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IF a vendors charges WCT @8.75% what is the rate of TDs to be deducted against that? & can we take the Input of it?    1  2190
when wct@8.75% is charged from the vendor. How much TDS has to be deducted against it??    0  963
My question is why we debit the input tax, and cradit the output tax. wt is the logic and wt is the principal behind it adil khan( CA STUDENT)    2  2072
I am running a small business under labour charges. I purchase raw material paying tax. I do not have a tin no. In that case kindly advise How to file IT returns of my company and whether I can claim tax refund.    0  756
Why in SAP external number range should be selected for depreciation posting . any specific reasons for that explain me? Raj ibm   0  499
what are the types of leverage ratios?    3  5576
What is the difference between Target and Budget?    1  8763
what is bill payable?    3  1481
Can we sale materials to interstate unregister dealer    2  1535
We have a constructed a goverment approved textile park in year 2007. will we have to pay Service Tax on that Construction Service?    0  359
When their is one pick point and four unloading places with in same district their is need to write four number of way biils    0  284
how to read balance sheet ? and at first which thing you see in balance sheet ?    3  2337
why did u lost ur lost job? genpact   1  1339
What is the full form of EDLI?(related to EPF...) gil   4  12868
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Un-Answered Questions
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I we take computer and laptop on rent basis the vendor charge 5% vat bill then we should deduct TDS for them @2% or 1% 77
What is the GDP growth? 351
a company sold an equipment for $8600, but the actual book value of the machine was $8000, pass journal entry 3549
pl send me SBI previous question papers for clerical post to my email id 327
What is chart of accounts 554
bank exam paper 488
is WCT aplicable on educational institutions also?????? 231
What is functional area,trading partner in sap fico 93
plz tell me the finance questions asked in hsbc latest question asked in hsbc? 253
How does the ration analysis help in depicting profit and loss 401
What do you know about KPMG? 2328
what was the rate of duty i have to pay if i want to import 1) lubricants(engine oil, etc) 2) grease 3) v-belts(rubber belts used in machines, cars, etc) 428
Please note that all the question related to VAT is belongs to pune, maharashtra. waiting for quality reply. 353
Your grandfather is 75 years old. He has total savings of Rs.80,000. He expects that he live for another 10 years and will like to spend his savings by then. He places his savings into a bank account earning 10 per cent annually. He will draw equal amount each year- the first withdrawal occurring one year from now in such a way that his account balance becomes zero at the end of 10 years. How much will be his annual withdrawal? 343
what is use of cost category ? which type is useful in accounting work ? give answer with solid example because iam slow learner in accounting line. 260
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