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Period of infinite continuous fourier series a. N b. N+M c.infinite    0  10
ROC converges if poles and zeros lie inside a. Origion b. Z=1    0  11
To have variable speeds we use a. Induction motor b. Traction motor c. Shunt motor    1  19
If we have two nodes A and B and Vab is the potential difference between these nodes then which node is called reference node a.node A b.node B c. Ground node    0  8
A circuit breaker on detecting fault will a. Open b. Close c. Open and trigger the alarm    1  18
Batteries used for electrical energy storage are a. Laclanche cells b. Edison cells c. Lead acid cells d.any of the above    0  10
In aerodynamic turbines which element is NOT there a.stator b.compressor c. Fuel intake system    0  10
Transmission lines usually use a.3 phase b.2 phase c. Single phase    1  17
Less cost of delta connection over star connection a. No fourth neautral wire    1  12
The ripple frequency in output of fullwave bridge rectifier is a. Half the input b. Twice the input c. Same as input    0  8
An active element is one which a. Supplies energy b. Absorbs energy c. Supplies energy and convert energy from one form to another    0  8
Which modulation has higher data rates c.qam d.qpsk    0  8
Which fault is caused by lightening and thuderstorm a. Line to line fault b. Single line to ground fault c. Double line to ground fault    1  18
For overhead protection we use which transformer?    0  6
For high frequency application we use which transformer?    0  6
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Un-Answered Questions
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I am having a 42KW 3 phase electrical heating furnace, heating element is 80/20 nichrome material, my connections is made in such a way that 2 star connection compromising 2 coils per phase so totally 12 coils, shall if i use it unbalanced star condition (instead of 2 group of 3 phase or 1 group of 3 phase, connecting 4 phases of 5 phases) what will be the consequences and is it acceptable? 61
Discuss the effect of sudden loading of an induction motor 312
what is rocking arrangement in arc heating 293
Fantio of tranformer 510
What is minimum permicible value of leackage current for LT Panle when applying voltage up to 3 KV for 5 Minuits? 401
Why efficiency of generator is higher than motor at a particular load? 382
how to choose cable size with respect to load? how to convert cable size in mm2 to 2219
sometime battery charged and then automatically charged when rectifier ON conition, is there any chances please clarify the same. 246
why do we need to use 3c+3e cable, normally i select only 3c+e cable and i think it is enough. pls explain the usefull of 3e cable ( in this project the earthing system is well done) 557
wat is the first thing dat is needed, 2 lay a cable in some area?? 276
please tell me when we start motor without load in star or delta connection whose current above condition,pl write formula 498
although ckt breakers have taken the place of old fuse. But instead of it , these older ones are still used in the industries and homes ? why .... what are their advantages and disadvantages ? which one is leading and winning the race and competition ? 363
why you don not show protection and type of isolation in key single line diagram? 328
How are load losses and no-load losses measured at site in a DG set? 264
what is the standard values(Megger test) of resistances between L&N,L&E and N&E for a system on IEE regulations? 541
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