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what is the MNA in case of d.c. machin? whaty is the importance of it? hoe it affect the brush position? tata   2  3130
how much amps will get from a 360/11kv line    2  1469
What is the function of Igniter in 250 watt HPMV street light?    0  4195
how much Watt can we fully load a transformer    4  3004
when current lags behind voltage how does it affect the circuit.In other words what is the significance of lagging current?    3  3184
how ct burden,magnetising current,ratio and knee point voltage are related & derived dalkia   0  511
use of PIR in ehv breaker    0  497
pre arcing time of ehv breaker    0  376
Can we put 3 layers of cable tray while installing tray siemens   0  708
why the generator will take 8 to 12 hours to start after it got interrupted due to technical problems in case of power plants. ntpc   1  1413
Transformer Secondary maximum current (max. load)    3  3424
What is different bewteen low or high impedance busbar protection scheme    0  2387
How is operate breaker failure scheme in substation    0  368
If Dg set load increase 25%, How much increase fuel Consumption (15 kva 2 cylinder DG set) tata   0  702
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is accuracy ? in any meters , coils accuracy . how can u defined that ? 425
How to Design green buildings services? What is the advantage to design green building? 234
What is the effect of interchanging core(made of steel) and winding(made of copper) material in case of transformer? Give proper explanation in regard to different losses in transformer. 271
what is the safety of voltage power transformer(2250KVA0 210
Distinguish between nuclear power station with thermal power station for initial cost, starting period, cleanliness, and transportation of fuel 373
How can we decide cable size from HT panel to Transformer? Please give you reply with some examples. 592
what will happen if ac and dc supplies given 435
how we can produce negative DC voltage ? please explain it .,thank u 419
Can you explain about TEE protection scheme? 494
explain single phase series motor 357
What is the end effect of linear induction motor ?? 282
Explain the different methods used in the choice of rotor slots for reduction of harmonic torques in an induction motor. 242
What is the need of generator relay panel 134
what is rocking arrangement in arc heating 305
In HI POT test what is reason for applying the AC VOLTS and DC VOLTS in different applications what is the nessesity for this ? 289
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