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it says in neutral wire current flows under normal condition, but when we put tester it wont glow, why? hcl   6  829
why we calculate only 11kv 33kv and 132kv ... why not 10kv 20kv 45kv? bhel   3  1237
how the CT and PT is connected in the circuit during testing of transformer explain with diagram kesc   0  151
what will happen if ac and dc supplies given aptransco   0  128
what is difrent between earthing and ground    4  706
How to increase solar cell efficiency ?    1  178
How the frame size of a flange mounted AC induction motor is calculated? apcpdcl   0  96
During Testing of Maintenance Free Earthing, How deep should be the Spikes of Earth Test Meter should be inserted in the soil(one spike is 15 Meter & Other spike is 30 Mtrs away from the Main Earth Electrode. Because, recently, we observed that when spike is inserted 3-4 Inch in the earth- results are better, If spike is inserted 1 feet deep than results are increasing.    0  96
How will A Medium voltage circuit breaker(11 kV voltage level) operate under short circuit fault condition whether It is having short circuit release like Low voltage circuit breaker or relay should be given?    0  95
how to calculate the current carrying capacity of cable bhel   2  823
A 60w bulb & a room heater are connected in series.if 60 w bulb is replaced by 100w then what will be the effect on heater out & why?    3  532
how to determine the size of power cable according to load current jsw   1  562
My energy meter ratio is -/110/root 3,1A and connected line CT is 100/1,PT is 11kv/110 so what is the MF for meter apollo   1  341
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Un-Answered Questions
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We have 5 Distribution sections with variable loads&We have 3 Gensets(500kva,380kva&250kva) our total load is between 400kva to 600kva. so how could we connect 3gensets. 147
Dear all, I want to use Induction motor to open and close a 1 ton door. How much power do I need. Thanks 146
what is the grounding Calculation formula? spouse i want to provide grounding to 3phase 18kw motor or i want to provide ground to 3phase 10kva dry type transformere or you give me any exemple...... Thanks. 252
at which voltage level arcing ground is occurs ?????????? 160
In ACS 1000 drive we are using 12 pulse converter,why don't use 3 pulse converter. 143
role of europe union in UK safety legistlation (electrical safety) 165
when will be the iocl interview results i faced interview on 8th september 2008 iam from electrical branch i faced interview for the post of electrical engineer??????????????????????// 280
george phenomenon of synchronous machine 520
How to determine the breaking capacity such as break down current and break down voltage for VCB and CT's. 294
WHAT IS counter flux IN CT? 175
why the colour of insultor stack , petticoat is brown. Is it has some technical reason. 169
how to calculate the loss tangent of electrical cables 234
What types of motors are used in cranes 2346
i have some screw comprressor with 630kw power,i have established them with simple star to delta circuit,by the way there is so much inertia when the screw comprressors start, can you offer me contactors power with 400vac or any cataluge to choose the contactors 172
what is the requirement regarding earthing of Single conductor with AWA 245
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