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how many frequent start/stop operation possible in case of HT MOTORS. dvc   5  2486
Hi,Any one has idea regarding the KPTCL Recuirtments for AE'e & JE's for the year of 2009-10???Kindly help in regards..    2  575
Hi,Any one has idea regarding the KPTCL Recuirtments for AE'e & JE's for the year of 2009-10???Kindly help in regards..    1  556
What happens when reactive power enters a system?    6  2075
they conducted technica for 1 hour..i also managed..they selected 5 boys and only one girl,myself got wait listed.whether they would call or not mahindra   2  691
how we can use resistance heating for any domestic purpose???    2  499
Problem:Design and implement a class that allows a teacher to track the grades in a single ourse.Include methods that calculate the average grae, the highest grade, and the lowest grade.Wrute a program to testyour class implementation in a c#. given grades:integral=85, physics=87, datastruct=84.    0  201
what is Micro-switch and where it is used......?    7  1809
Details about Flux Compensated magnetic Amplifer starter for motors    0  146
What is stress corrosion cracking..    6  1028
When is the maximum load on the lift/elevator,during ascending or descending?Explain. spl   5  1663
Plz, send me last 5 years Question papers with answers of JE RRB. rrb   0  170
hello sir iam atul joshi from mechanical branch. i want to know about the syllabus of technical ques of jindal steel jindal   0  189
wat you mean by harmonics? why you r using isolation transformer in digital ups or in normal means igbt ups?    0  227
What is the need for drafting? cadd   3  1459
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Un-Answered Questions
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quantizer means? 177
how to see the MAC address in your server's ARP table? 190
what do you mean by type zero control sytem ?Give an practical example of type zero contol sytem? 100
What were the most energizing/enjoyable aspects of your job in this given period? 503
which type feect in generator and turbine in reverse power protection 192
We are having proplem with the persperation smell in ETT/ECHO room in our cardiac hospital.The 2 Ton of AC is not conditioning the environment. We have to use exhaust fan to through out of the room bad air. Could anyone suggest how to coup with this effectively using chemical engineering. Any permanent solution to neutralise the bad smell.The Air freshners are not doing enough instead making a bad odour. 167
What is the correct way of weather proofing? 149
how we can set the IDMT relay. 292
We have 750KVA DG set, we want to introduce REF relay with 1250/1A,CL PS,Current transformers.The lead distance of 2.5mm copper flexible cable from CT to relay is around 5mtrs.We would like to know the knee point votage(VK) & IM calculion for CT's 142
what is the advantage of msil in c# 513
iam working in power plant. In hot places tube lights are glowing at the end portion only. what is the reason for that? 226
i wante appsc assistant engineer old question papers? 1833
What is Curtailing of R/F 188
i need to give section engineer (electrical engineer) for RRB. Please suggest some book 199
Trafo ratio is 11kV/6.6kv,Vector group is YND11. What will be the effect if secondary is used for earthed system. 618
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