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 Categories >> Engineering >> Chemical Engineering
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Which chemical is used as antiscalent in RO water treatement plant? dalkia   2  4953
What is the difference between multi grade filter and dual media filter? dalkia   1  4370
what is ejector capacity and ejector economy    1  1234
Which book I should refer for designing heat exchangers and reactors?    1  1314
Which one is process and why?( evaporation, vaporization, reactor, fluid flow)    5  2167
Suppose you have hot oil and cold water, what kind fluid you flow In shell side and tube side and why?    5  2615
What step should be taken in process industries if the process variable is oscillating? hpcl   0  887
Why catalyst is charging in chemical reaction as high pressurized pellet of tablet?    1  1452
Which part of oil creates smoke? ( aliphatic, aromatic, paraffin)    1  2139
What is higher heating value and lower heating value? Is it positive or negative?    0  1152
Suppose you have hot fluid and cold water, what fluid you should flow in shell side and tube side in a shell and tube heat exchanger and why    6  3720
what is difference between precipitation and crystalisation    2  2086
What is difference between Piping Standard & Piping Specification ?    0  744
who is the first atomic scientist in india? igcar   5  3675
If I do M tech in chemical engineering from iit kgp,iit delhi or iit kanpur...what are the job opportunities,and what salary they offered.plz tell me...i had 156 all india rank..i did not take admission ..but this year i m thinking to take admission...    2  5672
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What is the Import Procurement Cycle ? and what are the customization steps in SAP ? 3410
what is the apt definitions for apparent power ,active power and reactive power?and explanation about different types of lamps? 478
What is the meaning of the critical speed of a turbine, and what are its effects on the shaft line 134
how can we calculate reflux ratio? what is difference between internal reflux and external reflux? 652
oil field interview question 3701
How much steam required for 1MW power production form 30 bar G super heated steam(350 C), outlet of turbine 4.5 bar 441
why screw compressor use for ammonia compression? 7
What are some good estimates for heat transfer coefficients for coils in tanks? 594
What steps can be taken to avoid stress corrosion cracking (SCC) in steel vessels used for storing anhydrous ammonia? 522
What is higher heating value and lower heating value? Is it positive or negative? 1152
how can i prepare for gate chemical in kolkata 564
Calculate the line size for a cooling water line with a volumetric flowrate of 1200m3/h of water. Density of water = 1000kg/m3 298
which materials can l use if l want to use length wave 680 to 900 in hplc 302
can anybody give me syallbus of chemical engineering for section engineer in railway. 654
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