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After taking shutdown of 11kv feeder, if you see 5kv by phasing stick in the cable side, is it possible to close earth switch in cable.    0  8
What is double throw isolator and single throw Isolator.    1  13
Load break swicth maintenance procedure.    0  8
If breaker is undefined position, first step to do.    0  7
Difference in load break switch, isolator and circuit breaker.    1  9
High speed earth switch operation with diagram    0  8
Zone of protection and tripping scheme of arc protection relay.    0  7
What are locations arc protection relay is fixed.    0  7
What are options used for earthing the switchgear.    0  6
How earthing of switchgear system to be done.    0  4
Which type of arc protection devices used.    0  5
Single line diagram for dbb (double bus bar)system.    0  6
How to do maint. Of busbar.    1  11
How to do maintenance of transformer feeder.    0  4
How to check the cable fault / hv test of transformer cable.    0  5
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Un-Answered Questions
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Installation resistance for whole installation of 16 kva & 25 KVA DTRA a) Between each conductor b) between conductor to earth c) installation resistance for each apparatus, each conductor to earth d) earth resistance for the system of earthing 277
why we use four type of phase angle difference between pimary & secondry winding of a transformer & where we use them? 441
What do you mean by per capita requirement of electrical energy in india 398
How would your past experience translate into success in this job? 3440
What is the use of Surge Capacitor in LAVT? 4523
Hi, Next week Iam appearing RRB exam for section engineer. So help me to get modal question papers for this position. Iam very thankful to you. Whether question will be fully techanical format or general form. Please give me a details regarding this exam. 367
at work we have a 3 phase motor but on testing one phase isnt getting a reading. it runs 24 hours a day all week. stops and starts well no noise or heating. the phase isnt down to it just a bad meter reading or not? phases one and three came up with a resistance reading of 0.4 but phase 2 couldnt get anything shows up as open circuit. 51
Thermal withstand capability under full short circuit conditions, in terms of number of times of occurrence of short circuit and corresponding anticipated percentage reduction in transformer life. 423
how the CT and PT is connected in the circuit during testing of transformer explain with diagram 380
how to avoid Saturation in C.T? 334
There is any especial requirement for motor to drive through with VFD? 970
What will be the size of copper cable (each for 3 phase and 1 neutral) from Service connection Kit-Kat to Panel Board (i.e. to main switch) for a 6 pole 3-phase AC induction motor of 200 H.P. capacity? Amp-255 A, Frequency:- 1450 rpm. 316
To prove the capacity of a 10MVA transforemr with 6.5% impedance by a short circuit test how much power is needed to inject an impedance voltage if we have to arrive for its rated current? 289
Why do we use copper cable for HT Supply and why not Aluminium? 348
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