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15 kva dg set single phase takes 63amp( approximate) while same rating 15kva three phase takes 35amp approximate. why ? and what will be per phase current for 15 kva    2  490
if we have a power factor 0.99 and we add a capacitive bank with it then what happen?    4  1056
how to calculate the power factor when instantaneous voltage and current has harmonics in it ?    0  183
What is difference between wire and cable ?    3  1726
why dc motor runs slowly when dc supply is given?    2  1284
What is function of Diesel Generator?    2  742
What is the need of generator relay panel    0  134
What are all the conditions to protect generator & turbine in thermal power plant?    1  854
compare between starting charactristics of synchronous motor with those of 3Q Squirrel cage induction motor    0  106
what will happen if synchronous machine rotor fed from single phase ac supply     0  105
sir, in a industry present pf is 0.54 pf 25hp power is there its want improve 0.9 pf. which suitable capacity capacitor is suitable please inform me.    2  557
Which rccb 30ma,100ma,300ma sensitivity should be used in domestic line and what is difference, advantage and disadvantage of all three    1  267
What is the function of turbo charger in generators    1  806
Question about ct secondaries connections?    1  507
What will be the output of an alternator ,if the field current is single phase ac supply.    1  665
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Un-Answered Questions
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Plz tell me how we can find that particular company has vacancy or not 386
single phase power supply give to separate one steel coup with water, what reaction create 252
What is the lifetime of a Thyristor? Is there a recommended lifetime for thyristors after which they should be replaced? 749
In our factory so many iron pillors are exists for supporting the shed/Hangar. If do more no of earthings at one piller instead of doing more earth pits in many locations and running earth strip around the hanger, I can save the money. Please suggest this method is acceptable as per Is specifications though the Earth resitance of the farthest piller is with in the limits as per IS specifications. 367
what is earth pit , how we can measured it, what earth rods reference 799
Why is a synchronous motor always star connected?? 673
what do you mean by every IC 74 first digit.why are you using this no.why not using another no. 151
how to measure earth resistance of a substation 1377
Whether IP65 enclosure box blocks ventilation if driver for LED have to enclosed inside IP65 box 466
who invented active elements? plz give me the complte details of active elements... 328
What is the maximum percentage voltage drop (vd%)for a motor control center 290
1sq mm dc powr cable can carry how much dc currnt 298
why the value of k is more in shell typr transformers? 284
how to generator maintenance (A Check, B check,Etc) 578
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