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How to calculate 40% of level in cylindrical vessel?    2  500
sir i am senthil B.Tech Chemical Engineer which book is refer for objective type questions? barc   2  1679
describe why you are interested in a career in the oil industry?    1  1394
did sulphur been a byproduct after the combustion of LPG and Natural Gas    3  859
What is formula for petrol? reddy-labs   2  1558
What happens when fuel is burned , what are compounds released?? reddy-labs   3  1419
how to calculate overall heat transfer coefficient in insulated pipeline? Please give a answer with formula npcil   2  1924
What does extreme points in VLE curve represents?? reliance   4  1343
Why Packed Bed is not preffered in seperation process while Tray column is used in Industries predominatly??    5  1754
How to size the cooling tower sump / basin for any given circulation rate? What is the guideline?    0  819
Why LMTD is calculated in Heat -Exchanger problems..Why dont we take average temperature??    3  1923
Why is the freezer placed at the top in a refrigerator, why not at the bottom ?    1  2022
why u opted for chemical engg?    2  1016
what is mass flow rate of steam of 7 kg/cm2 pressure in 1 inch id. pipe. ascent   0  433
why should we have to maintain excess air in furnaces and boilers while burning any fuel? iocl   6  2395
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Un-Answered Questions
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The job profile as a Service Engineer? 636
Re: Sugar Cane Bagasse What are the 1. Specific Heat of Bagasse at 50% moisture, 40% moisture and 25% moisture? 2. What is bu;lk density of bagasse at 50% moisture, 40% moisture and 25% moisture? 3. What is specific gravity of bagasse at 50% moisture, 40% moisture and 25% moisture? 4. What is the specific heat of flue gases generated from boiler fuelled by bagasse? 5. What is the specific gravity of flue gases generated from boiler fuelled by bagasse? 2311
X is a solid having a white colour at room temperature. It has a density about 2g/cc. Although it has melting point near 325 degree Celsius, its properties start degrading above 260 degree Celsius. The coefficient of friction is very low about 0.1. It has very good dielectric properties especially at higher radio frequencies. It has a very high bulk resistivity. It is chemically inert. It is also resistant to van der Waals force. It is hydrophobic as well as lipophobic. Creep or ‘Cold Flow’ has been observed in X. 247
Repected sir/Madam, I am goingb to face IOCL technical as well as HR interview, can you forward your hellpfull hand for toward me to sort out my problem by giving some imp interview quetion which is generally asked in chemical industries such like IOCL,HPCL,ONGC,BPCL,RIL,etc I will always thankfull to you,for sharing your profficient knowledge with me and making me somewhat technically sound 431
how to decide reflux ratio & its calculation 254
what is the apt definitions for apparent power ,active power and reactive power?and explanation about different types of lamps? 364
pleas tell me about chemical engineering apptitude test.. 331
hai i A neelakanteswara rao ,selected for the interview on 15th july 2008. I completed my diploma in chemical engineering.let me know how to face the interview& the type of technical questions. 296
i am appearing in railway section engg. exam of chemical eng. therefore i want previous papers and study material of chemical eng. 209
How much will be the increment for postal assistant yearly? 114
how much maximum power can be generated by 320v, 10kg-cm synchronus motor if shaft is roteted mechanically at 50 to 60 rpm? 308
How to size the cooling tower sump / basin for any given circulation rate? What is the guideline? 819
what are the chemicals used in PFR and MFR to Process? 431
What are demand of crotonaldehyde99% in the worldand its international market ? 222
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