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what is the diff between CASH CREDIT limit & margin. tcs   1  4453
What is f form and where it is used? itw-signode   10  18555
What id The Differed Tax Liablity    2  1878
about E-1 Form ?    2  1916
subscription charges paid to foreign firm, whether TDS is applicable or not? Because amount is huge    2  4277
please tell me how to take stock (not enter in purchase) in Tally ERP 9 in Case the goods recived against from FORM 38 The Company sent me consignment for sale on behalf commisson & after sale he want FORM F. so please tell me procesure of TAke the Stock in Tally for the Created Sale Invoice & Tax Invoice. Thank You    0  438
please tell me how to take the stock of goods in Tally ERP9 in case of Useing FORM F (Company Sent the Stock Send me against Form 38 & after sale He want from me FORM F ) Thank U    0  644
What is suspence a\c? why it should not transferred to the balance sheet?    4  3231
is India apply IFRS now?    1  970
how much is the salary for a BANK PO ? how much do you get actuly in hand?    1  1033
is there easy guide for the latest India tax & accounting information for 2010? hewitt   0  462
What is the difference between Issue & Sell / sale?    3  2134
is tds applicable on octroi charges?    1  8555
Three goals you wish to achieve in the next 5 years    1  2989
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Un-Answered Questions
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My question is that can i taken input credit of service tax of telephone bill & courier bill & labour contractore bills in exemption Area. 242
Received an order from Babu for the supply of goods Rs.200/-. state whether the the following transcation is business transcation or non business transcation? with reson or explaination? 267
Why you want to change??? 434
Why in a cash book receipts are debited while the same if received in our books recepits are credited. Why does cash book have a rule to debit receipts and credit payments. For example if am paying the cash that i owe the company or firm i debit in my books(cash) on the debit side and should credit in the cash book but i cant do that cash book take receipts on the debit side as per the general . please clarify many thanx in advance 434
Please answer me for the followings 1. i taken an office on January @ rent 28000.00 for one year and i paid 14000.00 as first payment balance will be paid on august. in tally how we post this and under which account especially balance 14000.0 under which account. 2.i have taken a loan from mr. A the amount is 100000.00 on January and the interest i need to pay on march 21000.00 the interest which iam going to pay is liability not a expense and it will be a expense in future, how we can post this also in tally and under which account. please somebody guide me who knows regards niyas es 186
What is c.s.t slab on furniture & fixture ? 375
company accounts introduction? 892
what is a reducing balance method and depreciation fund investment method and 2 diffrences? 756
What is the Formula For Return on Working Capital 534
what is the difference b/w gain and profit? 308
any one provide me mm & fi configration steps 217
what is contribution? how does it help in taking managerial decisions? 333
please send me banking question on my email ID as I have been selected for state bank of india .my email ID is 275
As an importer of goods through letter of credit, (payment is done through indian bank to foreign back), my question is who is liable to pay with holding tax when the payment is remitted to foreign bank, whether the buyer(importer) or the seller and why? 326
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