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What are the steps in doing Finalisation of Accounts    1  2578
How the FBT is calculated ? what is FBT ?    2  1089
if we wrongly entered a payment as a receipt in cash book i.e 500000. then what is the difference in cash book and bank statement during the bank reconciliation.    1  1163
why should we treat closing stock credit side in trading account , and why the reason the closing stock should not appear in the trial balance ? capital-iq   3  9048
your company by machinary for Rs 3000000/-, what will be the maximum term lean avaible form bank?    0  231
if we import purchase of $ 20000 /rs. 80. but when we payment the party the price of Rs. 50. then how we make entry of this type of purchase.    2  1370
classify the following into personal,real,nominal a/c-capital interest, purchase,drawing,sales return,outstanding rent,bills payable,club a/c, bill's receivable,bills payable,salary    1  4245
sir, i m working in an ngo as accountant but new. pleas clear my doubt in tally. suppose 'a' salary is 5000. he taken 3000 advance from salary and not returned. i paid a cheque next month rest 2000. 'b' salary is 10000, taken 5000 advance from salary and returned so i paid him 10000 total salary. what all to do in tally. is the following procedure is ok or not? banking   5  2265
Dear Sir, We are running a security agency. Please suggest us Notification No.:15/2012 service Tax dated 17.03.12 which is effected from 01.07.12 Please suggest how to raise bill on our clients.    2  1168
What qualification require for become a tax consultant ? what the future in this..???    0  962
How to split the company in tally?    1  986
How to take the closing balances of all ledgers into next financial year as opening balances in tally?    2  4315
How to group the companies in tally? cts   0  384
what are the entries for staff taken advance in tally? what are the ledgers to be created for this and under which group? and what are the voucher entries when the advance is refunded?    1  5644
what are the voucher entries for depreciation in tally and when? apple   0  749
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Un-Answered Questions
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please tell me when co. owner invest money in his family members bank a/c. not any transaction came in business can we do this bank statement in tally ? 261
I want to know the Payroll Accounting Questions 849
I paid service tax double time due to web site problem for the year 2009-10, is there any chance to claim that amount if yes please tell me the process. thanking you. 348
how to fill tds monthly form i.e. form 281? 1965
What is Accounting on Computers 328
Pls. any body tell me the limit of deduction available under the all head of deduction seperately. 284
I wana give interview as a accountant what the question will asked by interviewer ??? Please suggest me so I can clear inteview. abhinandan 417
Who is the maker of the promissory note 265
What is the analytical way of accounting? 414
why do you want to work here? 364
Rules for filling Income Tax return for an Individual ? 348
How can I Proceed to my client regarding Advertisement Bill as we are dealing in advertising agency and also clear us can we deduct TDS on their bill? For Example we receive a bill from The Sandesh Ltd. of Rs. 50000/- and they do not mention service tax in the bill. So, Kindly provide the Guidelines regarding This Problem. 357
What type of question generally asked in Brokerage Firm ? 1077
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