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 Categories >> Engineering >> Chemical Engineering
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How to calculate 40% of level in cylindrical vessel?    2  499
sir i am senthil B.Tech Chemical Engineer which book is refer for objective type questions? barc   2  1676
describe why you are interested in a career in the oil industry?    1  1389
did sulphur been a byproduct after the combustion of LPG and Natural Gas    3  858
What is formula for petrol? reddy-labs   2  1552
What happens when fuel is burned , what are compounds released?? reddy-labs   3  1416
how to calculate overall heat transfer coefficient in insulated pipeline? Please give a answer with formula npcil   2  1918
What does extreme points in VLE curve represents?? reliance   4  1339
Why Packed Bed is not preffered in seperation process while Tray column is used in Industries predominatly??    5  1745
How to size the cooling tower sump / basin for any given circulation rate? What is the guideline?    0  817
Why LMTD is calculated in Heat -Exchanger problems..Why dont we take average temperature??    3  1920
Why is the freezer placed at the top in a refrigerator, why not at the bottom ?    1  2015
why u opted for chemical engg?    2  1013
what is mass flow rate of steam of 7 kg/cm2 pressure in 1 inch id. pipe. ascent   0  432
why should we have to maintain excess air in furnaces and boilers while burning any fuel? iocl   6  2387
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Un-Answered Questions
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why 14.7 pound/inch2 is used in idustries as unit of pressure bcz here not sea level and not a temperature is 0C (zero degree celcius)????????? 243
I will complete chemical engg next yr from a deemed university. Earlier I dropped 2 yrs after std 12th. Then I got 2 yr back while completing engg, due to reasons beyond my control. Will I face any problem while applying for job. More so not many core companies come to our collg for placement. So i want to know which all companies can I apply to get a job? 339
hi i need cpcl written exam question papers if anybody pls help me 1392
how to reduce COD from plant waste water closed circulation system 52
I want previous year question paper of ONGC for chemical engg. 84
What is the most common cause of solid size segregation in bulk solid systems? 319
What is the main difference between deflection and null type instruments? 9
how should i prepare for my placements.i am a student of chemical eng,final year,thapar university 296
marketing procedure of iocl 382
How i can calculate heat transfer in reactor at unsteady state and what data should i have? I want equation and process to calculate it? As there is steam or brine in jacket 198
which accomplishments in your present position are you proud of and why? 385
How much will be the increment for postal assistant yearly? 114
white rust formation over zinc plated and yellow passivated fasteners during CED painting. WHY? 259
The job profile as a Service Engineer? 636
which is the major cement producing state in western India ? 242
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