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why diesel tank is earthed abb   1  1393
What will be the change in its efficiency and other parameters of a ONAN transformer if it changed to ONAF transformer ? tesla   3  563
What is pole slipping relay? When it is operated? aditya-birla   2  1106
what is the function of anti pumping relays? what is KVAR? How it is generated in alternator? What is 3rd Harmonics? What is IDMT relay? aditya-birla   0  137
what is the power factor of the megnetising component of transformer allied-group   1  467
hi frienda We have 750kva cater pillet dg set we are fasing one diffrent proublam in dg we are start dg set after one mint applying load around 450a load but dg was run 3 Or 4 mints after 3 mints dg was shuding down automatic how to face this proublam pls tel any budy    1  301
what is meant by switch fuse unit ?    3  783
What is Servo Ventilated Motor? l&t   0  189
in Contactor opearation Why there is a difference in the values of the operate and release voltage in case AC supply    0  127
which pole motor is best ?4 pole motor or 6 pole motor,why?    2  1414
difference between the earth mat and earth grid?    1  954
What is meant by pitch of a synchronous machine.?? kirloskar   1  622
What Is the Difference Between Lightening Spike and Lightening Arrester?    1  470
how to check IR values in alternator winding? birla   2  1616
what is electronic regulator and how we can use that in fans?    3  726
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Un-Answered Questions
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I have a relay contact rated at 220v dc which is supplied with a 24vdc from the panel,for it to trip the dampers(24vdc).What if the application of the relay changes so that it should work at its rated 220vdc then will it work at 24vdc supply given or any other consideration needs to be taken ..... 209
How CFL &T5 tube light glows? 141
what is the difference between Power and Distribution transformers ? 126
What is the Resposiblity of Electrical Utility Engineer 288
why use in & out Diesel line in dg set. 117
Why let through energy not considered for ACB breaker while cable sizing? 163
how a resistor resists to flow the current?how an inductor oppses the sudden change in current?how a capacitor opposes a DC voltage. 159
low frequency protection why recomend? 175
1.why we are using blocks in withoutgaplightning arrester 2.why we ar using bushing in withoutgap lightning arrestor 139
I have a drawing of a wound rotor induction motor for a crane. This crane motor has 5 forward speeds & 5 reverse speed implemented of course with different amount of resistance for each speed setting selected. What has got me scratching around is the fact that 8 of the 10 speed selections switch in uneven (unbalanced) amounts of resistances on each of the 3 connections to the motor's rotor.Can this be possible? I would have assumed this would produce unbalanced rotor currents and therefore vibration in the motor. I would greatly appreciate anyone's comments on this. Many thanks, Confused. 103
What are the different towers used in 132kv transmission line? what are the differences between the P,R,S towers used in 132KV and detailed explanation 135
how brushed dc motor operating ? 149
Atwhat condition reverse power relay will act? 181
What should be the Sandwitch type Al. bus bar capacity for 2 M.W.Gen. set, having continuous full load current- 3463 Amps,ambient temp.- 50 Deg. C., Required temp. raise-20 deg.C., it will run 24 hrs, 365 days on full load, required highly reliable. 129
types of motor starter 556
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