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What Is Inflation?    4  2204
Why Does Currency Value Fluctuates?    0  444
Why Does Sensex & Nifty Fluctuates? innodata   2  4450
Why Does Stock Prices Fluctuate?    0  431
Why Do Companies Go for Mereger & Acqisitions?    1  1548
Why do Companies go for IPO? kfc   2  2650
Difference between business rules, performance rule and application design technical rules    0  433
I did mt MBA(finance & Marketing)after my B.Sc(Biotechnology). The interviewers are asking me why u changed from bio-science field to mba(finance). Plz help me how to answer for this. indusind-bank   7  9498
I am working as asst. mngr purchase in small exports firm in moradabad (u.p.)there have to do all level functions in my working and seeks now more challenging job in very big organization and i m afraid to face the interview what do they ask abt in the field of material managment so you will plz help me for sending the question abt mngr purchase interview..    0  403
how man listed companies are there in NSE/BSE.    0  656
merits and demerits of goal setting approach?    1  1888
what do u mean by probationary officer of bank give me the full information about it? icici   1  6050
Hi here is Mehul and my question is about time punctuality and regularity at job.Some times i may be late on job by 5- 10 minutes bt being loyal and superior to the company i gives 50 minutes extra or more than that against the 5-10 minutes late. So then, while appraisal why the managers focus on 5-10 minutes late inspit of going 1 or 2 hours late. what could be an explanation to them while appraisal? rpg   0  682
what is equity    1  1173
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Un-Answered Questions
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hii friends m going for interiview of lecturer in management. m mba in finance ..plz tell me wat types of questions are asked/ 2124
Two Companies have the same amount of working capital .Th current debit paying ability of one company is much weaker than that other explained your use how this could occur 6
I have done P.G in Mathematics, PGDCA and PGDM also I have an experience of 1year and 6 months in Sales.If the interviwer will ask me Tell something about yourself then what should be my answer? 1217
why should i select to you foe the college? 465
If selected as BDM what will be your first task 526
I have done B.Sc. in Biotechnology and I've applied for MBA in Health Care Management, How can I relate biotechnology to Health care management? 580
what do you know about US culture? 616
Drat the questeaniour for assessing the consumers attitude towards two wheelers, select any two brands as per your choice 5
what is the difference between bussiness group, organization and company. 783
What are the colleges available for Phd course in management & how to enroll for Phd. 521
u r graduate in 2006 so why didnt u do anything during the 3years 304
a depository bank is held where either in company's exist country or foreign country and how depository work with investor and how investor has to pay share price. please reply me quick because tomorrow my presentation so please........... alok 424
Business Social Responsibility (BSR). How this can be used to improve the business environment? 734
. What are different types of contracts ( Blanket and Fixed) in procurement, which type of contract should be used in what conditions. 2235
describe a project or activity that highlight your leadership skills. 122
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