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what are the compensations considered while designing a transmmision line.    1  1010
what do you mean by lagging and leading current.explain in detail.    1  1514
what are inductive and capacitive voltage transformers.what are their applications    0  314
what is bus post insulator and its applications in substations    1  6345
what is the difference between stress and pressure?    4  3359
how pressurize drum calibrated ?    0  325
what is exat meaning of compentation in RTD ? what diffrent between 2 wire,2 wire and 4 wire RTDs? vardhman   2  3461
What is close loop ? gmr   0  671
what is the differnt between open loop and close loop ? india-cements   4  6804
what is a civil enggineer ? icici   3  3628
what is a bus post insulator? explain its application in a substation. hal   1  5576
what is inductive voltage transformer? what is its application and how it differs from capacitive voltage transformer?    0  364
What is shriking and swell effect for a boiler ?    1  3382
what maximum load will take a aluminum cable of 50mm 4 core.    3  4448
what is meant by lagging & leading current tata   1  1976
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is the operating principle of turbo-generator. 319
What should be the voltage between Neutral and Ground in secondary side of the step down transformer (230 V to 110 V) with no load condition? 367
How can we calculate ac current from the given DC current when AC voltage is given? 316
How to determine dia of steel for use in column,slab etc. i mean how to calculate the diameter of steel which is to be used in structures. 515
what is the max. area can we apply the plate load test ? 616
hi friends kumar here if anybody of u have essar placement papers than plz send it to me i need it urgently..ok mail id is 431
which stabilizer is better ? AVR, Servo Stabilizer, Static stabilizer etc & why explain it 1193
in plate load test what is the thickness of plate 20mm 5mm 50mm none 336
How phase to phase voltage comes 440V. 301
what is labour consume factor in residential projects 554
A thread has to access the address space of all other threads in the same process and can therefore mess up the stacks of other threads. Why is this not a protection problem? Could the same be allowed to occur for processes, e.g. one process writing data into the stack of other. 410
on which basis safety valves are set with particular pressures? 364
i need NIC written test paper or give me any idea about written exam.Plz send me at 650
would the same effect be achieved by reversing the connection to one winding of the induction motor 3-phase? 231
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