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Find the least number which when divided by 25, 40 and 60, leaves the remainder 7 in each case    7  7968
Where was the first Muncipal corporation in India set up    6  2134
we have to take 2 optional papers for IAS main exam so plz tell me could I take english literature as 2nd optional with my other optional paper? ias   2  3678
6) Ram will eat the Banana if Suresh does not cook. Based only on the information above, which of the following must be true? a. If Ram did not eat the Banana, Suresh did cook. b. Suresh does not cook because Ram ate the Banana. c. If Ram did not eat the Banana, Suresh did not cook. d. Ram will not eat the Banana if Suresh cooks. e. None of the above tcs   4  1533
Kindly provide Bank PO's syllabus as well as SBI previous (Latest) question papers. Plzzzzzzz    0  1123
what is macro credits and micro credits?    0  464
i was written sbi clerk exam so i want to details of that exam result date and websites.any info send me to my eid. state-bank-of-india-sbi   0  525
During which decade population of India record a negative growth rate?    1  3333
if the polynomial x^4-6x^3+16x^2-25x+10 is divided by another polynomial x^2-2x+k the reminder is x+a. Find k and a.    2  2433
Which of the following films won six Oscar Awards, including the Best Film at the 75 Annual Academy Awards? 1. Chicago 2. The Pianist 3. The Hours 4. Adaptation    3  1742
the october 2004, where did the prime minister of india inaugurate the prototype fast breeder reactor? openmat   2  1392
why MBA? heritage   0  841
i am preparing the exam of LIC which is on 21.9.2008 please send me the current or previous exam question in may ID. lic   0  462
send me different english vocabulary which is used in general spoken language and words and their meanings    0  766
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it in 1 to 6 ,it is 15 to 20,it is 5,it never be 21 until it flies,what is it? 634
enrico fermi invented? 602
how to calculate the provision for doubtful debtors? 636
what is animation , multimedia, 2D , 3D, etc? 1438
Indian King? 766
Bird is flying 120 km/hr between B to R. Two trains at B to R at 60 kmph. The distance traveled by the bird before it is killed? 691
Hello Guys,I need your help.Atually I m preparation for a MAT and CMAT also but I need a Current affairs of last 6 month its important as for the exam.So, please send me with full Inormation about the GK. And 1 more thing is that please send me the last 10 scandle with full description. my Email-Id is Thank-You.... 739
how to works epbx? how to configuration the epbx? 60
can i have the model papers for gate along with answers on my email id please??? 456
WHat is your one biggest success and one biggest failure 1306
I have cleared sbi clerk and have interview in 26/04/2010.But I am M.Ed & B.Ed,i want to u know my answed about not chose the teaching post 483
Discuss briefly the causes and consequences of ‘inflation’ in an economy like India. 1086
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