Accounting Interview Questions
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How many types of inventories are there for a company ?

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How a company can purchase materials from any other state without a way bill ?

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When the closing stock will be reflected in trial balance & at what value

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My company has just bought a car. The breakdown is as below: cost of the car = 50000 Interest = 15000 Registration fee = 500 Road tax (first year) = 1800 Please show me the correct entries in the books Thank you

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What Is The Difference Between Bill and Invoice.

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If we can write Credit to cr. so why we can`t write Debit to Dt. or De. why we write it Dr.?

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What is the difference between Invoice and Performa Invoice ?

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What is the Meaning of E.& O.E ?

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What is the Meaning of Value Date in Bank Statement ?

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If A are issueing a Cheque to B when B will present the Chq. in Bank than what entry will be prepare by the Bank in Their Books ?

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What is Bank ?

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What is the Difference between A/C Payee Chq. and Bearer Chq. ?

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What is the Difference Between Simple Chq. and At Par Chq. ?

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on the basis accounting,acounting is divided in to how many classes and what are they?


what is the deference between depreciation explanation


I was born on 4th may 1981 iam i eligible to apply for SBI clerical job vacancy


Cenvat credit transaction journal entries. And what does the term reversal of credit means


treatment of Service tax and TDS


in case of vehicle hired for staff pick up & drop for 1 month or 1 year, TDS is applicable ? if yes then which code is mention in challan & which rate is applicable ? in case of vehicle orner is personal or company which rate applicatble ?


1.tell me five points of check list of an audit. 2.what do you checking in statutory audit.five main points. 3.what do you checking in internal audit five main points. 4.which five major points checking according to caro.


service tax calculated on agreement value or market value whichver is higher for builders?


What is the New GL concept? how do you configure new GL a/c?


What are the Treatment & Implications in interstate sales transactions if party is unregistered dealer & having Exemption Certificate or exempted.


I am an employee in a IT Company. While filling out the form it prompts to fill - Details of Tax deducted at source from Salary (as per form16) and then it again prompts to fill - Details of Advance tax and Self Assessment Tax. if i fill both the columns, i get end result as 2 times of Tax i paid and a refund.


Whats the difference between merger and aquisition?


What doyou mean by assesment order? and for what purpose it will be passed?


What is export under ribet notification number


we are getting materials from outside the state and issuing form c to a local party, since the local party is consignee agent of party who sends the materials. what is name this type of transaction? is issuing form c correct and proper? please reply