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Define elaborately what is DIVIDEND    2  560
what is ccr rate ibm   2  1040
What will be the Journal entry for these transaction- Sold goods costing Rs.20,000 for Rs.30,000 on cash ica   3  1404
please explain the uses of internate protocol address(ip add)?    0  179
What is the method of Calculation of Deffered tax as per AS -22? Which income is included in calculating Deffered tax? Net profit or Sales for calcultion? ernst-young   4  2754
What is the meaning of Stock valuation, and how ?    2  1105
when dissoluction of firm why investment flchuationfund subtrect from book value    0  148
How entry of Dues bills [in which account] in Tally ? ibm   3  1065
Scope and nature of Accounting    0  307
Outstanding bills entered under which groups in tally ?    2  1311
Why Copyrights,patents,goodwill etc.etc. falls under real account and not nominal or personal account? I know anything which affect trading & Profit & Loss accounts are nominal accounts.And the above do not affect the Trading or P/L accounts but on the other hand they are intangible and neither can they fall under real accounts as Real accounts are those that are not personal and they are tangible. Again in another way if we see, Patents, Copyright ,Goodwill etc. etc. kindoff acts as a representative of a person or a company like in the same way as a Bank or Company name,so they can they not fall under Personal Account??    1  989
What are the following types of accounts falls under in Accountancy? Can you please classify the following whether they are nominal ,real or personal account ? 1)sales tax account 2)Debtors account/Creditors account 3)Bank Overdraft account 4)Bills Payable Account/Bills receivable Account 5)Stationery Account 6)Purchase account 7)Loan Account infosys   2  368
want to know the questions and answers frequently asking in banks at the time of interview for any cadre    0  163
using examples, examine the relevance of the following as final accouting adjustments; 1.reserves 2.provisions 3.disposal of assets 4.control accounts    0  185
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Un-Answered Questions
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What are events occuring after the balancesheet date? 209
Expand MNS 185
Ledger Is The Principle Book Of Accounts In Business. Do You Agree For It. Comment On Your Confirmation? 143
Gross salary is 762000, PF deducted 38000, ESI deducted 6700, TDS deducted 6000, Advance deducted from staff 12000, net salary sent to bank 699300. How do we enter journal in Tally 7.2 8
in a every intervew asking one common question why you are living current employer, which is the best answer 358
how to prepare brs statement for company in tally 665
What is the working formula for Working Capital Turnover 190
3.In TALLY,we used to call tally erp that,in sap we used to call SAP ECC what is ECC?,i know the abbreviation of ECC.i want to know the role of ECC? 166
state (5) accounting concepts and give 1 example of each 187
While selling fertilisers can we charge VAT on excise duty. 145
would gross expenditure vouch the correctness or otherwise of the given expenses? 179
What elements of your job do you find most difficult? 679
professional tax rate 364
does MIS reports are used in Tally n Focus software? if yes how it is used in focus software? for AR n AP 284
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