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I have received a cheque from customer and i deposited into the bank next 4-5 days cheque has been bounced by the bank. Pls tell me what is reverce entry in the tally for cheque bounced and which option i will enter in journal or payment entry. Salary . is it direct exp or indrect exp.    8  15010
What is the rule on a school who will be handled by anither school? How do I calculate the royalty per year to the school who will supervise a new school    0  356
WHAT IS ACCRUED INTEREST ? accenture   4  8033
what is liability? give some entry accenture   4  3191
what is assest and liability? give examples    2  2732
I want to now that if we have excises of input of Excise duty but not cess due the add duty on capital good can be adjusted agst 10 % excises so can we pay only cess amount.    1  1343
What is the base for issuing of C-form date of sale or date of purchase since goods sent by one quarter ended may reach in next quarter.    0  748
What is meant by Deferred Asset?    1  1563
how can we get a leaverage in intraday market if are not a professional acount holder?    0  367
what is the meaning of 4X and 10X value in intraday market?    0  536
what is an accured account ? genpact   6  4170
what is Marshalling? Reply me on this no. 9885789716    1  999
what is days of grace? If possible give me replay on this no. 9885789716.    1  844
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what is the meaning of written-off as goodwill written-off 1512
let me know the difference between net cash flow and income 447
why use diff vat forms like vat51 vat3 why 274
Q1©. Gratuity of Rs. 1,20,000 is received in August, 2007 by Mr. M, a legal heir of Mr. R aged 45 years who died on June 28, 2007. Is it taxable? 1647
Short Answer on __________written Down value 264
How to make deductions of the employees from salary against the loan in AP module oracle R12 345
How Many Types of Excise Duties? 252
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i m a student of icwai i have just passed out my foundation and i wanna no if i should go for both intermediate group together or not.... 202
is there any specific percentage related to lower tax deduction under tds 445
how to prepare for accontant examinations 356
what is the method deposit of wct in Delhi 308
How can I find out my credit rating score for free? 400
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You are a B.E Student? How can u manage Banking? 173
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