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Circuit diagram of tube light without starter using electrical choke    0  268
What is the minimum load that you can keep in a 3 Phase 40 KVA Diesel Generator? Is it neccessary to load all the 3 phases? Can a phase be left without load? drdo   2  505
tube light how its working.,?    3  741
why using carbun bresh in dc motor    3  440
How to calculate amount of copper used in a motor (AC&DC), generator and transformer? Datasheet provides power rating and mass of the equipment....can we somehow use this available info.    1  321
what is the difference between Current transformer & Capacitive voltage transformer abb   2  616
Formula to calculate amps rating when we are having only the width & thickness of the coppper ? bel   2  524
In Transformer testing at Shop test we normally test for vector group, open ckt.,short ckt. but what are the other test performed for transformer once it reaches at site.For e.g:if the transformer is dry having rating 1000KVA?    2  302
what r the tests on the 3 phase transformers can any one explain how to test using megger on transformers thx    2  466
hi i have a 400kva transformer i want to know the test i can use to check on it thx    1  241
i will applied in 1U-1W on 440 volt primary delta side. what is the result of magtic balance test    0  175
one hp 3phase motor what generate power factor    1  249
If the capacity of water Tank is 50000 Liters situated at 20 meters height from ground level,What would be the size of pipe and how much USGPH water will be supplied and what will be the motor or pump rating used for this work?Illustrate by showing formula?    1  333
If the load is 10Kw and power factor has to improve from 0.5 to 0.8,how can we select the capacitor rating accordingly.Illustrate by showing formula?    8  709
What is spill current in protection relays?    0  177
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Un-Answered Questions
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1)How much current can a 3-1/2 core 100 mm wire carry? 2)What are the special cables required for explosion proof wiring? 3)In case you do not have coal and salt for earthing, how can you achieve good temporary earthing? 4)One horse power single phase motor is more likely to get hot than a one horse power 3 phase motor. Is it true or false, if true why? 5)What are the different types of soft starters for large motors?please explain? 1534
please send me privious exam's queation papers of section engineer(electrical). 139
why we use copper earthing for neutral while for body GI. 582
What is the procedure/activities to be taken to inject the current more than 2000A by using 2000A Loading Transformer? 129
10 Mtr Hight of Lighting Arrestar how much area coverd?? 25
Please send 110 kv sb station full single line drawing(sld) 420
1.What is the range of stator resistance of 3-phase induction motor? 2.Two electrically operated vibro motors are foxed in parallel direction in vibrating feeders. what is the direction of both vibro motors? 166
Why is ignitor used in sodium vapour lamp 232
Can I use less voltage cable for neutral, since the voltage of return path is zero ideally? 122
hi frenz,its aswathy.i hve aplied for the hpcl test on feb,pls send the test patern & the placement papers as soon as possible. mail-id 199
How star and delta connections inherently eliminate triplend harmonics? 214
what will happen if multimeter(selector switch at DC voltage) and terminal at current is connected to DC supply? 82
what will be d.g. capacity to cater together for 14hp A.C. load & 3kw lighting load 175
hi I have done 3 yrs diploma in electrical engg after 10+2. I have 16 years of work experience into design proposals sales and engg application development in LV/MV swithcgear and sub station automation field. I want to apply for immigration to new zealand but I am not sure whether I qualify or not since I dont have a degree. Can anyone advice? Thanks Riz 187
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