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if you asked to choose a ckt breaker from MCB & MCCB for 32A which one will be best and why??    5  491
1 ( Aluminium Cable ) = How much Amphere ( AMP ) tata   3  858
how the find ct mf and mf roll in metering    0  133
what is transformer tap change HT side and LT side alstom   1  400
what are difference between indoor and out door substation    1  416
I want to know Electrical Circuit?    0  97
when the motor was star position that is running ok but when the motor was delta it was tripped? why? nimbus   3  523
how to find value of resistance when 1 kw consumption for 10 minutes manipal-hospital   1  323
why back up fuse used in vacuum magnetic contactor? knpc   1  324
what is the purpose of silicon dropper used in battery charger? knpc   0  369
why transformer fuse wire is very thin as compared to home fuse wire while voltage lavel is low    1  312
What is switch disconnector fuse?    1  318
Why transformer rating is represent in KVA? bhel   6  667
will a transformer work when pulsating dc id applied to its primary?? what will be the result?? cemp   1  346
can we ran equipment up to 10kw between phase to grounding/ earthing. beside above can we use grounding instead of neutral. . tneb-tamil-nadu-electricity-board   0  209
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is complex power? 77
although ckt breakers have taken the place of old fuse. But instead of it , these older ones are still used in the industries and homes ? why .... what are their advantages and disadvantages ? which one is leading and winning the race and competition ? 192
upto how much low RPM we will run the commercial motor which is run through VFD without any problem occurs in motor.Motor rating Duty is S1 & RPM is 1400. 166
Good morning: I'm looking for some informations about the OLTC or the LTC: I wont to know what the function of the tie-resistor in during the operation of reversing/coarse operation Cordially 233
What would cause a 240v choke that should give 110v out on a 16w lamp to gradually increase to 160v? 186
we all know voltage is a force(emf), and the force always devides if 2 or more than2 loads are there but why does the voltage remains same is parallel, it must devide na ??? 144
what is counter poise conductors 166
How to set a Zone 1 distance relay for distribution feeder? 126
We have Diesel generator of 200KW. fuel consumption is always same,even connected light load or full load. Is it right? 151
what is the string efficiency 879
From an electrical motor & electrical generator, which has more efficiency & why? 179
please send me latest & previous years question papers for IOCL Technical level questions 270
Please brief what is sinewave 172
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