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1) What is difference b/w impedence relay and differential relay? 2) what are substations equipments? 3) what is difference b/w circuit breaker and isolator? 4)what are the types of circuit breakers? 5) which medium is mostlty used in circuit breakers and why it is used?    1  2159
For backup batteries connection,which method is best? series or parallel ?      3  3486
what is the responsibilities of electrical project engineer?    2  2869
I have 3 1000 kva single phase transformers and I wish to replace them with one three phase transformer. What is he kva rating of the new three phase, is it 1000 kva also or 3000 kva.    5  3511
how is calculated the quantity of weight in hot test xlpe?    0  735
How Grading Rings & spacers in transmission lines works?working principle?    1  1486
why Square root 3 used for three phase?    2  2503
how does grading rings & spacers in transmission line works? Working Principle?    0  432
If we have use two power cable for incomer, that time how many use cbct for earth leakage protection? 1 or 2 if 1 way? If 2 way?    0  509
lenz law application and define    0  617
Can anyone please provide me details of MCCB/Contactor/SFU rating calculations for a motor feeder..for example 50 kw.. not from type-2 cordination chart. i want manual calculations..    0  596
What mean power grid fail. why power grid fail.    1  2376
What is ignitor and why it is use in Hpmv lamp ?    2  2197
Why capacitor is blow when I am starting motor ?    1  1777
40 HP motor how many square mm size wire use for stator to motor & aluminium wire use ?    1  1449
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is VCC? 273
what is 3rd Harmonics? how it is generated in alternator 4407
While HT line put on to activate ACB in low tention panel VCB tripping instantly.why it happens 223
What is FM200 Gas??Applications........ 615
how we start 40w tube light with 4 diodes,2capacitors,1 choke and without starter.(a product avilable in market which lights burnt tube lights also) 536
Brushes are placed at magnetically neutral axis,when brushes reach that point,the armature conductor gets shorted,but it can be seen that the dc supply is also shorted,wont that get damage? help me plz 487
What is meant by vector group 616
What is notching in dc machine? 268
After completing iti in electrician, how can i get certificate of electrical supervisor? What ia requirements. For it? 63
Application Comparison between 22KV (UE)and 33KV (E) system. Are we allowed to use 33KV (E) cable in lieu of 22KV (UE) cable. What are the technical disadvantages. 462
our industries ht line so power fluctation(once drop of power please rectify causes 375
What is inverse definite minimum time lag relay? Where is it use? 778
What do u understand voltage reg. of an alternator? 413
What type of pipe material G.I or M.S is used for sprinkler system? 4867
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