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what is the differnce between high impedance relay and low impedance relay areva   4  11739
If the 11 KV supply is fail. what will happened with it's breaker if it is supplay to the 11KV motor?    3  2075
If a contactor need to replace with faulty one. what I want to check? bhel   2  1111
What are the main parts of VCB?    10  9789
What are the differents between Breaker & Contactor?    6  21203
What are the usege & different between UPS & batteries with charging system in in Substation?( UPS 120V AC & battery charger is 120v DC)    1  1068
What are the fire Estingushers use in electrical fire?    3  2002
Why fuse is? What will prevent by fuse?    2  1943
A 150KW 440V motor is need to replace in the field instead of faulty one. what are the main parameter should I need to check?    1  1446
I decided to provide a 11KV / 440V Xformer in my Substaion. What are the protection required for that?    5  3451
What is the important parts of SF6?    2  2075
A ii kv 1200 A Breaker combination fixed in a cubicle. How many ampere Fuse is required? If fuse is not using, Why?    0  357
What is core CT & it's function?    0  368
What is IPXX?    2  4234
Why battery chargers are use in substation?    5  9124
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Un-Answered Questions
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why single phase to grd test in HV cable?why not 2 phase at a time? 548
I need a formula to calculate the size of cable as per load but in the terms of length. Please Reply me as i search lot of sites but i did not get the answer. 399
2. A product selected for testing is equally likely to have been produced by one the 6 machines/processes. (i) Determine sample space ā€˜Sā€™ (ii) What is the probability that the product is from machine 1? (iii) What is the probability that the product is from machine 2 or machine 4? (iv) What is the probability that the product is from both machine 5 and machine 3? (v) What is the probability that the product is not from machine 6? (vi) What is the probability that the product is not from either machine 6 or machine 1? 425
I have 200kg weight cylinder,I want to rotate,but i don't know what is torque of cylinder and what's size of motor for rotate the cylinder.i want to know calculations find out torque of cylinder. 1081
what is total volume of ingredients used in concrete accordingly 540
How will polarity test of Dy5 Transformer ? 503
Why corona leads to production of Ozone and glow of the color VOILET? 387
what is the stanton curve? 590
what is alternater & engine genral protection? 522
How a main gate (steel) get support from top whlie slides on the rail fixed on the bottom surface?? 285
what is the difference between the voltage of 5 volts capacitor and and 5volts battery? 299
What are daemon Threads? 669
what are the advantages as disadvantages of the V-model? 555
my jindal interview is on 24th.. can anyone give me few tips regarding the same? lik how i shud prep 429
can u send me ttq upto 2008 on my email id for the trouble. 370
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