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what kind of changes you find in yourself after completing your MBA? hindware   5  6023
What will you do if order is getting late and you don't have time?    1  1404
What is requisition for quotation (RFQ)?    2  8123
How will you do negotiate?    0  416
Who does technical bid evaluation and what does it means?    0  965
Compare the product life cycle theory with the Hecksher Ohlin theory. Describe the structure of world trade organization.    0  1062
What are the benefits of trade liberalization? Describe    2  8735
Describe the advantages and disadvantages of international trade?    0  2043
Describe the dynamics of culture as a multi-level, multi- layer construct.    1  4544
Describe the pros and cons of globalization?    0  841
“Corporate Social Responsibility is outside the scope of Business houses”. Explain why you agree or disagree with this statement    2  4244
Brand has become an important aspect of Business. What are the advantages of building a Brand and what steps are available under IPR to protect its ownership?    0  831
Explain with any real or imaginary example, the four generic Strategy Alternatives for Marketing    0  1589
Explain in a sentence or two, each of the elements of a Business Plan and why it is necessary.    0  691
CASE STUDY: S.C. Computers has been mismanaged by its promoter. The Company has over 50,000 employees with software expertise. It has clients over the last 15 years in 50 countries. The mismanagement has led to a severe cash crunch with no cash to meet even salary requirements. While the internal situation is one of financial and employee morale crisis, externally it enjoys the confidence of its clientele. The Government wants such a valuable institution, built over several years, to be saved so that it can continue to contribute to national wealth creation, but at the same time does not wish to extend direct financial assistance, lest it amounts to encouraging or subsidizing mismanagement. In one page, suggest the broad elements of a Business Continuity Plan covering all aspects (not just financial alone) specifically applicable to this situation.    1  2022
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Un-Answered Questions
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i am a mba professional,but i ve secured 59.5% in mba.will i get job in hr field ps tell me? 345
Assume that I am a potential corporate partner. Tell me on the benefits of the Industrial Research Office with 3 bullet points. 545
What would be your sourcing strategy to buy low value items? 1869
how many universities are there for studying MBA & B- Schoools. 494
i am going for the IT Officer written test,can any body mail me the question bank to 591
You are helping X Company in recruiting candidates for the admin department. You have received over 50 resumes and need to pick 5 candidates to be interviewed by the x management. This takes up 4 hours of your time every day and you are falling behind your deadlines in creating e-learning modules. How would you ensure that you do not lag behind? 784
hi iam working as a pharma marketing professional getting 40k month i was in this field for 5 yrs ,and iam nearing to my next level as reginal manager where i can earn up to 60k/month ,but i want to know what will be the salary for bank pos and what and all the othe benifits and growth pattern and benofits mplz do help me 420
What goals do you have in your career? 485
what are the warehouse reserch? and pocess of warehouse research? 2319
What id the meaning of MIS ? MIS nasure, charactersitcs, purpose ? how can the leanr about them ? 655
A. What kind of decisions is a manager generally required to make in the organizational context? Explain with examples as to which of these correspond to programmed and non-programmed categories B. Discuss various strategies used in implementing organisational change in the context of a large manufacturing company. 812
why should i join hawkins coockers ltd 769
What is your area of development ?? 1281
Being a researcher in marketing company, how can you search the opportunities and monitor the threats of your product? 519
cost accounting is a tool for dicission making expline 567
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