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In dissolution test why sample is withdrawn from top of the paddle and not less than 1 cm away from wall?    0  573
In dissolution test why sample is withdrawn from top of the paddle and not less than 1 cm away from wall? glenmark   0  786
Why Naphalene only used in calibration of HPLC    2  1109
what is purpose of slow,medium,fast sampling in process validation ?    0  1156
why we are selecting dissolution media 900ml ajanta   1  4506
there are how many leak sensor in shimandzu hplc,agilent hplc,dionex hplc and water's hplc?    2  2722
what is difference between uv , pda & ri detector ? strides-arcolab   1  5120
what is difference between vacuum pressure and vapor pressure    1  7439
how quantitative stability is done    0  628
what are the limit of LOD and LOQ    2  2872
what is stationary phase    4  3163
what type of column are used in GC    2  2429
what is the wavelength of polarimeter lamp    1  3875
what do you mean by end capping    1  2865
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Un-Answered Questions
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How we fix the validity period of a volumetric solution and re-standardization due date? 1292
hai,i had completed my want the coaching centres for drug inspector exam at hyderabad,pls help me nd wen wil b the DI exam conducted in 2012 mostly,pls also forward the model papers.. pls reply me at 529
Delay in receiving offer letter? Dear All, Recently I clear all technical and HR round with one good MNC. I've submitted my scan document of qualification and work experience. Evenafter 2 weeks of sending documents, they didn't release the offer letter. Please suggest me effective email contents to deal them. Thank You 1244
what is difference between method validation and method verification 349
can anyone help me by sending me model papers regarding drug inspector exam entrance model papers if yes plz send me to my email if yes, 431
What is the difference between Analytical method validation and Analytical method transfer? 354
What is limit of cleaning validation? 273
hello friends... i got 3 tym rejection in my us student visa interview. every tym vo ask me same questions lyk y ths uni, y ths course n abt my sponsor etc. pls gv me suggestion for th que, y ths uni? as my undergraduate major is pharmacy n i got i 20 frm university of bridgeport for ms in biomedical eng. 316
how quantitative stability is done 628
How quantitative stability studies are done? 1157
what is recovery factor 365
Why we use the placebo in analysis? 1958
paper for entrane exam for drug inspector 650
what do you mean by bracketing and matrixing in stability 1767
What exepients are used in dry powder injections? 254
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