 476
why may types of accounts 393
how will you handle fairs in askening with the a high posistion person in a company? how will i develop my attitude when interviewed? am always scared. 430
How can you actualize cah flows of 5 years at 8% 331
on 02/05/2013 issued a cheque to third eye ltd of Rs.14000/- in full and final settlement against the due on amount 58
duties of bank finance manager 481
for giving the salary in terms of cash to an employee for what minimum amount revenue stamp is reqired to paste the vouceher? up to what limited revenue stamp is required? 989
I am maintaing books of accounts a Software Co. Kindly advise me Account Head of these exps. (Software Exps.,Internet Exps., Video Exps.,Server Maint.Exps.,& SMS Exps.,) Thanks 313
professional tax rate 521
I am working in govt. sec. How to make journal entry in books for Fix Deposit 71
What is written off? 342
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