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What is the difference between polarimeter lamp and IR lamp?    0  2251
How melting point apparatus is calibrated?    1  1357
What is the difference between Analytical method validation and Analytical method transfer?    0  355
How polarimeter is calibrated?    0  278
What is the calibration of HPLC?    0  405
What is GMP, cGMP and GLP?    1  4254
What is the difference between mix-up and cross-contamination?    0  2011
What is the difference between Deviation and Out of Specification? cipla   0  752
In KF Standardization why we use Disodium Tartarate?    1  1967
What do you mean by CAPA?    1  2373
How quantitative stability studies are done? reddy-labs   0  1157
How we fix the validity period of a volumetric solution and re-standardization due date?    0  1294
What is the formula for KF standardization?    1  1744
Why should we not dispatch the reprocess material to export?    0  481
What are the limits for LOD and LOQ?    0  325
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Un-Answered Questions
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i am from orissa .can you please send me the question papers of drug inspector exam of orissa ?my email id is've completed my b.pharma can i apply for d.i exam ? 661
i am preparing for Drug inspector exam.If u have previous questions please send me. 1067
What is the difference between Deviation and Out of Specification? 752
When we change water of Hygrometer? 995
is there any entrance exam conducted for the post of drug inspector and what is the usual time 682
paper for entrane exam for drug inspector 650
If we get 100% assay of an Initial sample ,and the stability studies of the same sample got 90% dissolution result, and when the same stability sample was analyzed for RS studies no impurities was found . Where the 10% Active substance were gone during dissolution analysis.Please help me in getting the conclusion. 172
How quantitative stability studies are done? 1157
hello,am milan mohite,i have completed B.PHARM,in 2008.and now do M.B.A from ignou,and D.P.P.M,from IPER{PUNE},please suggest me best coaching institute in pune for drug inspector,and send me model question paper for prepration of D.I. on my e.mail id - Thanks. 460
what is the defination of Change Control given in various guidelines? 1154
why wrraping required for Sterilizing articles. 19
If calibration of 12 bowl dissolution apparatus does not meets single stage procedure, how can you precede calibration? 1233
what is difference between temporary change control and deviation 376
Hi, I am studying Bpharmacy final year. 1)I want to interview questions for facing basic interview.please help me to provide model papers for all pharma companies and give ur valuable suggestions also. 2)Send me important links for BPharmacy interviews. 3)How should i prepare for facing interview,please give me suggestion. My email 885
What is the difference between Blend uniformtiy and content uniformtiy ? 744
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