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What is voltage in two phase?    1  12
what are the condition that makes hooter blow?    0  9
Practical applications of series connected resistances?     0  7
why we need the starters for motors    1  14
1kva = kw ?    4  18
How can get elongation of 2 k.G aluminium, if elongated aluminium dia is 2.5 mm?    0  6
Is there is any difference between AC and DC Cables    1  17
what is inter connected dc generator?    0  13
working function importance of mdc meter    0  11
What are IR values and what it should be for coil and for insulator    0  11
What is meant by vector group    0  12
Do you know what is dry-out test in x'mer    0  10
What are the safety equipments you should use while you are in a hvac switch yard    1  11
How dc generators direction can be reversed ??    2  16
what will be the efficiency off x'mer during no load test and during short circuit test    1  14
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Un-Answered Questions
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1. What is the exact formula for one weber? for example,(one ampere = one coulomb electron of electrons crossing a point of conductor at one second. i.e, 1A=1Q/1sec) 144
how to calculate regulation constants for over head lines? and what are the regulation constant for raccoon conductor at different voltage level and different P.F? 176
Is there any capacitor in 3-phase IM?why,xplain. 130
What will happen if i connect the delta winding motor to star input. 140
What should be setting for alarm,tripping and cooling fan on for power transformer's oil temp. and winding temp. indicator? 169
i've iocl interview.. if you know the interview process please give me information.. 142
132/66kv sub-station procation ? 101
how many Classification of fire extinguisher 142
how to protect motor in dol starter having capacity of 30 hp.40 hp? 638
ii) A shunt motor supplied at 230V, runs at 900 rpm when the current is 30A. The resistance of the armature is 0.4 ohms. Calculate the resistance required in series with the armature to reduce the speed to 600 rpm, assuming that the armature current is then 20A. [12] 161
which motor will u use in refinaries? 136
Why we find the sensitivity for the CT's to check? 111
What is size 00, 01, 1 etc., in HRC fuse types? 138
how can motor both beasrings insulation resistance can be check? 152
why we use end termination xlpe cable on ht kit 153
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