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Formula of area of crane hook    0  60
for 16mm thick cement plastring 1:6 on 100 Sq.m.New brick work,the quantity of cement required is.    0  68
how much unit weight of an RCC Box 3.0mX3.0m will be of design mix concrete M30    0  42
For 1cu.m how many bricks required practically    6  390
how much M-25 steel reinforcement per cubic meter in commercial building as per IS code    2  336
If the first roof slab is not deshuttering in this time shall I start column raising work in second roof is it correct or not    2  177
For 1 cu m of concrete required 1.54 Cu m times dry volume. Pl give clarification of 1.54 factor    1  222
What is Current Shuttering rate (labour + materials) for Columns, Beam & Slab on Item rate basis ?    2  387
in block masonry l=10',b=0.5',H=10',Calculate cement ,sand and no.Of blocks?    0  135
as we take 30% of whole brick work masonry ,so how much % we take in block masonry?    1  185
What is the quantity of cement used for stone pitching work of 100sqm 225mm thick and cement mortar of 1:6? And how?    0  72
what formula used to find the length of triangle ring in column?    0  120
what is tension & compression of steel bending.    0  126
how to prepare the bar bending schedule for a given rcc material?It will be more helpful if you explain me with an example?    1  166
Isolated square footing quantity calculations    1  368
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Un-Answered Questions
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undistributed samples are obtained by 460
what is the use if we fixed butterfly ties in column and masonry work joint?....where we have to fix(distance).. 541
calculate the quantity of water for 1:6 cement mortar 421
PCC Road Min Grade M 30 for VR standard Mahatashtra load 30 KN. what should be thickness of pavement, width 4m what should be length of panel. 599
sir please send me campus placement questions in civil engineering 1872
What is the difference between the concrete mix design carried out by IS10262 and by ACI method ? 769
sir iam dng my engg final yr (civil) iam intrested to write group_1 .if we write this exam what kind of jobs we get and what should be the minimum score for us to get qualified and iam having reservation too. 386
Should column area deducted from form work measurement of slab in building? 1079
what is the amount of absorption of slurry in shuttering ply board. what is the amount of slurry leakage allowed for 1 m3 of concrete. 443
how to calculate the scour depth 716
what r the precaution for high in atp tempareture,low in atp tempareture 209
In how many types u can do POP on ceiling and walls(on which material or by using which material)? b) what is the difference between dry , oil bound, enamel, acrlyic type of painting? 548
what would be the design load of R.C.C Cooling tower per cell.? 334
what is castigliano theaorem 312
rate analysis hiring of generator 62.5 KVA 328
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