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journal entries    2  1807
My firm issues a cheque for Rs 28000/- today towards Advocate fees to Adv. Mr X. After three months the same Adv. Mr X is paid Rs 25000/- as Adv.fees. How do I handle the tax part u/s 194J of the I.T.Act? Do I have to pay TDS on the first paid Rs 28000/- or ignore, or while paying him the 2nd cheque deduct tax on Rs 28000/+ Rs25000/= i.e., Rs 53000/=. Or on the other hand also pay Interest on TDS on Rs 28000/= for delaying the payment? Trust the issue is crystal clear?    3  2182
how do we pass the Entry for Reserves? and What is the Meaning of Surplus?    1  1508
how do we pass the Entry for Depreciation?    4  1525
Igave a cheque of Rs 25000/- to a Professional. Do I deduct TDS on Rs 25000/, then after three months I further pay the same Professional Rs 40000/-.Have I to pay Tds on 25000 Or Rs 65000/- or only Rs 40000/-,Have I to pay interest on delayed payment for Rs 25000/-?    3  2241
i want to know that i have issued c form on 07.01.12 to a party outside of state against period of bill on 2011 which c form has issued by the sales tax department on 10.10.10, it is correct    2  1028
What is mutual fund what is derivatives what is capital market what is TDS.breifly syntel   0  599
what is entry of depreciation in journal    4  1496
when contribution is negative, then how to calculate PV ratio?    2  2409
What is the procedure of submit bank guarantees and cancellation.    0  769
We have sales some items to our customer 4 yr. before and he is refusing to issue C form so, what can i do. merino   1  995
Which reserve comes on the debit side of Balance Sheet? tata   3  3186
Can anybody explain? what's consumeble items?    3  1619
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Un-Answered Questions
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how to do asset appreciation in sap? 356
What is the defination of job costing, batch costing and contract costing? 1972
If a consultant charged his fee n receive so can i pass the journal entry n how i can i maintain bal sheet 465
swagat staryed business on 1st jan 2005 with cash on hand Rs. 10000 286
We are a UK company selling electronic s/w licenses to customer in India. We have a PAN Number. Why is TDS being deducted on a product? Why is TDS calculated on the invoice value - surely it is supposed to be on Income and not Turnover? What is the correct TDS % deduction? 278
How does a bank or financial institution calculate COGS? What are the 'direct' costs of a loan or deposit revenue operation? 3560
What entry to be passed for Duty draw back as receivable 188
Expand---------PCDB 328
we have received TDS Certificate (Form No 16A) from one company, we have checked online credited but they not credited to us (online credit) can i refund that amount. pls send us letter format 3302
The following transactions relating to ABC Ltd for the month of 20x1 a) Services performed in relation to income recieved in advance total $1500 b)Supplies expense includes $400 of supplies that are still on hand at 30 June c)Interest accrued on the bank loan is 750 d)At the end of june paid rent for 3 months (June, july Aug) $6000 e)Credit sales for the month of June 2009 amounted to $50000. Past expierence shows that around 1.5% of net credit sales are written off as bad debts. XYZ ltd, previously notified ABC ltd that they have gone bankrupt, will be able to pay $1000, which was recieved at the end of the month. The provision of doubtful debt has an opening balance of $800. f) The owners of ABC Ltd wish to revise the balance of the provision of doubtful debts account to $3500. g) Depreciation of one year on the delivary van is $1500. h) On 30 June 2009, ABC Ltd sold an item of equipment for $40000 cash. The cost of equipment was $50000 and had a accumulated depreciation balance of $2000 REQUIRED: Prepare the relevant adjusting journal entries for the month of June 20x2 254
Dear Sir, Regarding for WCT, IF FORM DVAT-43 MADE FOR DELHI STATE.So Is there any Form availabe for Haryana State. Would request you to please let know Answer in Yes or No or which form is available for HR State If do you have any kind of list for same please have suggested me. 1928
sir i want to know that where we taken entry of sals return in excise in manufecturing unit tell me . 432
"Closed Period" method. our current company method of accounting is called the "OPEN PERIOD". It's time we'd like to use the "CLOSED PERIOD". What is the standard timing and detailed procedure for closed period most of the company have been used. Please advise. thanks. 364
Assets are held in the Business for the purpose of____________________ 314
what is core accounting? 563
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