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what is duties and responsibilities for clark working in sbi state-bank-of-india-sbi   0  494
How to change the voucher date in tally ? capital-iq   4  3444
Can anybody explain me entry for TDS receivable with example    5  22643
Describe the P&L Account?    2  2420
AOP meana association of persons which includes individuals BOI means association of individuals .so my question is how to recognize a client whether he is aop or boi when he is a associaton of INDIVIDUALS.I will be helpful to those answered my question    1  2508
what is real account and its advantages    1  1603
How the Entry passed for Loss of Payment    0  523
Where show the sales return of exciseable goods?    2  2577
Why don't show the opening & closing stock in Trial Balance.    2  3473
What diffrance between TDS & TCS.    2  2539
Describe the Balance Sheet? cognizent   2  3097
What are dormant deposits and which is the difference with dormant accounts? Thanks reliance   1  1746
proposed devidend is approved by .... options are: A.BOD B.share holder C.SEBI D.general body meeting    1  1210
our Consinor Vat rate @14.5%(revised rate) In pujab , is the same rate applicable in A.P. Ex:I have billed 10 auto tubes each @ 120/- = 10*120=1200 + vat 14.5% = 174 total bill value Rs.1374/-...can we collect 14.5% vat or 12.5%(in A.P.) vat from customer..    2  2778
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Un-Answered Questions
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Expand---------PED 256
What is the procedure to take modvat and its form number 885
What are the benefits ofparticipation in a depository? 434
What's the meaning of Preferential Creditor? 561
what is works contract tax? if a contractor made a bill as repairs to machinary 00000000/- service tax 12.36% on 40% on basic value Vat 5% on 60% of the basic value of the bill amount how can i deduct works contract tax? please suggest me? 526
What is Merchandising Accounting process 437
A and V enter into a joint venture to sell a consignment of biscuits sharing profits and losses equally. A provides biscuits from stock Rs 10000. He pays expenses amounting to Rs 1000. V incurs further expenses on carriage Rs 1000. He receives cash for sales Rs 15000. He also takes over goods to the value of Rs 2000. The profit on joint venture is 7 (a) Rs.3000 (b) Rs.5000 (c) Rs.6000 (d) Rs.3500 287
You been asked to prepare a training class for completing expense statements. What points will you emphasize to insure accurate expense statements are submitted? 515
I am running a small business under labour charges. I purchase raw material paying tax. I do not have a tin no. In that case kindly advise How to file IT returns of my company and whether I can claim tax refund. 817
What is Vat and how it is adjustable with input vat and what return form required for DVAT? 743
what is the primary of for-profit organisation 100
Provision for Service tax, Income tax and Sales tax 460
what is the core accounts 478
If any body have knowledge for vacate position for the post of Accountant kindly mail me (handling Accounting upto finalisation,Sales tax/vat,TDS,Service Tax,Excise tax and MIS. 369
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