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How many losses in generators? how we can reduce them? and also in motors,transformers?    0  370
what is use of substation? Any book on how to instal or construction of substations? siemens   6  6360
can u give me model question papers for exam preparation . drdo   0  394
what are the main hormonics in ac?    0  425
give me the details of anti pumping relay    2  2235
how to calculate cable bending angle in a trench? eastern-cement   2  4352
whats the difference between diode and transistor    7  16408
in three pin plug point, whats the reason that one plug point is bigger in size    4  2790
What is difference between MS and Tor steel ?? Please ellobrate...or state its charactersitcs?? indiabulls   3  34274
where will be the transient condition in a diode?    0  651
1.what is the purpose of zenar diode? 2.what is the difference between BJT and FET? wipro   4  5261
What is GSM?    7  3079
what is different between multiplexer and demultiplexer?    10  58962
what is the minimum and maximam trace width in PCB design? why trace is measured in mils? what is the use of via? why the crystal oscillator is placed near chip? wipro   0  655
Why three wire is using with a RTD? abb   3  7433
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Un-Answered Questions
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explain supply side and demand side energy management with advantages & disadvantages 435
what is alluminium arm in ab conductors 356
if we run a 3 phase machine on two phase what will happend??? given answer with solid reason please 329
how to calculate transformer conservator size 469
whether we can implement VPN based on UDP? If yes then tell how? If no tell why not? 505
when do we use roller bearing, deep groove ball bearing, angular bearing, sealed bearing, semi sealed bearing, unsealed bearing, anti friction bearing, journal bearing, thrust bearing 518
Factory acceptance test. FAT. For 132 kv transmisstion towers what is that meaning and what are the tests commonly companies perform now days. 89
What do you mean by A.CC.? 377
what is RTV function in in process control? 877
Why are short circuit ratings always 16kA,25kA,36kA and 50kA.Who has fixed these? 1763
i am going to give interview for the post of ibps there is a question in my mind which is "Being an electonics and communication engineer how can you help in banks, I mean whats the application of your education in banking." 715
What is the flow of steam in an impulse turbine? 384
Rotor resistance starter is used to obtain= A increased starting torque B decrease starting current C decrease starting loss D increase efficiency 379
5. Can you work well under deadlines or pressure? 869
Damping resistor provided in open delta (tartiary) winding of a measuring PT at the incoming of a MV inverter drive panel is getting heated up. Can any body explain the reasons and suggest the remedy? 88
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