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Which IS Code describe the industrial flooring? l&t   4  2192
what is Production Planning&schedule? l&t   1  2962
Plz tell me how we can find that particular company has vacancy or not l&t   0  448
what is the pre commissioning test to be carried out on LT power panel at site?    1  7098
we convert 66kv to 33kv then 33kv to 11kv,11kv to 440v.why not we convert directly from 66kv to440v? l&t   7  10040
what questions are asked in this round for ece    0  432
please give me all the Alarm .Trip ,Safety Relays & Conditions of Diesel-generators mail me on    0  320
please give me all the Alarm .Trip ,Safety Relays & Conditions of Chiller mail me on    0  245
please give me all the Alarm .Trip ,Safety Relays & Conditions of UPS Systems mail me on    0  270
what are the Alarm, Trip & Safety equipment (Issues) present in Power Transformers pls Mail it to    0  277
how to placeing reinforcement in slab?    2  5318
In VVVF drive voltage is varying in accordance with frequency.My question here is How much will be the voltage in the inverter side if the frquency is set for 10Hz ?    1  1461
what is mean by mmwc?    1  2655
in transformer which grade oil will use?    3  2558
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Un-Answered Questions
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sir,i m mech. engg final year student, please send me technical test question with answer for gail,bhel,sail& also useful for other psu exam. thank you.... 347
how to deside the capacity of chock for drive? 380
what is composition for cast iron as per is 120 grade 25 809
what is 24vdc live and dry supply 668
For a 6.6kV Motor it is recommended to do megger test with 500 V d.c and not more than 5kV d.c but the Hi voltage withstand test should be performed by 12kV AC. Why the dc voltage test should be limited but AC voltage withstand test could be with such a high voltage? 335
in dc shunt motor if armature wdg is open then 323
the industires choose embedded system for their applications because of reverse engg is not possible is the only reason or other reasons are available 391
what do you mean by junk yard,neo,meo,leo in satellite communications 503
How much fuel is to be burn for production of 1 ton steam? 425
what is the input of digital counter during the the calibration time? 688
What do you mean by the word 'shear'? 485
Meaning of ingrace protection for motor.for ex IPXY 516
 Describe a time when you anticipated potential problems and developed Preventive measures 985
any one have C-Dot interview question.....its urgent ...if any one hav..plzz share as soon as possible. 1301
why we use npn sensor in vibration monitoring system 481
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