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Explain the following and how these are working with PLC Unit 1 I/O Module Card 2 Adaptor Card 3 Ribbon Adaptor 4 I/O bus 5 I/O Devices    0  5
Can a 150 kva 3 phase,440v/230v delta-wye connection stepdown transformer can be used in reverse as a step up tranformer ?    1  11
can a 150 kva 3 phase 440v/230V delta-wye step down transformer can be use as step up transfoermer with connected loads at 440v side?    0  7
what happens to the water pump if ground water level is slowly decreasing?our water pump is varying from no-load full-load due to this problem    0  9
sir i completed apprentice in TNEB.apprentice is eligible for 'c' licence    0  9
How much inductance or resistance require as a starter in series with induction motor of specific capacity(e.g. 5 hp) ? What is formula for it ?    0  9
how to calculate cable size with respect kw    0  10
any one guide me to reduce the power factor of diesel Generator from 0.97 Leg to 0.8 Leg.with out any change in my load.    0  9
Could Please Explain briefly. Why used stabilizing resistance series with High impedance bus differential protection relay.    0  8
should dc supply will give the transformer to build up the voltage level    0  6
IDMT relay are mostly used for protection against..??? 1)Earth Fault 2)Inter turn fault 3)Overloading 4)None of the above    1  29
Which device is provided as backup of Buchholz relay???    1  45
what is the calculation of power factor?    3  66
Advantage of earthing transformer    2  69
How do apply electrical 'c'license......pls advice    0  19
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Un-Answered Questions
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why does a dc machine has high efficiency while working as a generator than as a motor .. 339
how hydrogen cooled alternator undergo maintanence ? that is hydrogen when come in contact with air can result into explosions . 340
if voltage bt phase & nutral is 38v in a panel board . whats the root cause. 572
my diploma certificate in my higher education college 27
please send the IS strandard for electrical to 577
Transfer function is == ? a. Mathematical model b. System with no physical structure c. Can be calculated through differential equations 75
apti mainly on logical reasoning, verbal and non-verbal ability (70 percent) and remaining technical. I was in ee but technical had mech ques like on turbines and welding. 479
what is a types of short circuit and what is a types of distance protection tests 530
sir i have cleared the apti test of EIL held on 15th march and my interview will be in new delhi on 2nd june.i will be very much helpful if u help me regarding the type of interview questions comes at EIL.(URGENT.........PLZZZZZZZZZZ...............) 466
why and how voltage sharing in transformer, during magnetic balance test ? 461
i've iocl interview.. if you know the interview process please give me information.. 288
I have an existing old MCCB. ABB Model SACE, the rating are: Ue = 660 volts, Iu =1250 Amps, 3 poles, Ith (max) =800 amps at 45 deg C. I need a circuit breaker for my 3 phase motors, 380 volts 60 hz. the supplier required the minimum ampacity of the breaker to be 911 amps. can i use this breaker with rating of Iu =1250 amps but Ith = 800amps maximum? 524
Whether IP65 enclosure box blocks ventilation if driver for LED have to enclosed inside IP65 box 448
how can you calculate fault level ? 587
what happen if i change the polarity of ac when it is connected with motor 1357
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