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Suppose that a sub-contractor total work done for Rs.100 & he charged 10.3% service tax.Then total gross value will RS.110.30.On what amt you will (that means on total work done or total gross value)charged Retention@10%,WCT@3% & TDS@2%.    0  565
How Can Pass Credit Limit Entry If We Take Limit Of BANK I Maintain Of Account In Tally.ERP9 Than We Create Bank Ledger of Which Under    0  258
if some persons salary from company is 15000/- P.M. and he pay school Fee Rs 1200/-P.m. LIc premiun 750/- P.M. home Lones premium 2800/- P.M. then his TDs from salary is /Deducted month of december 2010.?    1  1055
In case of senior citizen maximum exption limit .    4  1507
What will be a entry for TDS deducted on Salaries, Directors Remuneration and Rent.    1  11390
what journel entry we need to pass if we get an interest from bank bank-of-america   10  3908
how many type of vat    2  2003
what is Service tax rate    6  2036
if rent paid by the head office of their branch than what would the accounting enrty and why?    4  3091
dear Sir, we have purchased Small & Big size blade for manufacturing extrusion machine rubber cutting . This input vat claim it or not ? Pls informe me Regards    1  1171
Dear Sir, we have purchased Poly Covers ( 360mm x 560mm)for raw material use.This Input vat claim it or not ?    0  540
Sir, I want to know ... What is excise duty ?    4  4050
How much is the tax & surcharge % against d-1 form. on cement,steel,electrical item,RMC,    1  985
What is quality discount?????//// pls mail ur answers at my e - mail ID :    0  389
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Expand-------CSNA 251
Sir, We purchased coal from NCL on CST basis. An incentive is paid on the basis of performance basis of NCL. NCL Raise there incentive bill for Rs. 1000+CST2% Rs.20 Total Rs. 1020/-. But As per Our Calculation, Incentive bill should be Rs. Basic 900+18 (CST)total Rs. 918. We argue and disputed and paid only Rs. 918/- . After Some time they also agree that incentive amount should be Rs. 900+CST but Now they revised the bill like this Basic Incentive Rs. 900+CST Rs.20/- (Original Tax value). And now they are demanding C for with CST 20/- but our pleas is that we are not liable for the mistakes made by the NCL and will issue C for for Rs. 18 Only. Now They are demanding C for for difference of Rs. 2 of CST. My Question is what should be the actually value of C form for CST ie. Rs. 18 or 20. considering the fact that we accounted only rs. 918/- in books and disputed is resolved after one year for basic value. 32
please tel me Karnataka vat,sale tax deposit from and return from 757
Since minority interest is balance sheet item, and got brought foward figure, how to disclose brought forward figure in consolidation work sheet instead of we make adjustment on current year to show their share in subsidiary. 300
can we do manual tds return file or r-tds is complusry? if we can do manual tds return file, where i have to go for return file. like we go to income tax department for Income tax return file in manula tds case. 736
why you would like to work for the our(AIRLINE) Group ??? 439
Dear Sir/Mam Please send me a return under delhi vat for learning purpose Thank & Regards Sonu Kumar 404
Anti Takeover policies 487
Do is it proper fo an engineer to head a bank without a good backgroud in accounting? ? 333
which report give the data of GL with materials details in sap? 275
what are the different methods of teaching share and debenture to pre degree students 306
Define `Realisation` Account? Explain the salient features? 998
hi guys, pls refer me how to preppare for Indian Bank exams. 352
Apportion Rs 125000/- Nett loss among the partners A,B,C as per their sharing ratios 32%,16% and the balance to C. Pass journal entry 368
Expand---------SDRT? 239
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