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what is the meaning of electrical maintenance?    2  6941
difference between analog pressure gauge & digital pressure gauge?    1  3055
why in scott connection of transformers, main transformer is tapped at 50% and teaser transformer at 86.6%? bhel   4  10244
What are the complete specifications of a motor?. rrb   2  2250
Hi, We have have the major losses between BBT ( Bus Bar Trunking) to LT Incomer & LT to HT incomer, how to arrive the losses?    1  1051
What is the IS standard for MCCB to be use (As per capacity of AMP)& for ACB also.    0  344
how to select power and control contactor . bhel   1  1451
what copper pvc wire need for ac load current 25amps for 230v ? siemens   4  2998
What is the difference between MCCB & ACB Where it can be used    5  2805
What happen Grid EARTH plat got cut. zuari   0  528
What is meant by IP55 motor.Where it is used? zuari   2  2160
what is mean by parallel operation of permanent magnet generators    0  295
how to measure the transformer resistance values(dyn11)?and howmuch the minimum value?    0  473
Dear sir, we are getting voltage fluctuations suddenly for 2 or 3 minutes again it becomes normal. we checked each and every connection some times we are getting 110 volts like that from earth to neutral again it is reducing we are getting supply from 45 kva DG set give earthing properly.    3  2285
1. How many types of mangers? 2.How many types of capacitors? 3.pls tell me normally types alternator problems? apcpdcl   0  376
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Un-Answered Questions
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How Load Factor, Demand Factor, Diversity Factor etc best applied in designing an electrical circuit? Is it allowed to consider these factors in each and every panel in an electrical distribution system? Can any body suggest a good book for reference? 1024
Which Class insulation is prefered for the sandwich Busducts ? Why? 293
What is the meaning of utility ground and clean ground? How the distribution panel is grounded? 603
what is meant by power and distribution transformer ? 291
limitation of conductor height on ground when we consider EMC 250
1. A bomber drops a bomb from an aircraft flying at 2000 km/hr. at an altitude of 7km. The speed at which the bomb will strike the earth would be 278
A motor running with lenze frequiency inverter stops if I REDUCE SPEED with 25% load.If I run it in High speed and medium speed running smoothly with full load.please help me to solve it. 211
What is the purpose of stand by earth fault protection for transformer ? 339
in india per day how much power is generated including all power station 253
how calculated Transformer losses. 283
xpression 'document.FrmQF.myemail' [ 356
How should i design a 1ph & 3 ph transformer. Kindly let meknow all steps and formulaes related to design from scratch. 337
circuit diagram of trip circuit supervision relay 319
why generator efficiency is more in swinburnes test? 485
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