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what is the difference between the electrical and electronic choke?    1  811
what is the diffrence between mcb &elcb? synergy   2  1037
i want the formula of total eletical knowledgement    1  307
11 kv line me tino phase takra jaye to present time me approximately voltage aur current kya hoga... videocon   2  554
why battery set is required for D.G.set?    5  1521
what is RNG in the DG synchronizing by PLC?    0  126
is dc shunt moter oprate on ac? if no why? if yes how? iocl   8  1731
hi frienda We have 250kva cater pillet dg set we are fasing one diffrent proublam in dg we are start dg set after one mint applying load around 450a load but dg was run 3 Or 4 mints after 3 mints dg was shuding down automatic how to face this proublam pls tel any budy    2  631
what is meant by twilight switches 7 where its applicable ?    0  144
what is meant by moulded case circuit breaker ? abb   0  143
what is difference between RCB,RCCB &RCBO? abb   2  3195
How to maintaine ht motor efficiancy    1  381
why total tape position are odd in number in Power transformer ?    1  171
Why we find the sensitivity for the CT's to check?    0  107
What is tranformer differtial?    0  104
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Un-Answered Questions
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Is it possible Z axis excess error alarm reflect in X axis if yes explain ? 320
can anybody send the rrb chennai &rrb bopal question papers of 2006&2007.My exam is on 12 oct 2008.Its urgent 224
How to arrange a hous hold earthing system to keep minimum earth resistance( below 7ohms). 208
sir i ve applied for hindustan petroleum and power grid india ltd..and the exams on feb 22.can you pls send model papers and tell how to prepare for those.i need to get into any of these for sure..... 301
What should be setting for alarm,tripping and cooling fan on for power transformer's oil temp. and winding temp. indicator? 168
How can we measure earthing resistance test (Earth meggar) of Transformer neutral pit while in live condition?. 124
In HI POT test what is reason for applying the AC VOLTS and DC VOLTS in different applications what is the nessesity for this ? 132
why and how current drawn by battery charger depends upon the altitude where it is located? 404
The Howland current source produces a A Unidirectional floating load current B Bidirectional single-ended load current C Unidirectional single-ended load current D Bidirectional floating load current 157
which stabilizer is better ? AVR, Servo Stabilizer, Static stabilizer etc & why explain it 752
what is the difference beteen differential protection and over current protection of an alternator 149
Could u pls tell me the NPCIL electrical engineering interview questions for Executive trainee, and also guide me how to face the interview. 711
state basic meaning of 'INDUSTIAL AUTOMATION'? 127
What is Auto Mains Failure Panel & Auto Synchronizing Panel 107
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