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what is Purchase Book & sales Book? eds   0  592
You are working in a Company but due to certain reasons you were not able to complete the work given to you on time, so to write a Letter of Apology to your Senior regarding it. eds   0  697
You placed an Order for some books but it was not delivered on time or the books were damaged, so are write Complaint Letter to the Shopkeeper about it. eds   0  471
What is finance lease capital-iq   0  283
What is wealth maximisation capital-iq   0  276
What is step by step procedure to file e-tds quarterly teturn ?    0  453
Under which Act( Com/IT) depreciation debit to P & L ?    1  1086
Hi Guys. Does anyone know any practising cost accountant in hyderabad? Pls help me. I would like to gain some practical experinence. Salary not an issue. Pls help me guys.    1  1851
If i have a company in India doing purchase from Shrilanka, If i buy in Shrilankan local currency and make the payments in Indian Currency At the end of year how shall i settle the difference Exchange money in Books of Accounts.    0  457
what is audit & activities of auditor? ferguson   0  489
what are the items on which excise duty is applicable??? does it have something to do with the turnover of the manufacturing..??    2  6869
• What is Window Dressing? mellon   2  1769
• What is LIFO & FIFO? mellon   3  1825
• Where does closing stock appears in the trial balance? mellon   1  2806
• What are the types of cash flows? mellon   0  457
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is BRS Adjustment entry? 1293
in Tally what is cost cenre,cost categori and why we need to prepare them 258
While finalizing the current year’s profit, the company realized that there was an error in the valuation of closing stock of the previous year. In the previous year, closing stock was valued more by Rs.50,000. As a result (a) Previous year’s profit is overstated and current year’s profit is also overstated (b) Previous year’s profit is understated and current year’s profit is overstated (c) Previous year’s profit is understated and current year’s profit is also understated (d) Previous year’s profit is overstated and current year’s profit is understated 176
the total of a firm id a rs.6.4 lakh.he has gross profit margin 15% curre ratio of rs.2.5 the firm current libility is rs.96000,inventry, rs.48000 and cash rs 16000. determine the average inventry of firm iss 5 times determine the avg collectin period of opening balance. 189
Short Answer on _____________Revenue Budget 238
What is written off? 316
What r the foll tax deductions for :- 1.TDS 2.WCT Give me answers in detail & give me some addtional info on these topics which would be helpful for me. 2950
how to prost entry for purchases with a bill 273
Fundamental accounting assumptions are (a) Materiality. (b) Business entity. (c) Going concern. (d) Dual aspect 186
What is c.s.t slab on furniture & fixture ? 351
Hello Friends, I am Vinod Rawat & want some tips of interview question for the post of accountant in a reputed company Pls. Given Examples. 323
what is book building 449
Volga is a large manufacturing company in the private sector. In 2007 the company had a gross sale of Rs.980.2 crore. The other financial data for the company are given below: Items Rs. In crore Net worth 152.31 Borrowing 165.47 EBIT 43.17 Interest 34.39 Fixed cost (excluding interest) 118.23 Calculate: a. Debt equity ratio b. Operating leverage c. Financial leverage d. Combined leverage. Interpret your results and comment on the Volga’s debt policy 254
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