Accounting Interview Questions
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What is Amalgamation?


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What is Holding Company?

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What is Acqusition?

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What is Consolidation?


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What is combination?


What is called Take Over?

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is outstanding items (either expences or incomes) comes in trial balance? if so how to treat them in financial statements

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how to treat payment or receit of gift in income tax returns


Any body please give me the model paper of capital iq and what they have given the questions and what am i preparing for written test

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what is accounting in automobile


what is letter of credit and how do you settle it

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What will be the position of the owener of the company?If the company liablites are more than company assets . a. solvent b. insolvent c. profitable d. liquidity

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what is the deffered expenditure

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What are the reasons for debtors outstanding showing as negative?


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What are reasons for giving credit note and sales return to customers?

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What do u mean by sales tax and who are sales tax practitioner ?


distinquish between liquidity ratio and asset management ratio


what is leverage n detail and tpoes of leverage with iagram?


what is cost accountinp


Whats the difference between merger and aquisition?


define accounting,scope of account , types of account ?


You placed an Order for some books but it was not delivered on time or the books were damaged, so are write Complaint Letter to the Shopkeeper about it.


Dear sir, I have complete in march 2007, for past 4year i am doing some marketing jobs in insurance sector, now i need to change my job in accounting sector, i have heard that by doing SAP Fico there will be better opurtunity in corporate companies.


what is the process of cenvat credit taken in service tax( in direct & indirect service)


what happens to each of the three primary financial statements when capital expenditures decrease?


Hi, Please guide me in the TDS calculation. I know the slabs.But I dont have much idea about the deduction part.What is the need of Bsic and HRA while calculating TDS.Also I heard that LIC, Rent etc is excempted from TDS.Please guide email id is Thanks in advance..


what is Tds %,Service tax %,Cess %,and ESI,PF %,and what is the use of this.


we can transfer stock between two firms with same name but prop. is different.


How can i prepare MIS report for Finance?


what is the basic difference between pooling of interest method and purchase method in amalgamation