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How many types of inventories are there for a company ?

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How a company can purchase materials from any other state without a way bill ?

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When the closing stock will be reflected in trial balance & at what value

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My company has just bought a car. The breakdown is as below: cost of the car = 50000 Interest = 15000 Registration fee = 500 Road tax (first year) = 1800 Please show me the correct entries in the books Thank you

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What Is The Difference Between Bill and Invoice.

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If we can write Credit to cr. so why we can`t write Debit to Dt. or De. why we write it Dr.?

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What is the difference between Invoice and Performa Invoice ?

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What is the Meaning of E.& O.E ?

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What is the Meaning of Value Date in Bank Statement ?

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If A are issueing a Cheque to B when B will present the Chq. in Bank than what entry will be prepare by the Bank in Their Books ?

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What is Bank ?

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What is the Difference between A/C Payee Chq. and Bearer Chq. ?

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What is the Difference Between Simple Chq. and At Par Chq. ?

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Hi,Friends, I have a simple question in my mind that I have one head office that in faridabad and other branch in delhi,i purchase material in delhi for availing the tax benefit in delhi then i transfer the same material to head office(faribabad) agianst "F" form,i purchased material in delhi basic price rs. 5 +.42 taxes it comes rs. 5.42/-,my question is on which amount i should transfer the material from delhi to faridabad i.e 5,5.42 or 5 + freight(if any).kindly please solve my problem.




Any body tell me about VAT (Karnataka)shortly because, iam reading vat book but iam not able to understand that. if any body tell me shortly about karnataka vat, retursn, tax collectng, tax payment, CENVAT utilizing etc. pleseeeeee


Why service tax payable is not considered while calculating Wct Tds.


What is band and why the company needs this?


Who is called consignor


whether unsecured loans written off can be transferred directly to capital reserve without crediting it to profit and loss account


Hai iam a VAT Registered dealer am a manufacturer and am going to sell my products to unregistered dealers i can pay d 4% vat.. how can i make my bill format for this anybdy kno means pls mail me.


is WCT applicable one time? and what will be rate of WCT in UP State?


What exactly balance sheet depicts


What does my credit score mean?


I customized the tax procedures, after posting normal g&l (f-02), i got an error, error is complete lineitem display, its popup error message num, how can i find the message error, whats the t-code


when charges PURCHASE @ 12 % TAX RATE ?


please advice example of any single journal entry which include all 3 accounts i.e personal, real & Nominal a/c.


calculations of pf