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ult of expression 'document.FrmQF.myem    0  197
What is the name of oil which is used in transformer?    3  2025
when conductor rotates in varying magnetic field the emf will induced in it and it is sinusoidal in nature ...? Why it is not in square wave and rectangular wave in nature?    4  1197
What is turbocharger in a generator?    2  1033
bus bar design conditions and sizing pls tell me quickly    0  220
hi everybody how to design string combiner box (scb) internal parameters like bus bar and spd (surge protection device and fuse which place to set that,and also bus bar one particular cross sectional how much heat generated and how much power loss tell me Clearly and briefly    0  214
in india why the generating voltage is like 11kv,22kv etc alstom   1  2143
why any centrifugal blower draw more current in starting. consider id fan and fd fan?    0  198
Iin ESP why positive is grounded ? why not negative ?    0  424
r we are using in gas turbine mark (5) frame (6) (made in india Bhel 1997) Ā    0  200
What is the distance between body earthing and neutral earthing.?    1  995
how can i get the formula to find out the cable size if i know the load of main fuse protection.    0  236
how can we calculate the cooper armed cable size if the protection load of main fuse is 80 ampere.    1  925
if the load is 80 amp for main fuse and 100 amp for breaker so how can we calculate the cable size (cooper ) . bhel   0  403
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Un-Answered Questions
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Dear sir, By which formula u can calculate for a particular kv line there is a range of mw. 375
How can we calculate the motor frame sizes? 1618
What is the physical significant of power factor? 126
hr round 488
help me with the question that might be ask on the interview for technical position 502
I want the details about BHEL company examination.Can anyone able to help me please. 387
I am abt to give IOCL intrv.Plz sir guide me for IOCL intrvw (Electrical).Which subject to be consider. questions are generally asked from which subject.Plz help me out. 356
In siemens S7-300 PLC, what is function and function block ? What is the difference between them ? When to use function and when to use function block ? 403
What is depreciation factor? 347
If a transformer primary winding operates at 240v, the secondary at 120v and the load is 1500w & the transformer is rated at 92% efficient, what's the current flowing through the primary winding of the transformer? What is the formula for finding this? 307
Can anyone tell me some hints about what type of questions are asked by the interviewer by an Electronics engineer when company is installing an IPP and wants a team of engineers? 513
what is the method of earthing of a transformer using electrodes? 296
What is Long rod insulator and it's applications..? merits over the disc insulator ..? 291
How to design CT for connected with Transformer OLTC operation? normally CT output design for 1A/5A range but during OLTC Tap position changing time how to function the CT? 848
why write 500v on line tester (Test pen) 1340
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