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1 amp means-how many electron flow per second. ?    2  1991
can we use generator(a.c) as a motor.if so how if not why.    2  1185
when we change tha taps from 1-16 in 100mva tr whether a constant voltage avaliable till it reaches tap 16 or voltage change as per taps change    1  764
it is used to measure the potial difference between two point?    2  759
what is exact meaning of CT core saturation or simply saturation of core.    1  1229
according to faraday's law whether the induced emf is average or rms value? power-grid   1  1846
what is difference b/w earth and ground? tata   7  2940
what is different between 51N and 51G functions relay?    1  5991
how much leakage current is allowed in MC61A L&T make relay? siemens   0  1134
What is different between hypo test and megger test abb   1  3142
what is timing for mccb 800A tripping? l&t   1  2536
what is mean Boost voltage and what is working principle of Tube light trimax   2  1028
formula for calculation of switchgears(i.e. contactor, fuse, cb, relay etc.), if load current is given?    0  343
Why the magneti fields are not passes from southpole to north pole    0  258
what is negative and zero impedance in 3 phase induction motor ??    0  350
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Un-Answered Questions
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i need of the bhel question papers along with answers and also give some website names for the downloading question (electrical and electronics engg question)please help me.... 310
How to know about the rating(voltage and other) of induction motor if its name plate is missing at the manufacturing site. 1344
What is the difference between rated and per unit in transformer? 438
What type of fittings and electrical accessories can be install in radiation area ? 205
what happens when we apply dc to a transformer 3639
is it value of power factor is more than unit. whats effects in the source supply 313
how we calculate the dick for a pole? 315
How much ph is maintained of water resistance starter for slipring induction motor ? 768
1600 KVA ka transformer hi aghar lt side par 800A aur voltage 420 ho to HT side ki cable ki rating keya ho gi? 306
what is KSR type transmission tower? What is LSR type transmission tower? 1007
what is the cause of voltage dipp or swell in the transmission lines? 387
What is Minimum permicible meggering value for following 1) LT Panels (Ph to Ph / Ph to Earth) 2) 11 KV, HT Panels (Ph to Ph / Ph to Earth) 3) 11 KV Cable 4) LT Cable 673
what is ic 01,ic 06 ?is it types of cooling? 1556
1.what is the funtion of chiller primary & scondary pumps. 2.what is the use of distribution lines & Types. 3.what is the use the thermal power stations & how much capacity. 317
in my working site. momentary jerck in electrical supply ocurred frequently which cause of multiple losses in our electrical equipements. how can we protect our electrical machines and equipements in this situation. 768
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