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how u change the vector group of a transformer like DYN1 to ynd11    2  2105
What is Grounding?    2  1678
Can neutral line also be use as a earthting for distribution transformer, or we need separate earthing pit forh the transformer?    1  2121
How to know the back up time for a 5KVA UPS which is connected to 15 nos. of computers? Is there any formula for this? pls. tell me.    1  1907
What is the general power factor & min. power rating of TV,LCD type TV, CRt type TV, Scanner, printer?    0  270
Can I use cable armour as a earth conductor? if not how many GI/CU wires I need to run along with cable?    1  1341
i Have 1000kva 11/.4 kv voltemp make t/f Its a 2 year old. i wants to known how much iron losses & copper loses during no load condition.    2  1198
Why we didn’t feel electric shock in an electric train ?? ntpc   8  8951
how fault in an electric system is detected & hw protection of equipments is done ? ntpc   6  2925
Which Machine u will prefer to use at a place where flammable gases are coming out & why ? ntpc   4  2248
What is relation between transmission lines & Communication lines ? ntpc   0  459
about transformer oil material & Test name for the measurement of its dielectric strength & wht will u do if its dielectric strength goes low ? ntpc   2  2889
Why a transformer Noise during its running condition ? ntpc   8  4653
WHY WE USE SIEMENS plC    3  3138
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Un-Answered Questions
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Describe the test procedure to determine the vector group 282
is there any lightning by passer is arranged in ship like buildings? 320
any one please tell taht what type questions will be asked in BHEL interview, i am having interview on 24th Dec, please send this to mail 291
An 8 pole, 50 Hz, 3-phase IM is loaded to a poing where pull out torque will occur. The rotor resistance per phase is 0.3 ohm and motor stalls at 650 rpm. The slip when motor stalls is A 1 B 0 C 13.33% D 10.33% 170
ii) A shunt motor supplied at 230V, runs at 900 rpm when the current is 30A. The resistance of the armature is 0.4 ohms. Calculate the resistance required in series with the armature to reduce the speed to 600 rpm, assuming that the armature current is then 20A. [12] 268
What is the difference between UPS & inverter ? which UPS is better and whos got the edge ? what is the difference between & inverter ? which UPS is better and whos got the edge 12 V , 24 V , 36 V etc what are the advantages of 12 V, 24 V , 36 V etc and what are the disadvantages of 12 V, 24 V, 36 V etc thanks 342
what is the current limit of lighting arrester ? 286
can we make a electric generator,which can not use any type of fuel,air,solar,gas,thermal,coal,petrol,etc and able to produce electrical energy (or self electricity generating generator) 321
What is the basic principal, by which DC voltage level is increased more than the supplied AC voltage during conversion. As upto AC level it is contorrled by firing anlge but after maximum level how is it possible.Please clear picture. OR we have to supply the higher level AC? 334
what is difference between cpp electrical system and refinery electrical system 338
How to calculate earth fault current for 6.6 KV , 50 HZ , 756 Amps , 3000 RPM , 0.8 PF generator 94
what are doing the duall connetion in tree phase 10hp or etc motor with circuit diagram 230
What test must you do before powering up a circuit that you have been working on? 260
If we have to find the inductance of a dc shunt motor then by giving dc supply or ac supply and what is the reason for it. (this example is from "to determine the transfer function of a dc shunt motor ") 273
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