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how to calculate the cable size in sqmm if load (kw) is given?    5  5472
what would happen if reactive power (kvar)is increased (more)or decreased (less)? how much exact reactive power should be maintained? and what should be done for that abb   0  524
why transformer rating is given in kva?    2  2189
how to calculate the settings for shaft ct protn in hydro generators    0  409
how many voltage or current enough to kill a person?    12  12221
is the surge effect the solar panel, if yes so tell me how can surge effect the panel? explain brifly    1  1377
Advantages of low voltage drive (control panel) abb   1  1877
plese send me the oces/dgfs sylabus and previous year question pattern of electrical engg.?    0  748
What are the components connected in between the power supply coming from an electric pole to HT & LT Panels in a large commercial building or how the power supply connected from Electric pole to Transformer & then to the HT & LT panels of a building? Please send me answers via mail, my id is If possible, please give a line diagram. ranbaxy   0  420
If DC supply is given to a transformer it may a) Work b)Not Work c)Give lower voltage than the rated voltage on secondary side. d)burn the winding wbsedcl   12  6100
what do you mean by puncturing of insulator by ice -coating?    2  1623
what is the meaning of DSL airtel   4  5592
what is use of capacitor in fan abb   8  14777
how the rotating magnetic fieldis produced in induction machines??? give the correct there any mathematical expression for the same?    1  854
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Un-Answered Questions
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ii) A shunt motor supplied at 230V, runs at 900 rpm when the current is 30A. The resistance of the armature is 0.4 ohms. Calculate the resistance required in series with the armature to reduce the speed to 600 rpm, assuming that the armature current is then 20A. [12] 350
To make a basic instrumentation amplifier, it takes A One op-amp with a certain feedback arrangement B Two op-amp and seven resistors C Three op-amps and seven capacitors D Three op-amps and seven resistors 342
what is harmonics? what are the factors it will depend upon 377
What is transient Phenomenon? 408
if in 3-phase system voltage=440V,frequency=60Hz, current=400A. then if it is single phase then current=? and if it is single phasing then current=? 660
how we do Vector group ,magnetic balance and tap changer test in Transformer? 933
Hello sir i m student of gtu .what is idp. 514
some time we open engine breaker 8.0 MW load but plant not trip. and another time engine open 4.0 MW load engine trip why? individually engine breaker open & individually emergency stop why difference? 314
substation+ plc system 354
what is photo voltic cell,& what are the materials associated with that?and any spcifications like volts/cm etc? 417
Describe the test procedure to determine the vector group 489
how load of a turbo generator can be increased 361
is ac supply can store 336
In aerodynamic turbines which element is NOT there a.stator b.compressor c. Fuel intake system 117
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