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what is vcb & working principal    3  22
how to electrically make connection to ferroli GN2N?    0  14
RESISTONS R1 AND R2 in parallel = Total R.? 1-R=R1+R2 2-R=1/R1 + 1/R2 3-1/R + R1+R2 R=R1R2/R1+R2 select one    1  20
transformer cooling fan kharab ho jaye to 1-off kar dena chahiye 2-load kum kar dena chahiye 3-koi frrk nhi padta 4-sub galat hai. choose right option    2  26
what is the difference between earth and unearth cable?    0  16
Consider a case that two 200 hp motors are connected to 500KVA transformer. For improving power factor can we add capacitors in common bus bars to motors. Or should we add capacitors for each individual motor?    1  29
How do we arrive at selecting reactive capacitance value as 30% of h.p rating of motor?    0  16
Can we loop AC neutral wire with DC neutral wire?    4  37
Why do we use 36KV LAS for 33kv line and 9KV LAS for 11KV line?    0  18
what are the specifications we must look at to select a relay for any capacity motor?    0  18
Define CT & its function    5  39
What is power factor?How to improve power factor    1  30
why in some trains in India Electric equipment such as Fans , tube light not work until locomotive or engine is attached to the train ??    0  12
I have a current transformer with 1 main reading meter with transformer outside the building and a control panel having 5 CT reading meters with black round coils inside the building. I want to know, A) when current pass through the Transformers, will the current be reduced or be the same and after that B) when current pass through the CT meters with black round coils, will the current be reduced or be the same. C) in the above process will the reading of the main meter be same or different, from the total reading of all the 5 CT meters.    0  15
what is skin effect and why is it absent in DC systems    4  41
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Un-Answered Questions
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How many devices can be connected in one zone of FACP 305
How to know any size of cable if there are not written on cable? Answer must be theurical not by experience. 352
what is value of Jin transformer 451
What is a fuse? How does it work? What are materials used? 228
Thumb rule for capacitor bank calculation 1977
We have two parts in generator, electrical & mechanical. how it works? 259
plz tell me,ht and lt panel terminals in substations explain beiefly 268
How to measure power in 2 or 4 or n phase circuit? Please give me a formula. 293
what is difference between elr and R eartl realy. 396
why sometime we get electrical shock while touching the ballon of dish tv connection ? which we should not get. 308
How can maintain our H.T. motors used in cement plant. please send me procedure. 2301
What are the factors which influence the choice of specific magnetic and electric loadings of a synchronous machine? 231
What are the applications of different multistage amplifiers?Plz also write advantages of these amplifiers? Thaaaaaaaaanx 1234
As i want some model question paper in basic computer science and history please send me immediately sir 183
what is meant by tranformer impedance? 738
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