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What is the difference between earthed and unearthed cable l&t   5  4194
what time should we set to come on star contacter in stardelta starter?and for what reason we hav to set such time delay range?    2  1584
why VCB always installed only at HT yards or HT side? suppose if ACB installed at there means, what will be problem?    1  3221
how can I check HT cable ?    2  2090
how can I calculate charging current of cable/overhead conductor? what is roll of voltage in it ?    0  1700
how work a harmonics filter(L-C combition). bhel   0  403
Explain the laying procedure and laying depth of submarine cables under sea? schneider   1  1153
what is the difference between interconnection and intraconnections in the circuit diagrams ntpc   0  2851
Is there any Institution for giving M-tech in Electrical engineering for those who r in service? Give the details please. cb&i-lummus   0  348
why ct mensioned 0.5/5p20 plese any reply to me    2  3252
Why capacitor bank is not neccessery to switch on,pls answ me with formula    2  1318
in VFD when freq is reduce the voltage will reduceor not if it will reduced upto ...    8  2601
what is the difference between earthing and unearth apple   0  758
Seamless tubes are made by? bhel   4  3208
what is difference between power transformer and distribution transformers    1  2003
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to measure the earth resistance value in a concrete pavement(flood light area)? 331
i m doing DEEE in part time,can i join regular cources in BE,,IF i join what the cources can i select like (civil,ece,IT) ,,kindly advice 275
what is the diference between the 4pole & 6pole DC Motors & what is advantage 6pole over the 4pole ? 237
What is the theoretical reason for the size of a zig zag grounding transformer to be 1.732 times less than that of a wye-delta grounding transformer used for the same application? 467
What is the PIU. 416
Why LED light has advantage of rapid reflection ,although other lights alse reflect.? and this light is considered to be best for transmission usage in case of Free optics 302
Can anyone explain me the operating principle of the megger tester?( I just know that its diflection relates with the ratio of currents of control & diflecting coil. I need more information as breif as possible) 1617
hi plz send me reliance placement papers..i.e electrical technical papers that have been asked in reliance test. 1163
We have received supplies of the ordered material. payments against the supplies also released. Where ST paid 4% against form C. Meanwhile it has been observed that 25% of material supplied was defective. Please suggest whether the issuance of C form from our side would be stopped till settlement of liabilities. 210
explain me the relation between torque, frequency,speed,voltage and current in the 3 phase induction motor? 331
if a number of plc s are there then how many modbus to be used 334
how can we make cable shedule for controll wiring ? which details must be required for it.? 354
what is meaning of 230volts ac 50hzs ac supply is it rms or maximum to getting ac 230v what amount of max voltage they will send 381
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