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if a bird sits on the service wire it didn't get shock then why the human get shock when he touches it(assume that human is not on the ground and any object i.e. in space)?    5  581
why ac ratings are in tons?    2  421
how can i apilly for electrical c licencese.sir,i completed B.Tech in electrical & electronics engineering in 201onot working any company subros   0  103
Why electrons flow only one direction in semiconductors. why can not flow both directions    1  356
Why let through energy not considered for ACB breaker while cable sizing?    0  163
hi , i have 150 kw loud and we need 50 m cabil,i want to know wich size cabil we use. thanks    0  132
what is mean by harmonics?Type of harmonics?    6  409
why a bulb glow when connected with two end phase and neutral respectively. acme   1  314
how an electron flow in a wire. can it flow like a car running on the road?    1  194
What is a charge.?    4  318
As per the Anchor capstan motor specification, full load current is 200A. starting current is 1750 A and acceleration time is less than 8 seconds. Please guide for selection of cable size.    0  118
Hi,My name is ranms i want to know the machine vibration related me if any body knows. 1) Possible causes of machine horizontal vibration high? 2) Possible causes of machine vertical vibration high? 3) Possible causes of machine axial vibration high?    1  145
what is meant by negative half cycle    0  105
i installed 100kva ups. what KVA genset they should provid in input side? plz any update formula or ans with reason.    0  110
given data are load current & power factor cable core size? plz any one update the calculation formula    0  87
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Un-Answered Questions
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what are fluorescent lamps (fluorescent fixtures) & what are incandescen lamps (incandescents fixtures) ? differences between these two ? 143
How to calcute the cable size for both HT and LT please specify the formula for that Regards Chethan C 180
how to calculate the torque of a motor? 197
when a pure dc signal is sent through a moving iron meter, what will it read?? dc or rms?? when a variable dc signal is sent through a moving iron meter, what will it read?? dc or rms?? 110
1) What are your personal strength? 2) What are your personal areas of improvement? 3) What are your expectations from from a particular job? 4) what are your carrier objectives? 434
how to compute kAIC?  with formulas... 13
Is a direct shorth ciruit on a branch MCCB in a Low Voltage Switchboard a correct means of tesing the performance for discrimination? 171
what is parellel power factor correction? 412
why we dont prefer ac voltage controller instead dimmerstat [if both have same rating] for conducting experiments in laboratories? 270
How to Decide(calculate) Bush bar size for copper and aluminiam ? 325
in indoor type circuit breakers why only the corner breaker trips specially during cold season. What is the reason. 148
what reason of line current and phase current in star connection and line current and phase current not equal in delta connection? 159
how can i get an electrical c-certificate? 196
What is an alternator impedance value? 589
how can we say that stator magnetic field rotates with synchronous speed?can we derive? 150
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