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3 principles of accounting    8  3985
please tell me last date of esi return by half yearly? 1.4.2009 to 31.9.2009 ist quater.........? 1.10.2009 to 31.3.2010 2en quater........?    0  760
if a company has opened its new branch in delhi ,so while preparing Balance sheet for that company we will be preparing depreciation chart. So i want to know whether depreciation chart should be prepared as per IT Act or Companies Act?    1  1605
please explain all accounting concepts n conventions in detail da-vision   0  541
hello friends i like to know journal entry for one loan transaction ie if you purchase a car for EMI with initial payment how to make first entry & monthly entry any thing is there? pls reply to me.    2  9288
How Will U Verify in Salaries whether TDS is deducted or not? bscpl   5  5377
computation of monthly income tax? example;-salary of male employee below 65 yr. of age the yrs inclusive of all perquisites is Rs.450000/- out of which rs.50000/- is account of non monetary perquisites and the employer pay the tax on such perquisites as per the provision?discusson above with reply    1  2764
If We Paid For Advertising Exp To XYZ Co,which Voucher It Entered?    4  2144
what is the financial year of providend fund? please tell me return form no. for p.f.and esic?    1  1198
what diff. between panelty and interest in d-vat.what is the rate of panelty and intrest?    4  3108
What is the QIS Report? what is the use of QIS Report in brief? capital-iq   3  42199
Hello Sir, Please send the knowing calculation of attrition rate? capital-iq   0  601
What is meant by forex P&L a/c.?    1  2459
dear i want basic a\C's oriented question. these are asking in mostly all mnc companies    0  370
How to pass entry for fllowing instance in tally or journal entry: Imported goods worth Rs.17,000/-.Invoice value is Rs.17000/- (its incl. Rs.6,000/- freight), duty for this is Rs.4500/- (its seperate).Kindly tel me how to pass entry for the above?    13  17113
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Expand---------DBPC 340
Which of the following errors are not revealed by the Trial Balance: (a) compensating errors; (b) errors of commission; (c) wrong balancing of an account; (d) wrong totalling of an account 484
what is article of association? what is memorandum of association? 621
what is a reducing balance method and depreciation fund investment method and 2 diffrences? 803
treatment of Service tax and TDS 456
what is t code of gr/ir report? 803
Sir Kindly tell me Where is the best institute fir SAP(FICO-CIN and New GL module specially) in Hyderabad ASAP. Regards Om 9910699167 557
record the following transaction in the various books of accounts F Black loan us $5000 paid by cheque. 1668
What are the accounting conventions and Practices? 561
when & how interest on unsecured loan is calculated? 354
What is the entry for closing stock value reduction? 704
Feature of Master letter of credit of Garments manufacturing company? 333
when the ABC's personal bank to to his business bank money transferred(paid) then how to pass the entry. 371
Explain about Fixed capital 435
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