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What is the maximum number of swithes that can be connected in series up to down stream point in an LV Distribution system?    0  395
How Load Factor, Demand Factor, Diversity Factor etc best applied in designing an electrical circuit? Is it allowed to consider these factors in each and every panel in an electrical distribution system? Can any body suggest a good book for reference? oberoi   0  1200
What is the maximum No. of out going mccbs permitted from an LV distribution paqnel? What is the ampere relation between incomer and out going switch gears/mccbs?    0  309
which pump used in STP dalkia   0  468
witch pump used in wtp dalkia   0  479
Explain the function of VFD dalkia   10  10458
specify the inbuilt protections in DG    0  339
how does an centrifugal and screw type chiller will work. which chiller efficiency is high and why. hyundai   0  636
1.What is effect of capitance in transmission line? 2. After raising the voltage at receiving end what will be happen? we nullify or control the raised voltage at receiving end? ntpc   3  2140
What Is HO factor in power selection    0  452
what is diode? and what it is used for ?    3  1539
how to check regenerative load in drived motor hindustan-unilever-limited   0  568
Do power transformers have an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) just like the alternator/generator in a power system?    4  3056
A Generator is in running condition and Rotor earth fault alarm is coming.How to check on line(i.e in running condition) whether there is actual earth fault in rotor or not.    0  389
What is the main function of fuse?    5  9313
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Un-Answered Questions
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why the power factor of the induction motor is low? 223
what do you mean by every IC 74 first digit.why are you using this no.why not using another no. 230
ratings of lightning arrester 524
How is the connection of the tap changer on the HV side been made? 348
why sielent pole is used only in hydro generators and not in turbo generators 1823
Is it possible to make a 5P10/ CT Ratio 50/1A Burden 5VA 89
why the India electrical supply transmission loss is high when compare to us 398
How to calculate size of HT breaker with the help of Amp (current)? Please provide answers with examples. 625
how to avoid Saturation in C.T? 394
how test transfomer(3 phase75kva) by megger 534
what is the difference between 50 hz freq. and 60 hz freq.? which is better and economic in them ? 703
What is the exact formula for one weber of magnetic flux? 523
What is the form name of 'c' license, I want to download in web 191
In ups static switch if i gives the supply at output end it will open the circuit in stactic switch or not if it will open then how it operates. 678
Hello Friends, How can we recognize the CT Star Point is S1 or S2 in case of Electro Mechanical Relays and what is meant by Restraining coil in relays and what is the purpose of that.. thank you in advance.. 537
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