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what is capital market, stock market and share market? mellon   2  5981
What is transmission-cum-demat? mellon   1  3167
what is transposition-cum-demat? mellon   0  744
Can I freeze my account? mellon   0  299
What is the Technology used to carry out trades? mellon   0  2038
What is ISIN? mellon   4  3032
What does Pay-In and Pay-out mean? mellon   1  4035
What is a rolling settlement? mellon   1  974
How many times can one buy and sell within a settlement cycle? mellon   1  4908
What is T+2 rolli g settlement cycle? mellon   0  391
What Settlement details are required on the delivery instruction slip? mellon   0  2543
What do you mean by 'Market Trades' and 'Off Market Trades' ? mellon   2  10235
Process of the settlement cycle? mellon   0  342
Difference between a Fund manager, Investment manager, Portfolio manager, Custodian manager? mellon   1  5132
What is the concept of Loan against Shares (LAS) & ALBM? mellon   1  6890
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is the difference you can make by doing your course in the country of your choice 416
Is it possible to list only a portion of Equity Shares leaving the balance as unlisted? 1193
euro currency market 316
How can i learn shortly Tally from computer coz, i want to take a company Balance Sheet 225
What are the procedures for remitting WCT? 376
What is mean by Reserve on Consolidation? 10363
What is invoice processing can u explain it? 1164
How much is the tax & surcharge % against d-1 form. on cement,steel,electrical item,RMC, 785
what was the rate of duty i have to pay if i want to import 1) lubricants(engine oil, etc) 2) grease 3) v-belts(rubber belts used in machines, cars, etc) 409
Explain significance of Nastro and Vastro in accounts? 1721
What is pr ? why it is prepared and what is its purpose ? who is responsible for preparing it ? And on any fault in it who is liable ? And what will happen if fault comes ?And What are major reasons of fault ? 1045
under which ledger should i make opening work in progess and closing work in progress 334
I post Optional Voucher in Tally.ERP in which there is deduction of TDS is applied. But when I convert this voucher as regular voucher the TDS entry have to make again why so 351
what is the scope of business taxation in private company? 600
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