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How to conduct Literature Survey for Generics Development for European Market


Please send me the model papers of Drug Inspector


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why temparature limit is +/-2 degrees and rh +/-5% in stablity


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Why we are disodium tartare for factor of karlficher titration ?

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what is the differece between polarimeter lamp and IR lamp ?


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what is the difference of vaccum pressure and vapour pressure ?

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why pooled sample is required in dissolution test?


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any deviation can be changed into the change control?

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how much newton equal to 1 kg/cm sq

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What are closely monitor parameters in stability study?

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what does in simple words meant by thermodynamically stable means??

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hi, i am Divya from hyderabad, completed masters in pharmacy. i heard about data decoding for pharmacy professionals. so can any one give information on this like which institute offers coating for this in hyderabad and location. plz do reply.........thank you

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What is the formula for KF standardisation?

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Difference Between Purity And Potency?

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Delay in receiving offer letter? Dear All, Recently I clear all technical and HR round with one good MNC. I've submitted my scan document of qualification and work experience. Evenafter 2 weeks of sending documents, they didn't release the offer letter. Please suggest me effective email contents to deal them. Thank You


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what is difference between temporary change control and deviation


How polarimeter is calibrated?


solubility of drug in penetration enhancers is affected to the transdermal penetration of any drug yes or not? increase penetration with solubility or not?


When we change water of Hygrometer?


What is pooled sample and why it is required in dissolution test?


define the starting material?


how impurity is analyzed in a tablet


How to select HPLC column for a particular product?


what are the most common infectious diseases a pharmacist sees? Do pharmacists routinly encounter antibiotic resistent in some of the infectious agents that patients have contacted? if so which onces?


What is the relative response factor in related substances?


What is column efficiency and performance ? And how can we know the column is better?


why some samples are taking 500mg for water content and some samples are taken 2g for water content?


what is antioxidant para meters


i like to know when is drug inspector exam 2009.and plz send me da question paper, interviev questions,and other details on my plz


what are all the parameters to be considered while applying bracketing and matrixing?where and all it is applicable?