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i m housewife.i m MBA in marketing n finance .i hv 2 years of working experience.i left job in 2004 i get married i want to start job .is it any possibilites that i can get i didnt take any experience certificate from my previous company.    2  2154
How to convience a customer ?    7  5743
What is Factory Act?? Details and explain factory Act ,ESI Act,PF Act,Minimum Wages Act,Bonus act,??????? wipro   2  7194
what do you mean by ERPS?    4  1466
what do you mean by decision support system(DSS)?    2  4196
what are the basic production planning problems?    0  415
Differentiate between strategic and tactical decisions?    0  857
What do you meant by Management Audit?    0  535
How does information act in the controlling process?    0  401
What is the significance of feedback in the communication process?    1  3119
What are the advantage of internal sources of recruitment?    0  2147
What are the components of an interated HRD system?    0  447
List the major pricipal of organizing mahindra   0  469
Differentiate between corporate planning and stratigic planning.    0  663
Differentiate between Policy and Procedure.    0  543
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2. Tell me about a time when you had to use your presentation skills to influence someone’s opinion. 426
Why Does Stock Prices Fluctuate? 359
Up to what time we can show TDS Receivables under Advance Income Tax A/c? 1364
what control mechanisms might be most appropriate to ensure that action plans match targeted needs ? 347
can some body guide me with the steps in preparing the MIS report. 421
what are the gideliness given by kalyana sundaram comittiee for factoring? 458
10) objections and how do you handle this challenges effectively and professionally? 1238
Who has authored the book' caesar and cleopatra' 388
What do you know about US culture? 432
Hiii, i have done mba finance after doing biotech. I am now facing many problems in interview as yhey are asking about my biotech back ground and secondly the questions posed by the interviwers consist of core finance and i can't answer as in mba they teach about each subject superficially? What must i do now? 513
A. What kind of layout is used in a physical fitness center? B Explain how having more work in process inventory can improve the efficiency of a process. How can this be bad? 1338
send me all the question whch can be askd in bank interview 431
why you want to change the job? 388
What is vertical concepts of marketing?? 1527
Suggest me where i can do certification course on capital management/wealth management through distance in and around Bangalore. 367
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