Accounting Interview Questions
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How many types of inventories are there for a company ?

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How a company can purchase materials from any other state without a way bill ?

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When the closing stock will be reflected in trial balance & at what value

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My company has just bought a car. The breakdown is as below: cost of the car = 50000 Interest = 15000 Registration fee = 500 Road tax (first year) = 1800 Please show me the correct entries in the books Thank you

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What Is The Difference Between Bill and Invoice.

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If we can write Credit to cr. so why we can`t write Debit to Dt. or De. why we write it Dr.?

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What is the difference between Invoice and Performa Invoice ?

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What is the Meaning of E.& O.E ?

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What is the Meaning of Value Date in Bank Statement ?

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If A are issueing a Cheque to B when B will present the Chq. in Bank than what entry will be prepare by the Bank in Their Books ?

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What is Bank ?

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What is the Difference between A/C Payee Chq. and Bearer Chq. ?

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What is the Difference Between Simple Chq. and At Par Chq. ?

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Un-Answered Questions { Accounting }

please tell me the reconciliation format in excel


what is the reason for controls in an IS environment?


what is meant by transposition error


Hi...At present am doing my second year B.Com.I want to do Chartered accountant.Could you send me the details such as when i can start this course,levels of course,proceudre to start( training and prerequirement if any)?And also do let me know is it possible to start from madurai.Note: I wanted to start by regular classes not by distant education. Thanks in avance.


how to calculate and submit to the concerned authority of pf,esi,pt. explaine?


whats the sales tax slab and company's turnover professional tax slab


what are all the formulas used in bank to calculate their economy


treatment of Service tax and TDS


which date Entry Tax has been started by Himachal Govt. and Please let us know the which act under Entry tax comes


meaning of accessory for central excise purpose


intorduse your self ? what to say if iam fresher.


in which group under we will open donation and hamali weekly payment account or ledger


I want PTR Number and I am working professionaly related documents i have but officer asked me to bring any business commencement proof. here,I have no business? so what proof i will give to him.


Hi,when we pass a clearing entry of paid and unpaid tax how do we show the business area the way the business area can be there any change that i have to do in the configuration of this client wants that the business area also reflects when we post the gl.please help.


with out college degree con't we dc accounting job?