Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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will aqatic animal die if we ground the wire of three phase instead of grounding to earth

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what is diff b/w electrical & electronics ?

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what is the formula to convert from KVAr to current?

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What is auto reclose system in Circuit breakers

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1)Why V cross Arm is used in transmission lines? 2)Why H cross Arm are not used in single poles?

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hi i am aziz electrical associate engineer. i am faceing problem in acs800 vvvf drive.it is tripping wothout any alarm/fault.i cheaked all parameters and fault function of drive, all are correct as well as communication parameters.but still it is tripping (drive is tripping in running position not in starting)

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why we use DO Fuse in H.T. Line ? What is the purpose of DO Fuse

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What is the function of semicon in 33kv ht cable ?

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what is the correct method for the outdoor termination of 19/33 KV HT cable step by step?



in dc transmission the frequency pi is zero, then how it will transmit communication signal?

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time constant of RC series circuit?


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In PT the coil is wound on?


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galloping in transmission line is due to


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aeroline vibration is present


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What is the importance of counter based plan & how is it scheduled?



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How many turns are there in primary winding? (In Transformer)


what is the grounding Calculation formula? spouse i want to provide grounding to 3phase 18kw motor or i want to provide ground to 3phase 10kva dry type transformere or you give me any exemple...... Thanks.


Is it possible to obtain 480v or 550v in single phase output by giving the input to 230v to a single phase torodial type transformer without using a stepup transformer?


What is the HVDC Transmission System? What are the conditions applicable to lay an HVDC Line?


in 6.6 kv vaccum circuit breaker vaccum bottole vaccum capacity ????


please send me privious exam's queation papers of section engineer(electrical).


why you don not show protection and type of isolation in key single line diagram?


What will be result if we connect LT votage to the terminal of HT motor?


During Starter Panel Com missing I Found The Main Incomer 40Amp MCB 10KA Trip When Motor Change Star To Delta Motor Rating 20HP BUT When We Use Same MCB To Other Motor It Does Not trip Or What Is Necessaries for Star Delta Starter MCB SFU MPCB OR MCCB And What are The Breaking Capacity of MCCB in the Motor above 15HP


Hello everyone, somebody knows what is a "surplice power" ? The hole phrase is: "This rating is appropriate for a generator set paralleled with an infinite bus e.g. a national electrical supply network or grid where the generator set is run at 100% load, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and any surplice power is exported into the grid" Thanks in advance.


What is meaning of out of phase (making & breaking) capacity And how to calculate


What is mean by Sensitive Earth fault & what are the effects


How many types of interlocking use in screw type air compressor,make-Kaser(BSD MODEL)?


What is ignition module of a CAT Gas Genset G-3508 Engine, Alternator SR4B Series. HOw its checked for correct functioning.Is it repiarable or replacable?


If ac voltage applied to the field of dc generrator the output of dc generator ?