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what is submersible pump?what is different between motor and sub motor?    0  145
Can step down transformer works as step up one???    2  414
How to confirm the Phase shifting Transformer VECTOR GROUP relation , as below ZNy11.45d10.45-ZNYy0.15d11.15    0  160
What happens if there is no nuetral in the power system?    5  659
what is meant by transformer differential protection ? bfl   3  323
what is the purpose of bypass mode in energy lighting transformer?    0  148
The maximum demand of consumer is 2 kW and his daily energy consumption is 20 units. Its Load Factor is (1) 10.15% (2) 41.6 % (3) 50 % (4) 60%    1  231
One 200 V, 100 W bulb is connected in series with primary of a 200 V, 10 kVA transformer. If its secondary is kept open circuited, then the bulb would have (1) Full brightness (2) Poor brightness (3) A little less than full brightness (4) More than full brightness...explain    2  350
A synchronous machines has higher capacity for (1) Leading power factor (2) Lagging power factor (3) Does not depend upon the power factor of machine (4) None of the above    1  517
Which of the following alternatives will be cheaper (1) A 100 h.p AC, 3-phase motor (2) Four motors of 25 h.p each (3) Five motors of 20 h.p each (4) 10 motors of 10 h.p each explain    0  138
how will we calculate the copper wire load..    0  94
As we use capacitor bank in 3ph ckt to improve PF, can we use capacitor in single ph domestric use, in house we have Fan,Mixer,electric cooker,iron,tube choke they also lag the system,because it is inductive load. if it is possible to improve PF of single ph system-- if yes- type of capacitor to be used,connection diagram, working in detail. if no-- list it.    0  76
what is the difference between H.T Or HV lines...?    1  157
As we use capacitior bank in 3ph ckt for improvement of PF, why not we use capacitor in single phase domestric use, at our house their are many inductive equipments,like fan,mixer,tube choke,air conditioner they also draw PF... by using capacitor can they improve PF. if yes--what are advantage and how to connect a capactor in single ph,and which type of capacitor if no- what are disadvantages.    0  79
Hi, what is 100 % stator earth fault protection and how it can be achieve by 3rd harmonics and low frequency injection principle ?    1  259
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is the role of Dedicated earthing in UPS System? 335
why actual valve timing diagram is different than ideal valve timing digram of a 4 stroke engine? 632
we can run 2phase as 3phase .what will be the differnce with respect to phase angle, power, current between the two modes 162
How much earthing frequency is capable? 136
does the Trivector Meter of three phase automatically takes care of the low power factor and gives the reading accordigly or it does not take care of the Power factor while giving the readings please explain 176
How to work E.L.C.B and how to connect in circuit. 62
what is lumped and distributed elements? 113
what is diff btw electric,magnetic & eletromagnetic field 129
what is the minimum voltage require to injure our body? 898
why we r not earthed Control cable of C.T. terminals 138
When will you multiply and devide with derating factors to the actual value while sizing the cable? 151
What is the definition of ohms law? 2
what is the Connected Load (kW) or Contract Demand (kVA)of mahindra nasik plant?? 1811
what is the safty of poly phase tranformer? 137
what is the meaning of WYE and DELTA in Electric meter? 623
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