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1.explain the accounting concepts ? 2.what are the objectives of preparing a trail balance ?    0  370
Can TDS(Tax Deducted at source) expense be called Selling General and Administrative expense in Profit and loss statement,Or should it be included under head Provision for Taxation    1  1786
what is the size of balance sheet ?    2  1478
what is addition of Opening Balance and net profit transfered from profit and loss account called    0  393
Whether unutilised CENVAT credit can be included in the net profit of an assessee for the computation of Income Tax payable if an assessee is following exclusive method of accounting?    1  1506
what is addition of Opening Balance and net profit transfered from profit and loss account called?    1  1173
A has to pay to B Rs. 10000 but C pay pay Rs. 10000 to B on behalf of A. What will be the journal entry in all the three persons. ibm   1  2928
what is liquidity crunch? karvy   2  3656
While issue of C form to the seller, c form can be issued on either before @ 2% CST or after @ 2% cst. If so, what is the logic.    5  2011
I want to know how to calculate VAT / WCT Liability under composition scheme and regular scheme at Karnataka    0  688
what data require for liability calculation under work contract tax composition scheme and regular method.    0  482
We have recd. work contract at Karnataka, now i want to know what is the WCT tax structure in Karnataka under regular Method and composition method, Is there Interstate purchase & Branch stock transfer allowed under composition scheme? How to calculate VAT liability under Regular Method and composition method. Which scheme is beneficial for us?    1  2669
ABC Ltd is a company. Can ABC ltd send debit note to debtors?. what are you situation to send debit note to debtors ?    1  1353
received interest on delay of payment of against of receipts accounting books will treat indirect income or direct income    1  869
cash with drawn from bank with issuing self check vide ch no.123456 how to enter in sap. please send answer anyone this is very helpful to me    0  347
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what is the reason for controls in an IS environment? 478
when charges PURCHASE @ 1 % TAX RATE ? 347
Your grandfather is 75 years old. He has total savings of Rs.80,000. He expects that he live for another 10 years and will like to spend his savings by then. He places his savings into a bank account earning 10 per cent annually. He will draw equal amount each year- the first withdrawal occurring one year from now in such a way that his account balance becomes zero at the end of 10 years. How much will be his annual withdrawal? 364
sir what is the depreciation and how to calculate depreciation as per company books, i need as per IT ACT, AND Companies Act give me clarification with example 297
Why TDS is not deducted on JSTF Contribution of Hinjewadi Industries Association? 417
how to get a job in stock markets for MBA-FINANCE? 521
accounting principles, accounting concepts,meaning of managment and financial accounting and cost accounting. 395
Exapnd--------RAN 373
If we use google licence in our office for one year.Google raised invoice annualy. so that on which section tds will be deducted. 461
what would you contribute for bhels growth 464
we given watches to Employees how to treat accountability what is the debit and credit, or any provision to be ? 440
what is the meaning of written-off as goodwill written-off 1744
What are Excise Duty rates for Fin.Year 2009-10 for Pesticides and Chemicals Industries. 681
what type of questions are asking for fund administration??? 1790
Transfer nett profit of Rs 325000/- to Reserves and Surplus 551
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