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pls send me who r clients to ibm,wipro ,tcs at present ibm   1  1046
how to configure samp in solaris 5.10 sparc architecture accel   2  1485
What is the Difference between Windows 2033 standard.Enterprise,Premium,Data centre and Web Edition    2  3305
how to find bad disk in VERITAS VOLUME MANAGER hp   12  13973
what is the difference between unix and linux...    7  16122
what is mean by raid and what are all raids available even in software and hardware? satyam   5  3194
why the kernel panic error was appering? allianz   13  7642
will u plz send me the complete steps of installation of red hat linux on intel's core 2 duo processor?    1  953
Cant create New folder: On Vista OS New folder not get create even "New Folder" option is not found in context menu & file menu. It is not working from organize menu. what can we do?    2  1349
What Is the command to change a file's creation time. means one file is created at the time 15:19 then time should br changed to 14:14 3i-infotech   8  6968
how to find NIC card type. is there any command to display the card type when it not plumbed. thomson-reuters   4  6028
what are the different types of codes in thread in windows os? ibm   0  1135
What is the difference between windows 2000 and windows 2003 server features? what is ASR? What are the roles of FSMO? Which are Forest level roles and Domain level roles? What are the steps taken while moving the FSMO roles? Types of RAID and brief description ? Which are all fault tolerant raids? What is the actual disk space utilised in RAID5 and RAID1? What is the diff btwn Mirroring and Duplexing? What are the different types of partitions in Active Directory? What is the database file name created when ADS is installed and where is it stored? What are the types of Sites available? ibm   4  2444
I don’t want to ask password reset in ever month to particular user. How to enable the same for only one user.    3  1757
What are the main differences between RHEL4 & RHEL5?    11  11961
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is the use of Sam utility in solaris 441
What are the different tasks of Lexical analysis? 436
How can u find a file which is logged in last week? 318
what is a property sheet? 201
Dear All, When the patches are installed in the server OS, how will we know that which patch is the latest patch? 431
How to identify the difference between the kernel object and user object? 541
discuss the procedures to evaluate disk excess time 124
what are all the latest server you are having in your company and its specification. 261
how can u give space garentee for volume in netapp storage 924
To ensure one program doesnt corrupt other program in a Multi program enviornment what you should do? 296
Why is it that a single, all – encompassing metric cannot be developed for programme complexity or programme quality? 178
What are kernel objects? 381
If you tries to mount a share ( home directory )in a client machine, and it fails how do u approach? 256
What happens when you choose ClearType for your screen fonts in Windows XP? 676
How do an incremental process model and certification work together to produce high quality software? In your own words, describe the intent of certification in the clean room software engineering context. 152
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