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Where we show Service Tax Due ( Debit Balance ) in Balance Sheet? genpact   0  308
what is meaning of education cess?and y is it levied?    7  25943
what is outstanding expences give example    3  805
What is prepaid expences    4  1151
What will be journal entry for TDS deducated from an freight payment of RS. 15000.00 , applicable TDS rate is 2.266%    7  3863
How we will learn Sales Tax, VAT quickly?    2  1834
what do you mean by blue chip companies?    2  1776
A Company income 150000, and an indivisoul which income 150000 who pay more tax ?    5  1108
what is the SAT?    1  1188
What is the difference between Direct &indirect tax?    5  2001
What is FBT?(freingh benefit tax)    2  827
What are the criteria to avail lower deduction of TDS & why the lower TDS deduction certificate issued?    3  5070
where i can file service tax and when what i need to file service tax? genpact   2  1000
Is it correct to covered fesibility report expenses and survey expenses in pre-operative exepenses ?    0  190
There are 9 coins.Out of which one is odd one i.e weight is less or more.    1  735
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is the difference between vat return and return for remittance on value added tax. 379
deffered tax treatment in financial statements 158
1)How to calculate HRA in Income tax 2)Kindly give me Item list applicable for Tax deduction with their Amt limit and section (Ie Lta,grautity) 503
what are the tax exempted allowances? 393
can i get exact salary of clerk in SBI. and i want to know about promotion details ..... 219
tell me about a time you had to deal with a conflict between a licensed and unlicensed personnel and how handled the situation? 162
how will you handle fairs in askening with the a high posistion person in a company? how will i develop my attitude when interviewed? am always scared. 151
How to prepare HSD statements in tally 206
what is cost center & cost categories in tally 212
what is the use of accounting standards 147
differed tax liability 154
Any one can mail soft copy of Balance sheet,Trading and profit and loss alc.of a small firm or small co for study 377
what is finance what is bpo why do u want join a BPO types of process in BPO Company's 180
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