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Can we add different application (program)in pro e modelling software? If YES ,then how????????    0  329
what is the difference betwwen the 2wire level transmitter and 4wire level transmitter??and their applications also??    2  3056
what is the right cable size for 100 hp mpter.    3  4251
Hoe do calculate the Cable size for Amps rating ?    0  237
why transformers not work at d.c.-    3  1750
Describe a time when you anticipated potential problems and developed preventive measures.    0  1071
can any tell me how to do wiring connection in L&T 3ph 4wire E301 CT operated energy meter, what is P1,P2,P3,P0. M1,M2,M3, L1,L2,L3.    2  3882
how the length effects the ampacity of the cable? if a cable is carrying a current of 100A for 50m length then what will the effect on current if we double the length?    2  1113
What all are important things keep in mind while designing and executing the water storage tank works?    1  2033
what is the difference between the alternator used in hydro and thermal power plants??    2  5594
how much quantity of work we can get by rod benders per day ivrcl   3  4684
Why are transmission lines multiples of 11? Is it because of some historic reason ? Or is there a scientific base to it?    5  1787
I am new in work for 1 of our project we have some instrument in BOM including Pressure, Temp. and so on, I also noticed some objects like pressure switch process HOOK UP; which I don't know what does "HOOK UP" mean here.    3  1621
what is the powerfactor gvk   5  2650
what will hapen if we give ac supply to dc motor?    2  1913
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Un-Answered Questions
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undistributed samples are obtained by 474
how to calculet the volume of torispherical head in pressure vessle design? 358
what is cause of static electricity? I experience shock when i touch metal equipment in a room ,furher check shows earth leakage showing 80ma at the DB near to the 400 MCCB? 280
my project load is 6 MW so please suggest the size of cable.. ALU 3c 400 aqmm cable can be sufficient.. is there any thumb rule for calculation of cable size please help me 59
what is escalation?how it is done? 537
what is defect tracking in sotware testing 304
How to calculate the force on a column of three story building. What should be the base concrete height?. 361
draw neat sketch of pirani gauge with wheatstone bridge circuit to measure output. discuss its construction working princple 1358
Explain why you consider yourself suited for the Position: 765
Instrumentation Safe Guarding test. How to determine the interval time of the test. eg:Halfyearly,Every year,Every three years etc. 340
How to calculate density of 40 mm coarse aggregate, in mixing ration 1:1.5:3? Please explain calculation for density 212
A 50Hz,4-pole,3-phase,star-connected synchronous motor has a synchronous reactance of 12ohmsper phase and negligible armature resistances.the excitation is such as to give an open-circuit voltage of 13.2kilovolt.the motor is connected to 115kilovolt, 50hertz supplying. what maximum load can be the motor torque,line current and power factor? 325
explain the advantages of total stasion 297
how to select overload-relay for perticular motor 1.for D.O.L. starter 2. for Star-delta starter ???? 1133
why we use cascade control and feed foreword control in 3 element control of boiler drum ?what is feed forward and cascade control system ? 591
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