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pre paid expense is a asset?where it should be posted. genpact   7  2946
How to get FIRC from Bank & How many days to take time inflow statments submation fo Bank?    2  2436
how to calculate LTA with out Bills?    1  1088
suppose we received goods from H.O.The sisterconcern received it.wat will be the entries if tge S.C.sells it from here.    0  128
how to account salary advanced from petty cash    1  290
how to pass entry of petty cash in tally 7.2    10  6127
My company was granted a bank facility of 750,000 for guarantee, performance bond, advance payment, retention guarantee and 100,000 bank overdraft. These facility amount was never added to the company account. a. What is the entry? b. Lien over fixed deposit for 50,000 to be brought upfront c. Lien over gradual buildup for fixed deposit 50,000 by transferring 10,000 monthly from customer's account to separate call account. d. After a month, we had an overdraft of 22,000. What will be my entry? e. After 3 months, we have a construction project and was asked for advance payment of 24,000 with a 25% margin? f. Another company asked for performance bond of 44,200 with 25% margin.    0  212
what is service tax    3  811
i m agent of reliance life insurance i have sold one traditional product of premium size 10,000/- rs and comission rate is 18% what will be net comission will be recd by me after deducting service tax and tds ? reliance   6  1776
what is service tax    3  815
If closing stock is given in adjustments, how we show in tally 9.0 ? genpact   0  282
in excsie what is the function of PLA register?    1  2414
Mr.x gets Rs66000P.M .He told that you donot cut any dedution from my salary.This is possiable please tell some useful investment    2  519
which type of questions did HR Manager ask and what are the answers bank-of-america   0  165
What is C & F Activity ? birla   2  868
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Un-Answered Questions
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when we want bought a new asset (for ex. car)how we calculate our income with the eye of income tax 145
What is the maximum amount to issue Form C to a dealer for the purchase of 40 crores in several bills in a quater? 1283
what is the amount withdrawlfrom other cbs branch by multicity chequ book. 114
Would you consider alternative vacancies if so which: 699
how to filing rt-1 215
Mr. A purchased a machinery costing Rs. 1,00,000 on 1st October, 2005. Transportation and installation charges were incurred amounting Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 4,000 respectively. Dismantling charges of the old machine in place of which new machine was purchased amounted Rs. 10,000. Market value of the machine was estimated at Rs. 1,20,000 on 31st March 2006. While finalising the annual accounts, A values the machinery at Rs. 1,20,000 in his books. Which of the following concepts was violated by A? (a) Cost concept (b) Matching concept (c) Realisation concept (d) Periodicity concept. 63
what is the Differed Tax Liability & How it is calculate ? 214
What are the Types of invoices batching? & what is 3 way batch? 234
Hello... i am looking jobs in investment banking, derivates and BRS and i apply nakuri,Timesjobs and monster. But i did not get the job. so if websites and ID. Please help me.. Thanking u... 260
why should we call profit and loss account in general we get profit either loss can we call that as profit or loss account? 149
Difference between Journal and Journal Proper??? 128
how to calculate forefeiture of share when over subcription 184
Can anybody tell when sbh dispatches appointment letters for Clerical for people completed medical and scrutiny of documents on 15/08/09? 231
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