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we have sale material to party and freight paid by us. This freight charged in sale invoice than what is the entry of service tax in this case.    0  335
Can we debit cess & H.cess From Basic Excise Duty    3  4090
Perpose of charge the excise duty?    2  1623
How to calculate excise duty? capital-iq   4  2511
a.what products does your firm produce? b.what costs are asssigned to the product produced? c.for particular product,what direct materials are used? d.what percentage of total manufactoring costs is direct labor? direct materials?overhead? is overhead assigned to the products? you now use or plane to use an activity_based management system?why or why not?    0  602
how we can access the Tax Deduction through PAN ?.    0  364
Diffeence between cash book and cash account?    1  2298
What is mero in sap fico.    1  1490
Alpha Co. issued to the public for subscription 40000 shares of rs 10 each at discount of 10%payable as rs. 2 each on application, allotment and first call and rs.3 on the final call. Applications were received for 60000 shares and allotment was made pro-rata to 80% of applicants. R to whom 2000 shares were allotted paid only the application money, and S who had applied for 3000 shares,paid the entire call money due along with the allotment. pass journal entries to record the above transaction.    0  465
why Prepaid Expense is treated as an asset & what will be its journal entry using golden rules of accounting.    4  4476
what are the procedure to deposit service tax?    2  1681
what is the last date of TDS retur filling    2  2133
Which Schedule must prepared with Balance Sheet as a supporting documents. breifly explain? like depriciation,debotrs,creditors    1  1601
you have get 100RS but no 10RS note is required & there should be only 10 notes    2  1490
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is the reason for controls in an IS environment? 447
Can u provided all the dues date and depositing date which are used in general manner or Income tax.. 53
what is core accounting? 612
What can go wrong if you have a balance sheet with a lot of debt? What can go wrong if there is negative owner's equity? What does a good cash flow statement look like and why? 879
Is there any change in the section 80E for the financial year 2009-10 459
Dear sir, previosly i worked with hospital there i maintain only accounts only in tally, but now iam change my company to manufacturing unit there they using accounts with inventory there when we open tally i finding more options why? 337
hi m freshe working as a account assistance. i want know about accounts, what is balance sheet, profit & loss a/c, trail balance? why these are require to company? how can i know about full account work in tally? what should i do everyday? how to finalisation calculting? kindly explain please.. 309
would gross expenditure vouch the correctness or otherwise of the given expenses? 339
Why in partnership fundamental question will add Partnership salary for the year and per month salry add in the cr. Side of the p/l app a/c 117
How do the standards assist the users of financial report? 656
could i know how to accounting lease intrest ? 326
Raj & Raj Ltd purchased a machinery on 01.01.1996 for Rs.88,000.The life of the machine estimated to be 5 Yrs.It was calculated that the old machinery would fetch Rs.8000 at the end of its useful was decided to replace the machinery at the end of the 5th year by setting up depreciation fund and invest the annual depreciation (along with interest earned each year) in gilt edged securities carrying interest at 5% p.a. At the end of the 5th Year the securities were sold for Rs.9000.As per the sinking fund table Rs.14,478 is to be invested every year.A new machine was purchased on 01.01.2001 for Rs.1,00,000.pass the journal entries and show the ledger accounts 355
what is general accounting 359
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