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Loan or gift from NRI for business?    1  601
Advance given to wife for buying a property ; tax treatment?    2  465
Non payment of service tax?    1  502
Service tax on rent (immovable property)? reliance   1  812
what is general accounting? cap-gemini   3  1334
what is the meaning of ratio? Types of ratios? boa   1  1263
Pl inform me the details of TDS,VAT,Service Tax & other Statutory Deductions related to individual and companies.    1  506
what is meant by dearness allowance? wipro   1  1097
how to calculate tax for the income earners wipro   0  136
What would be journal entry for--Encashed a bank draft belonging to X? Ans as given in textbook is Bank account debit to Cash account credit.......But shouldnt it be Cash account debit to Bank account credit...Wat do u guys feel??And do explain ur answers..Thnx in advance    0  362
why bank accounts are not coming in profit and loss account ? tata   4  1021
what are the slab rate for F Y 2010-11    0  292
what is the path of insurance calculation? capita   0  344
2. A budgeted profit statement of a company working at 75% capacity is provided to you 2 below, Sales 9,000 units at Rs. 32 Rs. 2,88,000 Less: Direct materials Rs. 54,000 Direct wages 72,000 Production overhead: fixed 42,000 variable 18,000 1,86,000 Gross profit 1,02,000 Less: Administration, selling and distribution costs: fixed 36,000 varying with sales volume 27,000 63,000 Net profit 39,000 You are required to: (a) Calculate the breakeven point in units and in value. (b) It has been estimated that: (i) if the selling price per unit were reduced to Rs. 28, the increased demand would utilise 90% of the company's capacity without any additional advertising expenditure, and (ii) to attract sufficient demand to utilise full capacity would require a 15% reduction in the current selling price and a Rs. 5,000 special advertising campaign. You are required to present a statement showing the effect of the two alternatives compared with the original budget and to advise management which of the three possible plans ought to be adopted, i.e., the original budget plan or (i) above or (ii) above. (c) An independent market research study shows that by spending Rs. 15,000 on a special advertising campaign, the company could operate at full capacity and maintain the selling price at Rs. 32 per unit. You are required to: (i) Advise management whether this proposal should be adopted.    0  274
1. During the current period, ABC Ltd sold 60,000 units of product at Rs. 30 per unit. At the beginning for the period, there were 10,000 units in inventory and ABC Ltd manufactured 50,000 units during the period. The manufacturing costs and selling and administrative expenses were as follows: Total cost Number of units Unit cost Rs. Rs. Beginning inventory: Direct materials 67,000 10,000 6.70 Direct labour 1,55,000 10,000 15.50 Variable factory overhead 18,000 10,000 1.80 Fixed factory overhead 20,000 10,000 2.00 Total 2,60,000 26.00 Current period costs: Direct materials 3,50,000 50,000 7.00 Direct labour 8,10,000 50,000 16.20 Variable factory overhead 90,000 50,000 1.80 Fixed factory overhead 1,00,000 50,000 2.00 Total 13,50,000 27.00 Selling and administrative expenses: Variable 65,000 Fixed 45,000 Total 1,10,000 Instructions: 1. Prepare an income statement based on the variable costing concept. 2. Prepare an income statement based on the absorption costing concept. 3. Give the reason for the difference in the amount of income from operations in 1 and 2.    2  509
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is tax avoiding? 222
Dividends are usually paid as a percentage of ______ (a) Authorized share capital (b) Net profit (c) Paid-up capital (d) Called-up capital 50
Do is it proper fo an engineer to head a bank without a good backgroud in accounting? ? 129
what is an advance against expenses 424
Prepare a trial balance from the following :- Particulars Amount Particulars Amount Rs. Rs. Purchases 8225 Premium on lease 1200 Wages 1025 Loan on mortgage 2500 Sales 12450 Plant & machinery 2000 Arun's capital 13500 Provisn for doubtful debts 300 Stock on 1/1/98 1500 Sundry debtors 16550 Salary 410 Trade charges 200 Rent & taxes 162 Bad debts 200 Sundry creditors 2572 214
Where do we show "Dividend paid in FFS ,either in FFO or in FFS? what is teh concept behind? 127
a company recive 5 demand draft in different parties 2 DD sumittted to bank for collection and it's collected. what is the closing entry of other 3 DD in the company on that date? 103
My balance sheet is tallied. But there is a difference of RO 1 in cash flow. How to adjust ? 168
accounting & audit system of film production enterprises 441
How to group the companies in tally? 115
what is the difference between profit center area and business are.? please make me clear. 173
what is investment banking 164
Comments Elements in accounting 149
what data require for liability calculation under work contract tax composition scheme and regular method. 239
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