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With a phasor diagram show the effect of increasing the field current of a generator supplying a constant real power and connected to a grid system.    0  5
A 10 MVA, 66KV, 50Hz, Y-connected 3-phase alternator has synchronous reactance of 0.635 Ù. It is working at full load at 0.8 lagging p.f. condition. Find torque angle, neglect armature resistance.    0  5
What is shunt voltage and u v voltage witch one best    0  6
what is the name of the oil is used in transformer?    3  13
Which motor has high starting torque    1  12
What is SFU why it is used    1  6
why did the BDV test in transformer?    2  15
Relation between pyramids and electrical technology?    1  7
On 400 amp factory load how kvarh capacitors provide    0  12
how we calculate electricity unit ( meter unit.. for knowing how many charges) from on motor load.?    1  11
_____hamari_____tumhari____ne dil ki_____utari. _____ne ____ dekha ashe ___ doshti ko lage na hamari.Complete pajal    0  5
What mean 150 amp hour write on battery.    1  15
whether fibre optic cable in high voltage earth conductor is used for protection circuits    0  9
Is it possible to measure the voltage of a battery from a single terminal?    0  8
Hello everyone, somebody knows what is a "surplice power" ? The hole phrase is: "This rating is appropriate for a generator set paralleled with an infinite bus e.g. a national electrical supply network or grid where the generator set is run at 100% load, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and any surplice power is exported into the grid" Thanks in advance.    0  9
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is droop control? 399
what is the reactive power what is the use of it in system 398
why induction motors are rated at 0.8 power factor. 452
explain the function of brush less dc motor? 425
which VFD is better ( LT or HT) 297
how to select the automotive wire size by mathematical calculation. for xenon headlamp with ballast. the ballast given data voltage 10-17v,current permenant 6amp, run up phase is 15amp, peak at swicth on max 400micro sec is 40amp.the sum of cable resistance is 150mohm.please provide referenc document if any for relating the peak at switch on current,time & wire wire size 685
in ACB breaker requireding 3200Amps. buscoupler getting OFF mode and again it reset and getting normal position give me a required answer? 457
what is the calculation method to design core and winding of a 200kva 3phase distribution transformer? 815
How to get Electrical Supervisory Licence in chennai Tamil Nadu from TNEB. I am BE EEE graduate. 948
Why do we use 36KV LAS for 33kv line and 9KV LAS for 11KV line? 233
compare between starting charactristics of synchronous motor with those of 3Q Squirrel cage induction motor 106
in electrical control panel. how can i choose the cable rating. (example - 11kw motor, 18-25A mpcb} 1196
a 100mva,400/200v transformer has leakage impdce of 10% draws a steady state line currentof--------------- 347
what is the minimum voltage require to injure our body? 2568
How to know any size of cable if there are not written on cable? Answer must be theurical not by experience. 424
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