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How LOD & LOQ calculating?

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besides Signal & noise ratio how calculating LOD & LOQ?

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what is Invivo-vitro relatioship in Dissolution?

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In KF Standardisation Why We using Disodium Tartarate?

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what is limit of FDS In Related Substances?

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how many systems r there in the body?

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solubility of drug in penetration enhancers is affected to the transdermal penetration of any drug yes or not? increase penetration with solubility or not?

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i've completed B.Pharmacy in nov.2009 & now i want to apply for drug inspector,but i don't know about the eligibility ,procedure to apply ,entrance test,interviews,etc. so i want a detailed information about it.please send me the information.thanks



calculations of LOD & LOQ

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What is difference between method validation and Verification?

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how FTIR calibration Doing?

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If you have given an unknown compound how you develope a hplc analysis method for anlysis?

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How we fix the validity period of a Normal solution and re-standardization due date

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why we use PG as a taxonomic marker ?



is there any entrance exam conducted for the post of drug inspector and what is the usual time



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what is the difference of vaccum pressure and vapour pressure ?


hai,i had completed my want the coaching centres for drug inspector exam at hyderabad,pls help me nd wen wil b the DI exam conducted in 2012 mostly,pls also forward the model papers.. pls reply me at


Dear friens,this is sreedhar i am a pharmacy post graduate and having 3 years of experience in pharma industry. I am searching job in USA. through that i want to apply H1,please sugeest me how can i search job or is there any consultancies in india help me to get job?


paper for entrane exam for drug inspector


what is purpose of slow,medium,fast sampling in process validation ?


What is the difference between Deviation and Out of Specification?


How can you fix the known and unknown impurity limit for any drug substance?


what are all the needs or pre-requisites to perform project on bracketing and matrixing of stability products?


why we are using toluene in resolution in UV calibration


what is the cut of mark for Drugs inspector result 2001 by UPSC


In Stability testing if significant change occurs then what will be the action plan?


What is pooled sample and why it is required in dissolution test?


1.why did you choose this career 2.what is pharmacists ideal job


What is the difference between polarimeter lamp and IR lamp?


What is the relative response factor in related substances?