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what is the maintain in ACB,VCB,MCB,MCCB breakers? cts   4  6347
what is the reason of battery voltage is 12v maintain?please answer cts   1  2022
electrical resistance in human body?please dedails quick. cts   2  1625
what is the load amp of a 2 hp single phase motor?    6  2737
what is the chemical name and formula of refrigarent R-134a. blue-star   0  499
what is the advantage and disadvantage of billing in kwh and kvah by electricity board . ntpc   6  14305
Briefly describe means used by electricity suppliers to influence the flow of active and reactive power in power networks (one for each type)?    0  399
Briefly describe three methods that are usually used by electricity suppliers to control voltage levels?    0  412
How to select AC3 duty contactor for DOL & Star-Delta starters    1  5036
how to do the ductor test?    0  4019
Why we are testing a tan delta test in transformer? which purpose conduting that test? and time priode test?    1  1271
Please send 110 kv sb station full single line drawing(sld)    0  755
Why we are using only Dyn11 tranformer in distribution system but not using a Dyn1 in distributing system?why not and advantage and disadvantage in both jindal   0  1035
what is the resistance value of our human body?    9  5492
There is no such thing as a Generator. All power generating devices are Alternator since both generate alternating current since this is the only way electrical power can be generated. In "generators" the alternating current is converted into DC inside the housing of the "generator" in order to give out DC Do you agree? If not please educate me. How else is DC generated if not like above?    2  1435
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to calculat the ratio of HT\LT in energy meter 359
who can measure the size of power cable? 325
can i use ups power as a raw power for another ups 227
what is earth fault relay 64T, why it is used in main Incomer and neutral CT of Transformer. 360
Can u explain : what is supply for train (whether a,c or d.c ).I know that supply is 25000v a.c .But there is rumour that supply is D.C. And also explain how lights and fans inside the trains are working ,and what type of motors are used in trains whether D.C motors or induction motors .If d.c motor, how it gets supply.If traction motors are used then what are traction motors and its functions and how it differs from other motors and also explain about locomotive . y d.c series motor in train.train wheels r driven by D.C shunt motor ,at what voltage,and at what speed. please reply.............. 283
1.Z transform always lies around ? a) origin b) pole c) zero d) z=1. Multiples Mcqs which is bother me can’t find answers on internet. Some help required with little explanation . Note: this is not homework or related to any test. Thanks 60
in 220 kv substation,what is the mean of avr voltage reading? means at oltc temp. 36 the avr voltage was what the mean of 109v 399
how many types of motor can be used in washing machine 399
what is different between relay and plc? 1544
why the field winding in dc motor is not short circuited eventhough dc supply is applied across the winding 76
what parameters are should nessary for control technic dc drive(in rolling mills)? 302
Why arc quenching is used in Diode ? 397
how to find 5 kilo meter long under ground 33 kv cable fault location if IR VALUE shows 0.05 M ohm @5000 volt.and cable fault locator shows some time fault distance 3 kilo meter ,3.7 kilo meter and some time 1 kilo meter? now how to find the fault location that where is leakage. note--it is tested with 5000 kv megger and insulation resistance is 0.05 M ohm. and some time 0.03 M ohm comes. 430
I am shobana from Chennai. I am having my personal interview on 19th Dec at Chennai.kindly mail me the questions to mail id 537
A ii kv 1200 A Breaker combination fixed in a cubicle. How many ampere Fuse is required? If fuse is not using, Why? 341
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