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how i calculate the syncrones generator NGR resistance .if we have a 6mw generator line voltage of generator 11kv also line current 393.3 ampere.    0  353
how to calculate the cable size for 500 kva transformer?    1  2870
why the measure taken in multiplication factor of 11for voltage like.. 110V,220V,440V,1.1KV,6.6KV,11KV,33KV,66KV,110KV,132KV,220KV vijai-electricals   1  2619
What is the measuring instrument of magnetic flux density? cseb   2  1089
sir my exam is on 19/6/2013 under electrical branch pls send me sample aptitude questions as well as sample technical questions for jindal steel and power company jindal   0  568
sir my exam is on 19/6/2013 under electrical branch pls send me sample aptitude questions as well as sample technical questions for jindal steel and power company jindal   0  595
Can you any one explain different between instantaneous over current and IDMT    1  1104
What is ESP how its work &what is corona ? con insulater&drive insulater where it is used ? Any body says that pls travancore-titanium-products-ltd-ttpl   2  1206
Is there a chance for a motor speed to become negative..?? What is the reason for such a phenomenon.? In that case does the motor works as a generator..???    1  796
why batteries are rated in ampere hour    1  917
what is the use of Turbocharger in a gen-set?    3  1244
3 phase =440v single phase = 230v 2 phase =? accenture   8  3138
if single phase is 230 v three phase is 440 v then what about two phase?and why is it so?    0  271
how can we find thae value of capacitor for single phase motor. what is difference between starting capacitor and running capacitor.    0  756
What happened If 3phase supply connected to slip ring side of slipring induction motor ?    2  1349
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compare between starting charactristics of synchronous motor with those of 3Q Squirrel cage induction motor 75
hi pal, i am vengatesh from tamilnadu(chidambaram),i have called for the written test for the post of jr executive(ELECTRICAL) of AAI ,I dont know about the question paper pattern,so any kindly help me to face the examination,post me the model question papers and some tips to write my examination to ( 243
What is the use of Surge Capacitor in LAVT? 4270
sir vizag steel ka junior trainee ka paper kitne number ka ayega 379
What is the permissable nutral current of three phase system as per IS standards? 291
If you don’t have coal, salt and copper, then how would you earth your connection temporarily at a camp site.? 364
what is the use of power transformer in GSS. 552
what is the effect of back reactive power on the generator ? 441
66kv under ground cable how to layaing in ground any special case two ckt r runing 257
What is method of calculating the fault current for a MDB, 50KW, 3PH, 415V, 50HZ? 519
what is the basic need of domestic loads 1- voltage 2- current 256
What is the general power consumption rating of CPU CRT type and Flat type, Monitor,Printer, projector, Scanner? 300
why u r living from presentaly working. 516
how to calculate slip ring induction motor stator and rotor currents?? 362
how to calculate the Neutral transformer impedance? 357
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