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Why do you have to use Protecion relay with the function MTB ( Mechanical Trip Button ) for electrical system.    0  301
which type of stability limit is higher,steady state or transient? why?    0  276
Why 268hp induction motor taking different current in three different phases? (In which two phase having same current and one having higher value compare to other 2 phases.)    0  992
where connected OLTC for transformers?    1  1964
why in 3.5 core means 3 core for phase and .5 for neutral?    1  2891
IN Electric train which type of motor is used,for what reason they uses?    3  5735
difference between buscoupler & bussection?    1  4230
In LT cables 3.5 core cable are available that means 3 core and .5 for neutral Why .5 for neutral and is there any reason for that please suggest thanks and regards pavan kumar    0  1161
For 7.5kw star delta starter how to calculate 1. Mccb rating 2. Contactor rating 3. Over load relay rating    1  3124
What is Working principle of electronic choke?    1  3864
what is the distance between two overhead lines    1  4271
difference between turns ratio and transformation ratio?    2  2880
What is voltage in two phase?    7  7520
what are the condition that makes hooter blow?    0  625
Practical applications of series connected resistances?     1  1530
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is effect on in zone and out zone fault if CT chosen for phase side is Vk/2<5mA and Neutral side is Vk/2<15mA on REF protection of Transformer 527
In a voltage-controlled current source A A current booster is never used B The load is always floated C A stiff current source drives the load D The load current equals Isc 291
Why efficiency of generator is higher than motor at a particular load? 374
How many points does a Circuit can have? 289
What are the application of Under voltage release? 2
What are safety device in vcb and acb? 929
How to address the servo drive for motor 302
how to size H.T & L.T Panel ? 301
how works inductive &capacitive sensors? 301
give me applications of sequence bridges . (used in 3 phase un balanced systems) 339
I am having a 1500 KVA transformer whose secondary current is 2086A and my connected load is 1000 KVA, I am having 400 KVAR APFCR for PF improvement what ratio of CT should i install in LT EB Bus to get optimum PF improvement? 44
what is meant by negative sequencing in power system.explain in detail 437
how to electrically make connection to ferroli GN2N? 118
How to set a Zone 1 distance relay for distribution feeder? 378
How many different speeds can be obtained in cascade control of two induction motors? 476
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