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how we design a pannel to start 10HP motor with the help of star delta starter?    0  94
what is FET    1  218
Why we use two wattmeter during block rotor test and no load test of 3phase induction motor? And how can we understand the neat power requirement of from this test?    2  605
During speed control of dc shunt motor with flux control methode,when armature voltage is constant, How can it possible to increasing the armature current?    1  166
Why a dc generator gives result during two different condition,- 1)separately exited gen.- Eg=110 V, field current=0.25 A. 2) self exited gen.- Eg=30 V, field current=0.025 A.    1  138
whether energy meter is connected in series or parallel.why? encom   2  394
What is diffrence bitween electrical and electronics ?    3  330
what is the rating of Insulation tester for measure 15 KW, 3 phase 415V 50 HZ induction motor?    2  696
what is the formula of high voltage testing of three phase induction motor?    1  279
while selecting transformers for 33 kva feeder normally we ask for 33/433 kv why not 33/415    1  224
if i get a drop in my 1st year and the i clear my 2nd year and 3rd year all clear and i dont have any back logs so can i be able to sit in campus selection??    0  94
If you have an earth with pilecap then your resistance is really low. why and how?    0  110
what is the eight bit unit?    0  85
Which generation plant has instant start    2  355
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Un-Answered Questions
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Can anyone send details regarding motor protection relays ? their manuals please ? 166
What is the differance between 2 dc motors of armature voltage 660 v and 440 v? 167
when we gave dc supply to 220v dc motor its rpm is 1200. then we gave 180v. how many rpm of its motor. gave answer with calculation at my ID.... 196
what is RFCT and Insulgard Relay & It's function? 192
operation principle of a generator? Gss, Diesel and HFO which is better and why? 336
What is ignition module of a CAT Gas Genset G-3508 Engine, Alternator SR4B Series. HOw its checked for correct functioning.Is it repiarable or replacable? 184
how many stairs have you climbed while you were coming 131
What is the formula to find out two phase active & reactive power 152
what's the simultenous maximum demand (SMD)..what the diffrent MD and SMD? 173
why tertiary winding is used in transformer with diagram? 185
what is distribution board? 143
why are use corona ring in high tension line switchgear? 87
what is the differance between HT motors And LT MOTORS. 23
We are preparing another project which involves Waste heat recovery from a 1 MW GE Engine. The Engine in particular gives out flue gas at 487Deg C with a flow rate of 5650 kg/hour and this can be cooled to 180 Deg C. This gives a thermal output of ~ 594 KW that is available for input to VAM via heat exchanger / boiler. Additionally 581 KW will be available from engine jacket water (temperature profile 80/ 80 Deg C and a flow rate of 50m3/hr) Our estimation is that 300 TR of cooling is possible with a suitable VAM machine(s). Please advise what is the most suitable arrangement with maximum TR and min Capital expenditure. plz reply me as early as possible 132
why the electrolyte level in lead acid battery is maintained 2.5 cms above electrodes? 152
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