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how to select fuse in any circuit? if with fomula ?and examples also    1  395
why told ' x ' mer to transformer    1  850
A 1F capacitor is charged to 100V initially. A 1H inductor is connected accros the capacitor througha a switch. The current in the circiut when the switch is closed is____ ecil   0  307
Which addressing mode contains the address for data as a part of the instruction in 8085. ecil   3  689
Find the octal equivalent for the binary number 101101110 ecil   1  887
Unit of Magnetic Flux Density a) Tesla b) weber c) Hendry d) Farad ecil   3  1028
Size of the 60Hz and 400Hz transformers is a) same b) 60Hz Tr s larger than 400Hz Tr c) 400Hz Tr s larger than 60Hz Tr d) None of the above ecil   4  860
Relation between magnetic field strenght and magnetic induction is a) Voltage b) current c) Speed d) tarque ecil   1  602
Q: How to calculate Transformer losses , tell us by Formula.    0  193
how CBCT works?    1  1012
my b-tech percentage is 50%. what answer will satisfy the hr ? wipro   0  198
Why LED light has advantage of rapid reflection ,although other lights alse reflect.? and this light is considered to be best for transmission usage in case of Free optics    0  131
What is the difference between LT & HT Cable    4  1518
Anyone who can recommend an equivalent to Envirotemp FR3 of Cooper?    0  177
What is full form of G.O.D in 11kv distribution? mseb   4  4926
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Un-Answered Questions
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how to compute kvar in substation feeder to improve power factor and sending voltage 220
what is meant by moulded case circuit breaker ? 158
what is impedence voltage 117
how to calculate fuse rating for a motor 711
placing earthing pit in pathway is correct or wrong??. placing earthing wireGI1/18 inside walls is correct or wrong?. explain!!! 134
what are the major & minor faults that occur in an inverter and in UPS ? And how to repair and resolve them ? 211
PLZ sent the previous year question paper for GET in NHPC on my EMail id 900
What is the percentage loss for aluminium wire for HT line more than 11KVa 313
How to do bus bar short circuit calculation for 230KV/11kv, 60 MVA Substation? 1741
what is the safety points of vaccum circuit breaker. 125
can i able to get bhel previous exam question paper? 157
why 1.7Uo for HV cable Hi pot test?IE standard why? 256
how much allowable resistance that can be difference in motor all coils? 133
How i can decide that HVDC line is best for transmission. 192
i completed my DEEE. and i want to electrical c license. how to get it..? 16
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