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What Is The Entry Of fixed Assets & Which Ledger? How Many Entries Are Posted For 1 Transaction? If We Paurchase Asset From XYZ Ltd. & Make Payment.    2  2135
Which Entries Or Transactions Are Entered In Journal Voucher?    7  3049
If We Paid 15000/- For Advertising Exp To XYZ Co,What IS The Entry And In which Ledger It Entered? Is It Necessanry To Make 2nd Entry? Plz Discribe All.    3  2104
All Tax Experts We are manufacture assesses registered with the excise department or our office and works area are commercial on rent basis and lease holders charge service tax on rent or raise the invoice on same premises address can we taken credit of service tax, on input services and utilized in Cenvat Credit with Excise pls. Explain me.    2  1159
When we issue credit note for free goods charged in invoice, whether we claim sales tax from the dept.    1  1408
what is branch reconciliation?what is the Procedure of Branch reconcile step by step? hcl   2  12575
what is inter-company transaction? what is Inter-Branch transaction?    0  3764
why Balance sheet tally, why the Liabilities and Assets will always equal.(for a business man how does it helpful, if liabilities and assets are equal)????? Hope I will get the accurate answer Thanks in Advance.    2  2943
if Advance Tax is diposited by u Rs.200000/- TDS Deposited Rs.100000/- Assesment tax raised by It depart ment Rs.350000/- What will be the Journal entries?    3  3105
I paid service tax double time due to web site problem for the year 2009-10, is there any chance to claim that amount if yes please tell me the process. thanking you.    0  394
what is capital reserve? capital-iq   7  4105
what is a capital budgeting capital-iq   23  9673
Who has to prepare credit note and debit note? whether the account department or the concerned department like, purchase department, sales department.    4  3845
Please explain ASAP?    5  2082
Please explain about wages control account?    1  3152
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Un-Answered Questions
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how to calculate entry tax interest rate 2011-2012 assessment pending amt. is Rs.32000 67
Mention some of the major contributions made by you in your present and previous jobs 2719
please provide to us the rules of wct in andhra pradesh (Hyderabad) 541
i need to pay around $90000 to Mr.R and the agreement clause says that any amount payable as tax are not included in the amount.So how much i need to deduct TDS...?? 1267
What is the rule on a school who will be handled by anither school? How do I calculate the royalty per year to the school who will supervise a new school 414
if company give the purchase order worth of 10,000 (INR) in advance, but the seller only sell around 8,000 (INR)and remain ing Rs 2000 return to the company, so how to deal with this scenario in accounts payable in oracle, can u hide to me 273
what is a depository? 1038
Took goods from the shop for use at home. state whether the the following transcation is business transcation or non business transcation? with reson or explaination? 258
What is the use of form D in sale tax 287
What is the procdure for a Dealer which is register in Delhi, to purchase good @2% from other states, and what form he has to use to brings goods in delhi 106
We don't have PT, registration. Our firm is 7 years old. If we want to register, what should we do? Any body can help. 455
AOP meana association of persons which includes individuals BOI means association of individuals .so my question is how to recognize a client whether he is aop or boi when he is a associaton of INDIVIDUALS.I will be helpful to those answered my question 2468
If we use google licence in our office for one year.Google raised invoice annualy. so that on which section tds will be deducted. 451
joint venture? 588
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