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How is calculate the cube molt    0  60
what is thumb rule exactly?    2  233
what is the exact dia of 8swg and 10swg gabion wire    0  48
what is the tensile strength of 10swg and 8swg gabion wire?    0  44
Slab quantity     0  62
How to calculate quantity of binding wire for any kind of structures. How to calculate quantity of nails in 1 sq m shuttering.    2  396
how much weight of 20 mm aggregate in bras?    3  312
What is BOQ why to calculate BOQ    2  332
how to convert cement, sand aggregate quantity from M3 to kg with full description?    0  121
what is a mix design GSB and WMM    3  333
importance of the soundness test to determine the quality of cement use for any construction    0  73
How good are the Weinerberger Porotherm bricks that are being used in construction in Chennai, India. Its being used in non load bearing walls and has a compressive strength greater that 35 kg/cm^2 and a density of approx.694 - 783 kg/m3.    0  59
How do you calculate load bearing capacity of a waffle slab?    0  111
how many blocks required for 100sqft 8" blocks    1  314
Design a shear wall of length 4.20 m and thickness of 250mm subjected to the following forces.Assume Fck = 25Mpa and Fy = 415Mpa and the wall is a high wall with central part 3440mm x 250mm and two 380mm x 760mm strong bands at each end with following loading. S.No.       Loading        Axial force      Moment     Shear 1               DL+LL          1950              600            20 2           Seismic load       250              4800          700    0  71
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Un-Answered Questions
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for solid cement brick without fly ash,we use dust,6mm,12 mm jelly,water my question is what Proportion we mix dust,6mm,12 mm jelly,water ? for good strength brick. 333
how can we calculate steel value, depending on load 330
Ultimate strength to cement is provided by which chemical? 12
when reinforcement binding completed if there is more cover than the required what is the solution to reduce the cover? 296
how to reduce size of column 450 x 750 to 230 x.... if it is cut in area of bathroom? means it appears in bathroon any shifting or any other option....building is g + 10 and the bathroom is at first floor... 415
What is Heavy Concrete & Normal Concrete 738
what is the use if we fixed butterfly ties in column and masonry work joint?....where we have to fix(distance).. 521
what is meant by csr in foundation? what is sbc?what is meant by contour line? 321
What is the mix propotion of M10,M15,M20,M25,M30,M40,M50.M60 cement content,aggrigate,sand and water ratio. 1871
I'm preparing to to build a simple house, but i don't know how to calculate how much cement, gravel and sand and hollow blocks i need to prepare. How many pcs of 4" or 6" hollow blocks I need for my planned 3mx6m house? thanks.  1033
Hi.. Can i get hel in finding HPCL previous year question paper? plz help me in finding thiss.. 1008
why we create short columns under grade slab? 491
how to caluclate sienerge qty in construction in ap 528
minor loss due to sudden contraction 1>flow contraction 2>Expanssion of flow after sudden contraction 3>cavitation 4>boundry friction 201
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