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what is minimum dimension for the kitchen & bed room    7  3229
what are the effects of variations in frequency when you are connected to national grid??    1  1088
If the t/f capacity is 500KvA then what is Amps ratting of the main breaker.    5  1529
which model T or pie model is prefarable in power syatem    0  196
how to determine H- zone in a column? where it will occur?    0  454
what is directivity effect?    0  324
what is the meaning of 40/20 src    0  1821
my company total load is 1000kw, 415volt, all load are inductive load. incoming powerfactor is .8. we want to have0.95 pf connecting capacitors. so now how much rating of capacitors we have to connect? show how?    3  1884
iam working as field engineer since 3 years so what is the appropriate answer for changing company i'e., why do u want to change ur present company    1  660
what is the difference between electrical and electronic choke.. and whats the main advantage of elecronic choke? nestle   0  2577
single phase can run in PVC conduit. Three phase can also run in one PVC conduit. But two phase cannot run in one PVC conduit. WHY? reply plz....awaiting your answer. l&t   7  5148
what is the power supply of 4 wire transmitter?    0  474
what is the significance of 3.5 core cable? or what does this half core mean and why is it required?    4  5608
after syncnhronistion how generator speed controlled by grid    3  1106
whit is 33kv power 300*300 cable full current with formula    0  218
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Un-Answered Questions
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is the value of inductance depends upon the evalue of thitha in doubly excited machine? 242
when an eddy current probe is installed inside of a turbine or compressor in case of probe problem same as:crash of head of probe,changing the scale factor because of low measuring gap(physical gap is ok(example=1.14mm)but voltage is reduced(example=-6 volts),is any way to check the probe,when the ohm of probe is ok.thank you,(Karim Tavakoli) 267
rrb junior engg mecf questine papers 550
how to calculate the breaking capacity of different breakers. 482
What is scale factor of proximitor & unit of the viabration. 660
how can see the ac indoor or out door ac which Tr 240
why we use the ac supply load cell>?can we use the dc supply load cell?advantages and disadvantage of the ac supply load cell? 2159
what is the criteria for selection of conductor used for ehv ac electrical dischrge 410
What is the name of this multiplication factors ? 397
Draw a SLD of DG distribution up to main LT panel? 3962
why we change the direction of winding in rotor ?how we make the north and south pole? 391
why core is useful for a transformer ?and also in its operation ? 201
What do you mean by per capita requirement of electrical energy in india 359
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