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32mm bar column lapping we use welding binding what is dimension of welding as per stander code?     0  28
How to calculate the material for pile 450 mm dia & 300 mm dia with formula find Cement = ? Sand = ? Blue metal = ?    1  58
How do we get this formula Ast=(0.5Fck/Fy) into(1-(in sqrt(1-((4.6Mu)/^2))into bd Fck=grade of cement i.e M25, M20 Fy=grade of steel i.e.Fe415,Fe250 Mu=moment b=width d=depth     0  29
clear cover means the distance between main bar outer face to shuttering face. Is it right?    3  108
how to take the quantity of block work and plastering  1block price:3saudi riyal cement:1bag:15 saudi riyal sand:3bag:20 saudi riyal 1mason:9hour per hour 40 saudi riyal 1labour:9hour per hour 40 saudi riyal can anybdy calculate    0  22
there is a residential building L = 20' B = 30' H = 20'  stairs L = 3' H = 20' calculate the numbers of Threads and risers from stairs with formula    2  113
how many litr. of paint will required for 1 sqm area of wall(internal wall and external wall) ??     4  138
what is anchor bar??    1  114
How to calculate measurement box size for M25 grade cement?    3  123
7500 liters capacity of water tank find the inner Length L = ? Breadth B = ? Depth D = ? in feet    3  113
how to calculate quantity of concrete volume of pile with bulb      1  86
how many stones require for rr masonery work 1cum.    3  113
material requred for 1 square foot lanter with formula    0  57
What do you mean by the word 'shear'?    1  109
What do you mean by the word 'shear'?    0  35
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to calculate quantity of plum masonry in 1:3:7 302
If the design CBR of subgrade is 10% but the material available on site is 30%.will you compact less(like 90%) where you get desirable CBR(10%). 685
i need the syllabus for the direcr recruitement of executive engineers in andhrapradesh 320
Concrete could be defined as, (1)An artificial stone (2)Structural stone (3)Strong stone (4)Rock and Sand stone 159
from where ican get sample papers for CET-delhi 2012 375
how to calculate the loads on slab? what are the steps? 179
significance of specific surface area of particles? 117
i have a interlock pavement work.i need to compact about 2000 sq metres of sub base grade c of thickness 15 cm.what is the amount of water required for compaction ?? 142
 What is difference between limit state and working stress method? How it is applies in building structure. 37
Can anyone tell me the sequence of the activities in a drawing room, kitchen & Toilet including civil work, finishing, electrical & plumbing fittings 154
Reinforced concrete: suppose you are doing rough estimate for purchase of rebar for reinforced concrete slab for single stores residential building. You know total concrete volume will be 100 m3. How many tons rebar 6, 10 and 12mm will you require for the project? 218
How do you calculate qty for form work like props shuttering sheet and acro span for residential block ? for Example: 10 sq mt what is the material and qty require to do form work. 1612
in one SQM plaster how much Cement and sand consumed in ratio 1:4 103
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