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Why do we generate 3 Phase AC Supply? It is possible to generate 4 Phase and 5 Phase explain it?    3  3980
. Why the transmission lines are in 11kV, 22kV, 33kv, and why not 10kV, 20kV, 30kV?    3  5671
How to take the Vector Group Test in Transformer? What is the purpose of doing Vector Group Test?    2  1786
As per the theory current doesn’t flows in Neutral, but practically it is not applicable, explain why?    3  2836
What is the Frequency while we step up the voltage from 220V to 11KV? Is it possible? Explain it?    2  1884
Why DC Currents are not used in transformer?    4  3345
. What should be the minimum and maximum ohmic value for earthing?    1  2052
Why restricted earth fault protection is needed? Why can’t differential Protection is sufficient?    3  10017
Explain how you can give the overload setting to any Motor Protection Relay for a HT motors with formula and example?    2  3988
What is the procedure/activities to be taken to inject the current more than 2000A by using 2000A Loading Transformer?    0  428
While testing the 33KV Busbar by using Hipot kit, what should be the test voltage we have to apply?    2  2918
What is the alternate solution for testing of polarity by using polarity tester while its milli ammeter does not works?    0  396
How to calculate the Short Circuit Impedance in Transformer?    3  3885
1. What is differential relay? How it operates?    3  2220
sigal phase supply is 230 v ac two phase supply is 415 v ac then why three phase supply having supply is 415 v ac why not 690v ac    2  2663
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Un-Answered Questions
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i karmveer bharti persuing . plz send me syllabus and name of reference books. for preparation of section eng. 515
where the lexical paramater will use in fron end? 347
How can we find the breaking capacity of a Load breaker switch (LBS) fed from 11 kv supply??ex:50KA, 26kA etc???detailed step vice answer pls. 369
how can we determine size of a cable by knowing the kw or current rating of a load?how can we calculate the resistance box of a slip ring motor? 244
what is the step by step formula for calculating bus bar phase and neutral size of a panel board.suppose the incomer of panel board is 100A..???step by step answer please 1160
what is EBXl (electron beam cross linked ) cable ? 59
how to calculate the formula of cable size if motor kw is given 502
block diagram of 2 ups system connected in parallel mode? 549
how to determine the inrush current of a transformer 841
how is the incoming cable size calculated for a given current rating of a panel?? 299
where can i get vijaya electricals limited in hyderabad interview auestions can u give me the website address plz 356
what is the requirement regarding earthing of Single conductor with AWA 438
sir pls send the je exam - 2008 and other model question papers.. 423
for high freq ac,why we first convert AC to DC and then DC to high freq.AC 430
why and where we use early make & late break contacts in protection? 3784
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