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what is the use of vector group in transformer. means what r the application of various vector groups?    4  6409
why transmission is only 3 phase and not 2 or 4 or poly phases infosys   0  512
What are the commercial names of overhead conductors used in India? upsc   3  6227
What are various accuracy classes of CT(Current Transformer)    1  2284
What is the approximate percentage of Si content in transformer core(CRGO-Cold Rolled Grain Oriented)? Why it is kept so low?    1  1229
Why annealing is done on transformer core manufacturing process? isro   1  5752
Why the design of electromechanical energy conversion machines is based on the medium of conversion as megnetic field not as electric field?    2  2445
An alternator is started without excitation then how much voltage it will produced at strating at full rpm??    4  2580
Can the field winding in synchronous machines be placed on stator?What is the limitation of such arrangement?    2  1745
What is the basic difference between synchronous machine and induction machiine?    1  2597
Why and which type of tertiary winding is used in most of the power transformer?    2  2558
Is the force acting between two parallel conductors of infinte length carrying AC of frequency 50Hz remians constant with respect of time? If not then what would be the frequency of the force acting?    1  1399
What are the typical values of characteristic impedences of overhead line and underground cabel? Why there is so much variation?    1  1712
What are the circuit models used for analysis of medium length transmission lines? Which one is superior? Support your answer. upsc   1  2781
Classical power system stability was mainly focussed on rotor angle stability but modern power system stability has more focus on voltage stability.Why?    4  3416
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Un-Answered Questions
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I have iti elec, 1st aid, and 5 yrs experience in 7.5 mw power plant. Am i eligeble for 11kv license in telangana state..when, how to apply for that.? 545
How are load losses and no-load losses measured at site in a DG set? 308
Difference between low impedance and high impedance Restricted Earth Fault 1071
what is the generator rating for 40 amp load of 3phase motor.?? 400v voltage of generator... plz tell me with formula its urgent...plzzz... and also tell me that this 40 amp at all phases mean 40 amp on red,40 amp on yellow,40 amp on blue...... or the total sum of that 3phase is 40 amp.... 2789
what would happen if reactive power (kvar)is increased (more)or decreased (less)? how much exact reactive power should be maintained? and what should be done for that 524
I want definition for ABT Meter (Availability Based tariff) ? 222
I am abt to give IOCL intrv.Plz sir guide me for IOCL intrvw (Electrical).Which subject to be consider. questions are generally asked from which subject.Plz help me out. 436
What is earth? 507
Please give me a solid reason there are 2 ELCB's If we take Phase from ELCB NO:1 an Netural from ELCB N:2 why ELCB is tripping when we connect the Load?please brief me with detail 1213
In constant power region of 3-phase IM torque-speed characteristics, if frequency increases voltage A does not alter B decreases C increases D none of above 370
What are all the problems occured while ac generator running in leading power factor at full load condition? 438
what is the difference betweem star connected motor & delta connected motor? 666
what is a power factor? 180
1. If 8.35%Z means the percentage impedance of 132kV-line from power company, we will like to confirm its base capacity? 358
What is expention fastener (Fan) 436
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