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model question paper for supervisor trainee bhel   0  335
during parallel operation of two ac generator which condition must match before taking both parallel i.e speed /voltage rating /kva/exciation    2  4749
Hi. I am in High School. I have a very important assignment from school requiring me to interview a mechanical engineer. But I have no idea where to find one. If you are a mechanical engineer, please fill out the questions below. I'd REALLY appreciate it if you'd help me out. Thank You. 1. What got you interested in mechanical engineering? 2. Where do you work? Exactly what is your job? 3. What did you need to study to become an expert engineer? 4. Is there a high demand for mechanical engineers right now? 5. What is your salary? 6. What are some of the main projects that you have worked on in the past? 7. What schools did you attend? 8. How would you describe mechanical engineering? (the definition of mechanical engineering?) 9. How long have you been in the engineering field? 10. From a scale of 1 through 10, 10 being the most, how much do you enjoy your job and why? 11. What do you like most about your job? What do you like least about your job? 12. Was it hard to find a job once out of college? 13. What advice would you give a student planning on entering this career? 14. What is the most important, or helpful, project that you have contributed to? 15. What is your name and email for further contact and as a resource? Please help me out if you can. I will really appreciate it. Thank You Very Much!    0  340
What type of Voltage should be in the Resistance Welding. Should it be High or Low & Why?    1  1572
what is starting current and use of starting current?    3  3621
What is the current carrying capacity of 0SWG,3SWG,10 & 12 SWG solid bare overhead copper conductors? hal   0  1317
What is the general power consumption rating of CPU CRT type and Flat type, Monitor,Printer, projector, Scanner? hal   0  284
What is the reasonable voltage between Neutral & Earth of an electrical system for good earthing? hal   6  4613
what is the difference between UPS & Inverter hal   7  5219
suppose there is afault in transmission line connected to a generating station, then what r the adjustments u will take to without loss of synchronism????? ntpc   2  1282
what is ip nsn   6  2774
what are the types of cables?    3  1943
which oil is used in transformer?    7  3821
can any give me bhel n other govt sec interview question    1  1152
can any one give me sample question paper of BHEL at as i m appearing for the same exam. bhel   0  293
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Un-Answered Questions
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difference bewteen reverse current and alternating current 319
what is function of switch, and how is it work, explain with difination 323
from which subjects most of the technical que will b asked for hpcl(electrical).pls help me 345
sir, pls send me 5 year previous question papers of RRB- Junior Engineer-GrII to my mail id 406
how to store the thunder power? 1230
draw singleline diagram of star to delta and dol starters 423
what are the advantages as disadvantages of the V-model? 498
if a PTC having operating voltage 230V is not available then Can we short the circuit where PTC inserted or anybody having other solution. if yes, please reply hurry. 333
white rust formation over zinc plated and passivated fasteners during CED coating. WHY? 2326
if any one attended caterpillar placement pls send the model questions and the question pattern..... 993
wap to insert an element in array at a particular location 325
what r the precaution for high in atp tempareture,low in atp tempareture 181
what r the safety measures in UPS ? explain all? 348
please send me some question papers of HPCL aptitude test ?? please send it to ... 417
What is fuel catalytic cracking 279
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