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what is transmission ?how transmission is done in nokia 3G? mobily   0  376
please tell me how to convert cubic feet to cubic meter    5  8224
Condensation within a sight glass? Would you expect there to be more problems when using a sight glass if there is condensation on the inside or the outside of the glass, and why?    1  1099
What is the difference between rich gas and lean gas?    3  4295
how many units a split ac 1.5t 5 star will consume in 15 min. adani   0  1109
How to calculate the HEAT RATE of a boiler and a HEAT RATE of a steam turbine ? bhushan-power-steel   2  5333
what is HVAC & Utility systems    2  1624
hello! can anyone explain to me how a 3 speeds table fan work? what are the factors that are controlling the speed of a normal table fan? Is it by varying the voltage or changing the magnetic field? would appreciate your reply :) thx in advance.    2  1912
what is the bend correction for 90 degree of bend in any dia of HYSD steel reinforcement as per IS code ?    2  5615
why compression strenth of concrete is tested with a cube of size 150x150x150 mm ? gammon   5  7164
two 100W/230V bulb are connected in series. what would be the voltage drop across 1 bulb    6  2108
If the soil resistivity is more large, how can we earthing our 11 k.v. transmission line?    2  1219
Which IS Codes used for the steel reinforcement work?    12  10539
temp of cast resin 1500kva tx formerwent up to 138.c but came down very fast to about 100.c within 20 mins when load was reduced from 70% to 60%    0  346
the problem faced on star or delta winding connection??    0  317
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difference between arrays and linked list in c language? 378
I am a post dip. in machine maintenance , 2004 passed out and i am persuing my graduateship in industrial engg. and i would like to know, whether i am applicable to do any certification cource . And i would like to know, whether i am eligiable to do ann master degree since i have working experience of more than 8 Years in Larsen & Toubro, 217
Why electrical power generation and transmission done in 3 phase system not more than 3 phase ? 1372
What is meant by vector group 554
What is the pressure in co2 cartridge in a DCP 5 kg extinguisher. 1481
what is the difference between data and information and also between data and programs? 539
how harmonics generated in induction furnance? how minimise it? 440
i want to get rrb solved paper of s.e. & j.e.. on my mail 404
When a square wave is applied to primary of a transformer then what will be output wave form of secondary ? 366
what is the program to find out the smallest word in a sentence? like if the sentence is : this is my room. then out put will be : is 305
What is the magnetic field (coil DC ) of Turbo Expander? 392
consiteunts of indian railways 501
The power supplied to a 33microF capacitor from a 120V, 60Hz source will be 284
What is the formula to calculate the no load current of a single & three phase induction motor 401
how to calculate the power factor when instantaneous voltage and current has harmonics in it ? 105
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