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what is difference cash flow and fund flow with example maersk   0  1659
what is mis    1  1463
M paying salary of Rs. 22500/-, 21500/- & 17500/- to my employees, frm June 2010. I still have not deduct TDS from their salary. I have not applied for TAN No. M also paying rent of Rs. 50,000/- pm. And also have not deducted TDS on it. What should I do now?    0  824
how i get h form    0  665
WHAT IS SAP????    1  2373
I made donation which is covered u/s 35 (1)(ii)    3  3646
how can i settle the party ac with cr & dr    0  456
what is equity capital. what is authorised capital. What is debentures. what is paid-up capital. dell   3  3703
tds,pf,esi,edcation.callculation, and salary preparation    3  2170
How can i get GR form (GR No.) for Exports ? please give me a link of website with steps ?    0  1093
i read in andhra bank recruitmentin that i saw english languages marks are eligible what is that eligible mark    0  611
When and how Wct is applicable on Labour Job Work and what is the percentage?    0  1378
plz can some one tel me "The concept of stock holder's equity and paid in capital".    1  1286
when i worked finalisation of a firm during 2006-07under kerala vat act in 23-9-06 there is a advancesales tax RS 2170 paid by firm and inthe same month vatpayable is rS.5201 the advance tax is deducted from vatpayable that is 5201-2170=3031 is the vat payable during the month. what are the entries passed in computerised accounting during finalisation in this case please explain    1  1132
please proovide the answers for the reasons for the differences of cash book and pass book    3  1534
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is the minimum & maximum amount paid by company per day 587
a bill for Rs.250 accepted by pritam, a costomer was passed through bills payble book (what will be the correct entry) 442
Hello to every body ... Its not its not a interview question In accounting field can we make Money ? 311
what is debit/credit note ? what deffered income and expencess? 759
which is the first liability for pay Service Tax to GOvt 361
what is the entry for goods sent from one factory to another under inter branch transfer sale of the same compny and what should be the valuation for this purpose? 450
what is use of cost category ? which type is useful in accounting work ? give answer with solid example because iam slow learner in accounting line. 305
can u let me know how the bankers calculate interest on O.D.account 380
Please provide me the entire format of P.F. & ESI 459
what do you mean by financial analysis and technical analysis ? 631
can any one tell me what kind of qns are asked in gail entrance test. i m apearing for the exam of accounts & finance. please let me know the ans on my id 295
how will you adjust voluntary seperation payment in cash flow statement 292
How treat TDS & TCS in manual or Tally 9 softwere ? 2039
what about case study 449
what is balancesheet adjustment a/c. what is the use of this a/c in sap fico 758
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