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AC covered area by ton calculation    2  599
What is the RME and explain the full form and what is the RME work?    0  291
i need about 10 years of GATE solved papers in pdf format and even mock tests toooo    0  133
If NO contact of relay gets supply from other sources or other part of circuit and at a time relay coil activates,then current will flow in which direction & will it cause to damage relay??    1  261
Why phase sequence ryb called colours.    1  1242
What will happend if given Vfd out put to step up transformer    0  142
what will happen, if both relay contact has live supply, and coil of relay activated    1  439
why a pilot exciter is used in combination with the main exciter? why not only a main exciter is used for excitation to an alternator?    0  179
what is active power and rective power and power factor    1  690
What are books to be referred for KPTCL exam?    0  265
Difference between transition and diffusion capacitance    0  213
why the secondary current transformer cannot left open    1  809
Difference between drift current and diffusion current?    0  139
I completed iti in2004 I was worked in A grade contractor can I get c licence    0  173
at work we have a 3 phase motor but on testing one phase isnt getting a reading. it runs 24 hours a day all week. stops and starts well no noise or heating. the phase isnt down to it just a bad meter reading or not? phases one and three came up with a resistance reading of 0.4 but phase 2 couldnt get anything shows up as open circuit.    0  114
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Un-Answered Questions
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If there are two transformer having rating of 2.5mva, 6.6kv/440v(satr-star),and the load is 600kw then what is better to maintain less losses in transformer having both transformer in parellel or only single transformer connected to load? Please give calculated answer 804
How we calculate the Multiplying Factor of Kwh meter for 3 phase alternator. 213
i have faced a problem in ro plant grunfos make bm30type pump it is 22kw pump. We start this pump using siemens 3rw 4423-ibc44, 30kw softstarter but this soft starter will frequently failier so we planed to change dol starter. So pls tell anybudy its possible or not. 395
what is protection class current transformer. 1686
Dear sirs, pls check this 4-20ma to RS485 module datasheet,pls guve me some suggestions. Thanks. 350
Which device of PlC does share load between DG sets when DG are running in perallel? 414
1) Explain why we don't link the two earthing system ht and mv on a pole mounted transformer sub-station. 58
In single phase ac ups supply when current is measured with tong tester neutral current is found more than phase current.What is the reason? 441
Why water bubbles when D.C. Current is passed through it? Why not when A.C. Current is passed? 367
Please clarify 1. Icw: rated short circuit working withstand capacity 2. Icu: Rated ultimate breaking capacity 3. Ics: Rated service short circut withstand capacity 4. other specification of ACB 1104 many types of relays? 2.difference between ATS& STS? 478
Electromagnetic torque developed by the motor is compared to shaft torque. A less B same C depends on motor design D more 373
At light load transformer efficiency is less because A secondary output is low B transformer losses are high C fixed loss is high compared to output D copper loss is small 310
Application Comparison between 22KV (UE)and 33KV (E) system. Are we allowed to use 33KV (E) cable in lieu of 22KV (UE) cable. What are the technical disadvantages. 554
what is earth fault relay 64T, why it is used in main Incomer and neutral CT of Transformer. 534
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