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capital 2000000,sundry crediors 75000, building 150000    3  423
how history is helpful for banking? state-bank-of-india-sbi   0  169
What would be the TDS Payment entry after deducting TDS using TDS helper?    2  872
what is mercentile system in accounting    1  469
Fixed Assets Depreciation Rats ?    4  744
What is the Mean of TDS,Benefits of TDS,Demerits of TDS? capital-iq   1  3177
sorry this is my personal. But i want to be share because i am confusing stage. This is not related any interview question first in my schooling i studied telugu mideam. After my i joined CA but i didn't pass but i vasted 4yrs. After i did MBA still i am not fluentcy in english i learned 30% english if i will go interviews or not ?    2  546
can we deduct the tds on purchase of computer, server?    8  3265
what is the differance b/w direct & indirect exp    2  1128
1. what is the last date for payment of tds for the month of March? 2.Will the due date differs for each assessment years? if so what is due date for payment of tds for March Month for the Assessment year 2008-09?    2  1363
plz tell me Vat Return & Vat Forms    2  739
We have a registered dealer under APVAT Act. Our company is manufacturing & marketing of seeds. seeds exempted under vat. recently we have purchased machinery for our new plant construction, against c form. now sales tax dept.not giving the c forms, because our final product is exempted, we are not eligible for c forms. kindly clarify.    0  194
What is actual meaning or procedure of Revenue recognistion in SAP FICO Module?? Why we use VF44 TCode in RR run ??    1  738
What is diffrence between direct & Indirect Exp.    3  991
what is the last date for payment of tds for the month of March - for the last three assessment years?    1  545
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Un-Answered Questions
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Type of form use in sales Tax 177
Dear All, Please reply ASAP. I have an account with SBI and ICICI bank. I have mention the Authorised bank address of SBI in our Shipping bill and GR. But we have received the Payments in ICICI Bank. Please inform who are able to realise the Bank Realisation Certificate (BRC)ICICI or SBI. Can SBI are quolify for refuse for BRC Application. Please reply of this query on regards Kalpesh Jani 9978912950 329
Who is the maker of the promissory note 160
why you would like to work for the our(AIRLINE) Group ??? 179
1)How to calculate HRA in Income tax 2)Kindly give me Item list applicable for Tax deduction with their Amt limit and section (Ie Lta,grautity) 519
What do you mean Business 148
differences between liabilities and assessts 459
tell me about roll model as father 215
what is Accounting Standers? 212
Why company issue shares at discount as its a loss ? 189
what is your opinion regarding T.V shows on youth 157
What problems might be encountered if there were no accounting standards? 382
Expand--------SOT 175
Dear All, We are a trader and doing one E-1 sales. Supplier send the material by To-pay basis, we endorse the LR and sold to Customer. Customer has given the purchase order for Basic amount and freight amount also. That means we have to pay the freight and getting the reimbursement from customer. In E-1 sales Invoice can we show the freight amount separtely as freight ? Since the customer need the freight head should be shown separetly. Or can we raise the separate debit note for this. Is it create any tax implifications in E-1? Please claify the same at the earliest. regards Regards Thananjeyan.P 649
if a person is investing rs.100 per month for 11 months of a year,how much ammount of annuity he will be paid at the end of year? 77
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