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Write the programming software name for LG, SIEMENS,Messung,AB    0  329
i am completed in B.E(Electrical and Electronics Engineering) with 8 months experience in Quality Control Engineer at Bharathi Industries,Coimbatore.    0  300
which type of oil is used as a transformer oil? jsw   3  3160
what is diff between Fourier series and Fourier transform?    2  3196
which is better ac or dc?    2  1914
how to calculate kA rating of device? siemens   3  5619
how to calculate earth fault relay current and CBCT ratio ongc   0  2031
during the period of armature reaction ,if the brush shift is not accomplish, what happen?    1  747
if a.c supply is given to the motor,, what happen? l&t   0  428
Different between megger and contact resistance meter    3  2505
I would like to know that the fault curretn at base load and at 10% generation will be same? Fault level of BUS remain same with different generation?    0  240
what are the points to be consider for MCB(miniature circuit breaker selection?    3  1974
Why single core cable required bonding at double end.    0  398
If we give 2334 A, 540V on Primary side of 1.125 MVA step up transformer, then what will be the Secondary Current, If Secondary Voltage=11 KV? l&t   3  2177
how much current in live 11 Kv distribution Line? abb   1  2532
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Un-Answered Questions
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why ct's&pt'S out put called as burden,why compelsary short ckt the secondary of ct's while removing the burden? 251
why current flow to the opposite direction of flow of electrons??????????? 394
What is the types of HT motor testing 1557
how we find transformer capacity by ohm 447
What are the function of different components of servo motor? 250
What are the different auxiliary protections of a transformer? 338
Sir, I have applied for the of of NPDCL. please send me all AP TRANSCO AND JENCO solved papers of previous exams . I requested send me the papers to my id as soon as possible ( (This is very urgent) Thank You, 1162
a simple c++ program to calculate simple interst with its data members as private 280
What happens to a line-frequency of high-frequency transformer when it is first energized/ re-energize? 486
which book to refer in electrical engineering for iocl exam & which book for general english. 322
In Indian Household, generally we receive 220V AC single phase supply. But AC has 2 phases, +ve & -ve. So in +ve half cycle current is what happens in the -ve half cycle?? Please illustrate. 487
anyone please send transformer parameter design formulas & details of tap changer ? plz i have interview this week its more helpful for me ? 266
what is the reactance,capacitance & impedence electrical armoured & unarmored Cables. 295
what is the function and use of cable differential protection relay? 1111
wht is embedded systems? what is new inthis field? 246
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