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what is deemed sales? how to calculated psu   0  422
wt is Bank Guarantee?wt the pr0 cedure of BG    1  1111
what is surcharge. when it is chargeable. show all information about surcharge    1  979
what is the meaning of written-off as goodwill written-off    0  1512
if v have contract with the Purchasers then on the purchase bill which has VAT, can v deduct TDS Contract basis under 94J    3  1028
If Buyer of Haryana purchase material like advertisement material from other state for the purpose of advertising & as a registered dealer providing C- Form to the seller den whether then what will be the rate % is it 2% or normal rate abc   1  912
We need to know is their any govt notification for VAT & Service both applicable for one item or single invoices capital-iq   0  415
What is RITC and how it is calculated?    3  6750
I wanted to know about the taxes in haryana on Software Licenses ( Paper licenses). what is the % of service tax and VAT. and the both the taxes is charged on Base Amount or service tax is charged first and then VAT is calulated on the amount with Service TAX?    0  400
What is the use of 2a, 2b & 2c form in CST ?    0  749
what is the minimum & maximum amount paid by company per day shoppers-stop   0  492
hi my name is nagesh,am working in constructions company i have one dout tally software purchase it is asset or expenditure.pls reply ASAP. mico   2  1062
example of SOP    0  374
what is meaning of SOP.    3  1501
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Un-Answered Questions
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where to show Preliminary expenses except "Statement of changes in working capital" in Fund flow statement? 1442
ten example of direct income 361
what is your achievements? 280
business sepsarate entity concepts 240
Does anybody know anything about BirlaSoft? I got a job offer, they sent me a contract to sign and return, but thank God they didn't ask for any money! But, they said they would send me a check in the mail. And as my first "task" I would have to use that check to order a bunch of accounting software, and I would need to purchase this software ONLY from the vendors that THEY provide. Is this a scam to just get money? I'm wondering if they "own" the vendor they "work" with and launder money that way. I asked the person who was getting my information, as far as my name and address to send the check to, Why would I have to buy software to install in my home computer anyway? Couldn't they just send me a link for the software to download? I'm afraid of the check being fake. Because, if I deposit the check into my checking account and it turns out to be fake, then I'll owe the bank all that money! Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks. 1155
What is T+2 rolli g settlement cycle? 388
we can add the no. of increase in shares due to exercise of options,convertible debentures,warrants etc.Why diluted eps is calculated separately? 334
what is the prime cost? and factory cost how to calculate it? 362
honararium for the month of march 2013 can be paid on 31 mar 2013 269
In Service tax Return ST-3 What is meaning of first Row (i) Service tax payable (a) Gross amount received in money (I) Against service provided Pls explain in detail 213
Paid office electricity charges Rs 15000/- and Ram partners residence electricity charges 1250 thr andhra bank cheque 264
How to calculate closing stock? I have opening stock of 72 lacs (average costing without tax) and purchase of 49 lacs (with tax) and sales of 101 lacs (without tax). What is my closing stock then???? Should i add tax in sales? Where all should tax be included and where all should tax NOT be included? Right now i calculated => 72(no tax)+49(with tax)-101(no tax) = 20 lacs. IS this correct? 615
How does the accounting treatment of a partner's salary differ from that of an employee's salary in a partnership? 264
please tell me questions asked in NICMAR for the post of accounts executive 987
whta is the current SBAR? Please provide the past rates from 1st january 2011 to till date. 717
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