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what is service tax rate for company/ indivisual?    1  1150
what is current rate of excies duty for a manufacturing company?    0  415
How do we use C-Form.    5  11412
While depositing cash at any bank above then Rs 50K, we need to provide PAN Card or we have to fill form 60, but tell me why a person needs to sign FORM 60 if he is paying installments of >50K of Loan availed by him/her earlier? As if he is repaying Loan, not depositing in his A/c? banking   0  1857
HP EMPLOYYES - If any one in HP company, Please give refernce for attend the Accounting Job in chennai,Bpo- chetpet.If any one Worked there Please,Send mail to me have 1 year exp in banking sector, & 8 months exp in accounting in SIEMENS, at present I'm searching for a job.If any person see this mail,Kindly send mail to me. Thank U Friend. hp   0  512
I have interview in Accenture,already anyone attend the interview, kindly gave some information about accounts interview & also about the company. accenture   0  646
hi, this is shanthi kumar(M.Com). i would like to attend interview in genpact company.please send finance interview questions and interview details. thank u very much genpact   0  317
What is the difference beteen service tax & Excise Duty ?    1  2876
How the Depreciation will calculate in Company?    0  486
How you will treat purchase of phones & software CD's in Tally. what are the heads for both.    3  2274
Can a company deduct TDS & provide TDS certificate for a bill without actually making payment towards the same??    0  338
What is Deposit Clearing House ? capital-iq   1  1436
what are GAAP items and examples of such?    2  1754
how an accountant can do budgetery controls of expenses?    0  477
what is term loan?    4  1880
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Un-Answered Questions
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A company acquires new taxi fleets on 1April 2006 with intention to provide services during the World Cup period and thereafter dispose the taxis .The World Cup runs for three months to 30 June 2006.The company's year end is 30 June do you account for taxis at initial recognition . 333
discuss seperate determination concept 346
80DD Dediction 305
Short Answer on _________National Debt 298
4. Calculate the following from the particulars given below: i) Material Cost Variance ii) Material Price Variance iii) Material Usage Variance iv) Material Mix Variance v) Material Yield Variance Material Standard Actual Qty kgs. Price Rs Value Rs. Qty kgs. Price Rs Value Rs A 50 4 200 40 5 200 B 30 6 180 30 6 180 C 20 3 60 30 3 90 100 440 100 470 Loss 20 ----- 30 ----- 80 440 70 470 1220
can any accountant forward format of daily or monthly mis format for accounts and finance dept!! 270
why you want to lecturer 475
what are the types of provisions that you would make for the end of a financial year?explain 328
When is proposed divided a current Liability and when is it non-current liability? Why is it in the list of Current Capital Accounts? 429
What do you know about hyd? Tell something about hyd? 410
what is cnc machine hour rate? how it is calculated? 2887
define bank Draft 397
"A" has two divisions of "B" and "c".In our system we have two vendor accounts of B&C.We have received one Non PO invoice of B and posted wrongly in C and its got paid.While reconciling the account we got this error is happend.We contacted the C and asked for refund.But C said,he transfer internally the amount directly to B and he will not refund the amount.How we will settle this entry in our books. If we reverse the entry...there is one invoice needs to be reverse and payment doc needs to be we can settle this in our books... 259
What is back value adjustment/correction in Nostro Reconciliations? 3467
I have mentioned the buyer as in Kolkata and the consignee's in Jharkhand now the consignee has issued the C Form whether the C Forms is acceptable or not kindly help me 287
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