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What are high pass filter and low pass filter? and What are the flowmeter ?    0  312
In layman terms, what is the difference of Dielectric strength and dielectric constant when speaking of an insulating oil    0  616
What is the purpose of using busbar mounting fuse?    0  309
what is the ranje of HT cabel and LT Cabel. sail   0  864
What is the difference between online and offline UPS    1  2336
Is there any Institution (Not AMIE)for giving B-Tech/M-tech in Electrical engineering for those who r in service? Give the details please.    2  1572
hello, I need to know exactly what happen in the motor while it is connected to the (star/delta) starter, mechanical and electrical. Thaks for answering    3  1703
which is best ac or dc    3  2070
why we use negative feedback in control system.    2  2520
what will happen if 11KV is given to 1.5 square mm cable connected with constant load of 10A ?what will be the condition of cable after injecting the voltage?    1  1312
is harmonic useful or it distort the alternating quantity?    2  1195
can we use inductor for passing or blocking of AC or DC? ntpc   3  2785
In motors how many types of cooling systems were used? ntpc   0  371
What is the difference between bushing and insulators.? what is the creepage distance?    4  11482
I want to do a mini project. Now I'm studying in 6th semis tor EEE Engineering.    0  392
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Un-Answered Questions
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In EDO ACBs what is a purpose of closing coil and motor, what is the operation of these devices are they inetconnected. means if we give supply to motor and by BCS we charge Closing coil,what exact is operation is and how it charge a spring of ACB. Sir if anybody has an wiring diagram please send me the link to operate and EDO breaker. 232
We normally make oil soak pits under Transformers. Oil from soak pit goes to collection pit. We provide granules/pebbles under transformers. My question is weather granules/ pebbles to be filled in soak pit or not? if yes upto what level? 2348
give me applications of sequence bridges . (used in 3 phase un balanced systems) 318
What is the instrument to check the rotating diode fuse of alternator in running conditions? 439
what is the necessity of under ground cables ?? 327
what is a types of short circuit and what is a types of distance protection tests 465
hi can any body send me syllabus of rrb electrical section engg... and past pepar also of any board... 634
why is a power transformer used only occasionally?it is used to step up at generating stations?and that needs to be done all day long !!!!!!! 250
what are the standard IR values should be of R-E, Y-E, B-E, R-Y, Y-B, B-R of VCB in closed condition and in open condition for 500KVA & 1000KVA transformers. and what is the acceptable range when tested by 5000V megger. 275
what is meant by flywheel and its role in retardation test 485
What is the general power factor & min. power rating of TV,LCD type TV, CRt type TV, Scanner, printer? 267
Some times to change of DOR of a motor, interchange of R & B is not effected and RYB take same current, but interchange of R&Y is effected ie change the DOR. My doubt is what is the problem in motor and how it is happen. 303
1)what is the function of a frequency inverter? 2)If a few frequency inverter are connected onto a device network,what are the two setting that will ensure the frequency inverter work properly on the network. 3)whats is the name of the input sensor for weigher? 4)How to confirm that the load cellis faulty? 5)Describe briefly the steps to validate that the weigher is working properly? 6)Describe the procedure to validate the flowmeter accuracy? 7)Describe briefly the steps to validate that the tempreture sensor/transformer is working properly. 8)what is the adjustment that need to be done when you are calibrating the temperature transmitter ? 9)what are the safety measures to be taken before disconnecting motor for rewinding. 10)whats is the synchronous speed in rpm of typical 4pole 50hz motor? 11)whats is the formula for kw, ohm's law 12)if a 3phase motor is rated 3kw,415vac,what is it's rated ampere? 223
Q.1:What protection will be used on HT and LT side of 33/0.4 KV, MVA transformer. Indicate capacities of protective device to be used. Q.2:Which types of back-up protections are used in the power transformers? What do you understand by the term over travel in the relay? Q.3:How star and delta connected winding transformer are provided from earth fault 318
pre arcing time of ehv breaker 333
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