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What is the difference between surge and impulse?    3  2391
What is the difference between switch gear and control gear ?    2  5153
What is the normal value of delta in rotor angle stability or transient stability? Why it selected so?    1  582
What is the role of ESP(Electro Static Precipitator)in steam power plants? Where it is located? How it works?    1  2721
What is load staggering or load shifting in the context of power distribution?    1  889
What is the allowalable frequency variation in India and in US? Why there is the difference?    1  1473
What is Hot reserves and spinning reserves?    1  850
What is the fuction of surge arrester and surge suppressor? Modern days line designes are based on which surge?    1  786
Which state of India had first started power reforms?    1  538
Which are the major Nuclear power accidents in the world?    1  519
What is Co-generation in the context of electrical power systems?    1  511
What value(high/low) of diversity factor is desired in power system and why? How such value is achieved?    1  1592
What is the range of efficiency of thermal or steam power plants? Why it is so low?    2  920
why ohms law does not obey semi-conducters?    2  1667
is the secondary voltage of current transformer greater than primary voltage,,,,,,,,] give the example with ct burden,current ratio,and primary and secondary side voltage?    2  538
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Un-Answered Questions
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 where the Motorized mccb to be used? In Motor control center panel starters ,it is use full. please answer   5
why does rotor rotets? 152
hai iam arunkumar. i have applied for an section enginner in rrb. i want lat 5 years solved question papers. if u have please sedn it to 169
solar energy light efficiency & disadvantages? 200
in ct secondary one terminal is connected to earth why? 193
why star point of HT motor not earthed? 320
We have 5 Distribution sections with variable loads&We have 3 Gensets(500kva,380kva&250kva) our total load is between 400kva to 600kva. so how could we connect 3gensets. 146
How to select earthing strip for 100kw induction motor ? 260
1)what is the function of a frequency inverter? 2)If a few frequency inverter are connected onto a device network,what are the two setting that will ensure the frequency inverter work properly on the network. 3)whats is the name of the input sensor for weigher? 4)How to confirm that the load cellis faulty? 5)Describe briefly the steps to validate that the weigher is working properly? 6)Describe the procedure to validate the flowmeter accuracy? 7)Describe briefly the steps to validate that the tempreture sensor/transformer is working properly. 8)what is the adjustment that need to be done when you are calibrating the temperature transmitter ? 9)what are the safety measures to be taken before disconnecting motor for rewinding. 10)whats is the synchronous speed in rpm of typical 4pole 50hz motor? 11)whats is the formula for kw, ohm's law 12)if a 3phase motor is rated 3kw,415vac,what is it's rated ampere? 113
what will happens if one phase is missing for 33/11kv power transfomer and why? 135
While performing stability test of differintial cts how to know the voltage and current on both side of the transformer? 915
can we run AC & DC cables in same tray 149
what is the formula for calculating the phase clerance between two phases and phase to earth how to calculate the cable for a motor 184
how to select the double earth conductor if 21A full load? 155
What is Primary And Secondary Injection Test of Relay and Other Electrical Devices. How IT is carried out. 920
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