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Why Capital IQ? capital-iq   1  674
What is Service Tax, what percentage it was deducted in shipping company.    1  680
Please tell me the rate of service tax of Transportation and the who is liable to deposit the Service Tax, the receiver of service or provider the service    0  362
Can any One Plz Help Me with TDS Charts & Filling? Plz Send Me All Details to My email Id: Plz Its Asked to Me In My Interview Held In Coming 2 Or 3 Days    0  164
why i want to join Hawkins company hawkins   0  142
What is the WCT? Why deduct the WCT the client.?    3  1078
what is f form & please give me some examples when this is used    5  1154
Does shareholder's loans (Unsubordinated)form part of a company's net worth?    1  255
Capital employed    3  691
what is the meaning and abservation of EBITDA    3  708
what is differenct between capital expenditure and revenue expenditure?    4  851
what is cash flow statement and fund fund flow statement    2  725
1)What will be the journal entry for these? a) Salary paid to Ganesh b)Sum of Rs 200 realized for sale of old furniture 2)Goods sold on credit for Rs 100    3  710
What will be the journal entry for the following - 1)Goods purchased from Mohan for Rs 5000 2)Goods purchased from Mohan on credit Rs 3000 3)Salary paid to Mohan 4)A sum of Rs 120 is realized on the sale of old furniture    8  2729
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Un-Answered Questions
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Guest expenses Rs 5500/-on behalf of partner Aravind was written as Hospitality. Rectify it 169
what's accounts payable 4210
sir i am working consruction company.we have 4 projects in varrious places.i enter attendance in payroll by project wise.if enter autofill salaries combained all projects.i want individual salaries base on attendance feeding method.because staff are changing in one project to another project offenly.please explain method 122
fiscal year variant Vs posting period variant 91
describe the rule of garner vs murray and how it relates to the dissolution of a partnership 794
Aravinda Financiers sanctioned a loan of Rs 250000. A cheque was sent after adjusting processing charges Rs 247250 Pass necessary entry 141
what is dividend? how do the use an accountancy? 221
How treat TDS & TCS in manual or Tally 9 softwere ? 763
the TDS rates and Income rates are equal in calculation of the salary and please send the IT slab rates for the employees and comapnies. 329
when form h, form d, form 38, form h issu , what is the process of get it , who is the liable to get it , any % tax apply against issu this form, please give me answer on my e.mail 361
What is the Assets & Liabilities? 122
what would you contribute for bhels growth 123
Q A project cost Rs.6,00,000. It yields annually a profit of Rs.80,000. After depreciation of 12.5% p.a.but before tax of 50%.Calculate payback priod. 148
WhatIs the limit of duty exemption in smal scale industries. 244
What is the difference between Deffered Tax Assets & Deffered Tax Liabilities 196
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