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what is the purpose of expansion tank in closed cooling water system?    3  7486
what is second harmonic, how is effect transformer ?. dewa   2  3732
Can anyone plzzz tel me how can we generate sinusoidal waveform using 8085 chip??????? plzz reply with corresponding assembly language program........or simply the accurate logic.....    0  410
WHAT HAPPENING TO TRANSFORMER???? i have the step down transformer rating 230/12v, power rating something.,,, ok. suppose iam giving 12v to secondary side,what will happen on primary side.,,, coastal-energen   6  3922
how vector surge relay works ? bfl   3  20272
what are feeder pillars & panels?    1  10914
What is the direction of rotation of blades in a table fan and in a ceiling fan ? power-grid   11  7201
Could you please give me an answer to the mixing proportion of concrete M1 grade (sterngth of 1 MPa)?    0  507
why dc supply is not applied for step up or down in transformer    3  2008
100V supply is appllied between 500K Resistance bulb. for 1 kwh energy, how long time the bulb will glow? explain the calculating method. bhel   3  1714
Why should empty compressed gas cylinders stored in upright position please describe the cause? dewa   1  2533
Why should compressed gas cylinders stored in upright position describe the cause? dewa   0  1249
if the length of a pipe doubled what will be the effect on Pressure in line? isro   7  8367
what is zeroth law ? isro   6  3316
What is control valve ? tcl   2  2411
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Un-Answered Questions
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Which device of PlC does share load between DG sets when DG are running in perallel? 368
In case of salient pole alternator when number of poles are 4 or more than 4 it helps the flux wave to be sinusoid as air gap length is increased from center to tip , but if the number of poles are 2 how does the flux wave is sinusoidal? 476
if mineral admixture add into concrete then what is the differences between full cement concrete & fly ash added concrete of their SP. Gr.?and for the changes of SP. Gr. what is the changes in concrete 282
Please anyone send me previous papers of ONGC (Mechanical Engineering) at my email id Please help me. 515
how will calculate 4"thick solid block quantities 1m3 sand cement ratio and breack up detail 1492
please send me previous placement papers of cummins company 761
why in an industry; machine having rated 200 h.p stopped after power factor is maintained above 0.97 lag by control panel in view-of energy saving 372
What is the GK Value in Flowmeter? 228
what is slip and what is the principal of axial pump 840
What is PQA???Applications........ 497
High speed earth switch operation with diagram 52
What is the reason of polyphase induction motor tripping suddenly on high current during running at 70% laod? Motor IR , winding resistance & inductance balance. Motor no load current is balance and ok as per mgfr. data. 527
how to calculate the loss tangent of electrical cables 363
When we giving the 3 phase supply to ups system how to coming netural? 360
what does mean of RCT and STR in diffrential CT? 1771
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