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How do you find which version and name of unix you are using at the command prompt?    7  5496
how to set request time out value for name resolution on clients (hp-ux) ? amdoc   1  1883
How do you see the other DHCP Servers in the Network / Forest? What is the command helps you see the DNS and WINS Servers similarly? ibm   0  776
What is replication difference between wi2k and win2k3 replication? ibm   0  1680
What is the Logical / Physical Structures of the AD Environment? ibm   10  9000
How do you check if your server is Kerberos authenticated?    0  510
How do you recover an object in Active Directory, which is accidentally deleted by you, with no backup? ibm   6  4590
In which File is Static IP address given so that it becomes Permanent ? dcm   10  4981
To Check Which Service is Running at Present in System what is the Command? dcm   8  4285
How to trace any process background processing?    5  5830
plz mention some interesting problems you faced and how you solved it?    0  702
Can anybody send me Excel tips and improtant formul...... please. accenture   0  408
what is emacs editor and feature........???????????????????????????    1  1514
You have a computer with 80 GB hard disk and Ubuntu 8.04 is installed on entire hard disk. Now you have to create a seprate partition for Windows OS and Install Win Xp as Dual boot. write down the steps involed along with the commands. indian-navy   8  5433
How to build new filesystem ? and what is irig file system?    3  3250
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Un-Answered Questions
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After first installation of Solaris 10, what and all the Securities We need to set and how ? 581
Write a function that responds to a click anywhere on the page by displaying an alert dialog. Display the event name if the user held Shift during the mouse click. Display the element name that triggered the event if the user held Ctrl during the mouse click. 339
Hi All we are porting are application from linux 2.4 to 2.6 .Please let me know what kind of manual balck box testing we can use to test application and how. 591
Can anybody send me Excel tips and improtant formul...... please. 408
Explain Memory Partitioning, Paging, Segmentation? 2493
in a multiprogramming and time-sharing environment,several user share the system simultaneously. this situation can result in various security problems a.discuss two such problems can we ensure the same degree of security in a time-share machine as in a dedicated machine? 10143
Where do you get Alarm prompt? 733
What are the different tasks of Lexical analysis? 566
What items of information about a task might be useful in real time scheduling? 2347
I want to invest in learning things that will get me good jobs in future. But wondering if Unix knowledge is something that is a MUST have or is it better to do any Data-warehouse tool (cognos, Qclik view, ETL etc..). Please suggest me. 640
Why is it suggested to disable journalism in ext4 filesystem? 1249
What kind of issues you get? 554
what is the time for incident, problem and change management tickets? 874
please prodide me nvidi placement papers 608
what is the excat control flow when we start a computer,specially including POST operation and Mostly the roleof the Kernel File? 465
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