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What are the procedures of starting of diesel engine? covanta-energy   0  402
What are the lubricating system of an IC engine?    9  6414
what is the relation between voltage & frequency    10  23231
what is differance between PLC and Logic Card?    3  5561
why colour of electrical equipment( like transformer) is grey trident   8  12058
how rating of transformer is selected for any new plant/what kind of load is cosidered/what kind of fadtors are considered/ pz give standard procedure    2  1671
How to test the vector group of a Yd11 transformer? what are the relations to be checked between various vectors to confirm this vector group?    0  2132
what is transformer aegis   5  3134
why circuit breaker closing time is always higher then tripping / opening time. united-phosphorus   11  12303
what is full form of caesar-2 for piping engg.    4  6610
what is skin effect?    4  2151
what is ferranti effect?    3  2635
what is recovery voltage & transient voltage ? bhel   1  1537
which one is dangerous AC Power r DC Power for Electrical Shock ?    9  4336
can any one tell eligibility criteria (percentage of 10th,12th & for IES & RRB ? upsc   3  4616
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Un-Answered Questions
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for a column of size 400*230mm column reinforcement= 8-20x(cant write the symbol,i hope u guys undersstand,something like (fi) column stirups=8x@(4l) 230c/c 1)what does these mean 2)how to calculate quantity of steel for this column(ceiling height 11 ft) 361
WHAT IS THE MEANING OG (li = 7 In) 148
If breaker is undefined position, first step to do. 24
what about GD square and its important for motor design? 1669
How to determine spacing of bars in slabs or beams 612
how do we commission inergen system? 331
whether we can implement VPN based on UDP? If yes then tell how? If no tell why not? 419
dear friends, i have seen flow as the selection critriea in presure guage (bourdon tube) and i would like to know what is the relation between flow and performance of pressure guage other parameters i found in the data sheet are pressure max. 1ksc temperature max. - 50 deg c line size - 80NB operating range - 1ksc pr. guage range - 0-2 ksc thank u, 428
Why it need to form a capcitor when it not been in use from three or two year. Plz describe it technically. 320
What is the difference between while & do while loop 529
Somebody tell me in what way i need to prepare for csio pgrpe(adv instrum eng)interview?what all the quest can i expect? 720
in the directional overcurrent and earthfault protection,normally we are setting the angle 45 deg lead for phase fault overcurrent and -45 deg lead for earthfault fro forward direction.but both the fault are operating on the same angle region only.why?how the relay will response? 295
How to calculate density of 40 mm coarse aggregate, in mixing ration 1:1.5:3? Please explain calculation for density 212
how a dpad circuit works 711
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