Accounting Interview Questions
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Un-Answered Questions { Accounting }

in our co we are sales of good to branch in order sales+fright, branch made jv entry in own book as full amount debit and credit. now our book show sales without freight but branch shows including freight that why differences is arise due to wrong entry passes pls clarify this entry and this entry is done last year book now balance is finalize.


What do we mean by Redemption of shares and debentures?


What z d diff of accounting principle,accounting standard,accounting rules,accounting procedures,accounting concepts??????


iam working with tally ERP.9,but iam dont prepared reconciliation,trial balance,profit&loss,balance sheet etc.bcoz all these activicties done in head office.plz give me citeria where iam prepared.


Sir, in CEntral excise we need to pay some amt with interest ex.13815 amt for 66 days how to calcualte this?


What is the content of purchase order? n content of voucher? what is the main use of voucher.


Whether We can Get the Refund of Service Tax Paid Wrongly to the department.We are not suppose to pay the tax and we knew after that we can adjust that servies tax what we have collected from our client aganst services received from our suppliers.


if cheque bounced what we received from customers and payed to bank what entry should we create in single entry system


how to calculate of FBT with example & what is Rate


how to calculate tax for the income earners


what is the circle of tds and its rate chart


types of inventory


bill to addres? ship to addres? rimit to address?


I am maintaing books of accounts a Software Co. Kindly advise me Account Head of these exps. (Software Exps.,Internet Exps., Video Exps.,Server Maint.Exps.,& SMS Exps.,) Thanks


What do u mean by sales tax and who are sales tax practitioner ?