Business Management Interview Questions
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how to increase the sales in coca cola distribution?

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what are the key role of a sales person?


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wheather strengths are present in resume or not if present then y not weakness

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why you want to join recruitment why not any other field of HR?

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What is the Mutual Funds? What is the Portfolio Management Services (PMS)? What is the difference between Mutual funds and Portfolio Management services? Give me detail explanation??


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did the division manager sets the goal in the best way?


What are off balance sheet items?

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responsibilities of HR

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what are the documents/procedure required for hypothecation of stocks

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what is the difference between salary & wages

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what screening and selectin methods are available and which ones are most accurate? explain.

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Marketing come frist or selling?

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hi, im doing my mba(it) in hr. after completing this what job will suit for me

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why do you want to MBA after B PHARM and that also in HR


what are the primary sales avenues's of a bookstore


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What strategies would you use in developing ongoing corporate relationships?


i hve 3 yrs of experience in financial market(capital and derivative market)as sales manager, i am handling a team under me which takes care of financial prodduc distribution and i am looking for oracle course, kindly let me know which module will be suitable for me.


why do u want to join the teaching career in management college, when u r working as a sales manager in MNC advertising company


what is the driving force in an organisation that will enable personnel management to its continuous improvement and achievement?


How does Regulatory Compliance and Right to Information Act help in the growth of Business Intelligence in India ?


why is a personnel function required in all oganisations and how applicable are business objective to it.


Hi , I am a graduated in science at the year of 2006 & have started my professional career from that year as an HR personnel and still working. I have also got a bit of sales experiences in between this. Currently I am doing PGD in HRM from ICFAI & has done a Management Development Programme from IIM(Indian Institute of Management). My questions are 1) Am I moving in right direction towards my career ? 2)Will it be necessary to mention my Sales- Experience in my resume(as it was about 1yr.) , 3)What kind of job I can apply after finishing my PGD ?


i have done mba bt didnt wrked after cmplteting the if i go for a intervu....wht cud i reply to the employer abt d 2 yr gap


why are some accounting principles or conventions are more important than the others?


A. What two basic questions must be answered by an inventory control decision rule? B “If line employees are required to work on quality improvement activities, their productivity will suffer.” Discuss.


what is difference between seeds marketing and pesticides marketing.


2. Tell me about a time when you had to use your presentation skills to influence someone’s opinion.


How will you motivate workers to strive wiilingly in a target based industry.


Can any body explain about man and machine calculation? especially in pharma sector.


I am a mba fresher and i got a job in wipro for the post of talent acquisition. And the salary is only Rs.6000 Do you think its chance for me to grow..